Jan 15, 2006

Audio File for 1.14.06

Here is the audio file for last night's show...and what a show it was! Something about impending weather to focus the mind. Many thanks to Grant Robertson and his new project, CC365. CC365 is providing a real service to both the musicians and fans of the CC music community. This program features three songs from his second week. I have two computers subscribed to his feed. Check it out...there are 350 tunes left in 2006.

My special favorite in this show was Sigfried Gautier from jamendo.com. Maybe Grant can find a place in CC365 for his song, "Jim".

Also thanks, as usual, to the folks at archive.org, "the mothership".

1 comment:

subsystem7 said...

excellent show. warms my soul on this extremely cold January evening. "her highness" is remarkably cool, all done at her highness' home, her label is devoted to home recordings.

if you haven't heard the 3rd song in this eve's playlist (Otis Fodder), do yourself a favor and download it. actually, don't miss any of these songs!