May 6, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 05.06.06

Here is the playlist and audio file for this show. Links will come later.

1.West-end parisien by justine jefferson from West-end parisien
2.Noite de Carnaval by Code from Crammed Discs Remix Contest
3.My Name is teru and I'll be Yo... by teru from ccMixter
4.Fiesta by rupert1073 from ccMixter
5.Fort Minor Folkstoned by DJ Tarquin from ccMixter
6.Groovy Baby by Pol B & Binarymind from Thanks for the biscuits
7.tears like pearls by Colektro from electric kitchen tapes
8.Melody for you by Anton Oosterwijk from We're not in if for the money
9.Alone by Happy Elf from We're not in if for the money
10.pao brazil by superkenel from CROUSTY BEAT
11.Honteux Grazil by Run from Recycle [fsz037]
12.Day Of The Underdog Ft Jose by Dee Mond from Dee Mond EP
13.Electro by Xcyril from Cherches paroles
14.Keep me up al nite by Oilboy's aftersun from Oil boiled fantasies
15.Seedy by Pete Victom
16.I was a fool by Mihai Popoviciu from Plastic woman
17.Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum from [ac013] Zexy
18.Speed Up by Pureape from ac005
19.Galaxy Voyager by Dj Goblin from L'autre Monde suite
20.that's just what it's for by aphilas from instrumentally ill ep
21.Dark Canyon by Bass vs Ben from The Green Planet Project
22.what's a boy to do? By hachi from present tense [ID13] -
23.Drop Beat Not Bomb by L'Onomatopeur from Always Beating

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