Mar 1, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Mika Martini - Whyno

Today, we are staying with our Latin theme (I'm still in San Juan, hoping that my flight home doesn't get cancelled). The name of this release is Mestizo. It is an excellent collaboration that runs through a series of moods and colors. Dated February 1, 2007, it was just released at

Contributors to this tune include: Jose Perez de Arce, Lluvia Acida, and Pablo Cornejo.

One of the things that attracted me right away was the juxtiposition of the keywords "glitch" and "folklore". You know something special is happening when you see that.

"Mestizo" is a mixture of electronics and ancient local sounds and voices. The idea is finding a language based in our historical sound memory, but firmly placed in the present day."
Enjoy today's selection.

Mika Martini - Whyno


michaelGregoire said...

Excellen track. I dig the latin flavor.

Anonymous said...

thanks from the comments!. mika.

Anonymous said...

Indeed.. Very relaxing, would love to hear this in a movie. =>