Aug 31, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Florian Filsinger - Psycho Beach Party

Groovy Electro...yep, that's what we need.

This tune is thick and cool.

Florian runs the Politicide netlabel in Germany. Psycho Beach Party comes from a release called King of Verleiren [am038]. It was released by Acedia Music.

Dig it.

Florian Filsinger - Psycho Beach Party

Aug 30, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Flu - Alien Brasil

On the heels of his second release comes his second release....huh?

Bump Foot presents Flu's first album after releasing his second...still confused?

No problem. It's all cool. Check this one out. Loving Flu.

The release is called ...e a Alegria Continua [foot054].

Flu is one of my favorite artists of the summer. The music is simply amazing. So much great stuff happening in the southern hemisphere.

Flu - Alien Brasil

Aug 29, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Cagey House - Labor Dispute

Cagey House is back. Followers of BSWC-The Show will remember us playing past releases by this artist based in Baltimore. This tune is from a brand-new release on the netlabel, Nishi.

He has his own website if you want to find out more of what he is up to with releases and projects.

This is release number 117 by Nishi.

This post is number 500 all-time for the BSWC blog. Creative Commons music since 2005. Thanks for listening.

Cagey House - Labor Dispute

Aug 28, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Peter Fox Simon - Trust Me

Couldn't resist posting another Peter Fox Simon tune as a one-a-day when I heard this one over at Starfrosch.

Peter Fox Simon is from Austria. The previous OAD was a tune called "I Wish". It was featured on the BlocSonic/BSWC Compilation.

Peter Fox Simon - Trust Me

Aug 27, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: La Fresto - Roue Voilee, Velo Casse

This is a bazaar track from an equally bazaar release. Biotic sent me a link to it this morning in thanks for covering him for a few days while he was away from a computer and the Internet. I am indeed grateful for the gift. :)

Playful, completely different, reminds me of some of the best stuff I've found on birdsong.

Coupled with the fact that I speak absolutely no French, and this music could be about anything, I had trouble digging up any background on La Fresto.


La Fresto - Roue Voilee, Velo Casse

Aug 26, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Crisding Bladading - The Spaceships of Love

Two popular topics here at BSWC--Space and Love--combine in this release from The Crisding Bladading.

Look for some wonderful, off-beat sound construction from these francophonic artists. I looked for a bio in English, but could find none. And, to my increasing shame, my French is not good enough to unravel a simple biography. For those of you who can:
Le groupe The Crisding Bladading est fondé par La Fresto en 1994. Les premiers morceaux de cette structure évolutive sont écrits à base de peignes, souffles et autres crissements de bocaux. Quatre albums sont édités par La Prise de Tête / Mexico (Eating the Squelch, Throat Performance, EuroTunner et Split Ceremony). En 2005, le netlabel Off&Green fait confiance au combo et publie Plasmatic, un album sombre et assez conceptuel finalement. 2006 est l'année de la sagesse pour The Crisding Bladading avec la sortie, toujours sur Off&Green, d'un sixième album, The Dominic Movies. En 2007, le septième album des CB portera le doux nom suivant : Despital Despitam. Tout un programme, en quelque sorte !
The artists are also popular with our friends over at Netwaves/Netlabelism.

The Crisding Bladading - The Spaceships of Love

Aug 25, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Frank Molder - Orbital Movement

This is a perfect post for a grey Sunday morning, and truthfully I am adding Saturday's post on a grey Sunday morning. The track is from Frank Molder's album "Come With Me" release #27 on Hypnotic, chill, clean, reflective, a great intro to another great release.

This is my first post from one bit wonder - a net label run by Mirsch and Benne (Stephan Bennemann). They both love movies, music, and beer. Hey, we have something in common! The label is in english, but is located in Leipzig Germany. And the reason for the label:

'Cause we like music. Not just electronic stuff, but all kinds of music. With 1bit wonder, we want to release what we think the world should have a chance to listen to. Style doesn't matter. It's just about our sense of good taste.

Frank Molder - Orbital Movement

Aug 24, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Oilboy's aftersun - Natural instinct

Freakin' awsome! Oilboy's aftersun hits us with their third release on ON-Mix. This is great release. It just picks you up and doesn't let go. There is no way to avoid the inevitable movement (hopefully in dance form) that this album provokes. We've highlighted Oilboy's aftersun a number of times on BSWC, and for good reason. This is fresh, clean, and funky.

Drink it in, happy Friday, and don't be afraid of your natural instinct...

Oilboy's aftersun - Natural instinct

Aug 23, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Michael Stapf - Tokyo Pussycat

Let me preface this post with the fact that I have definitely been on a run of techno lately, it must be my mood. Here's a new release that I pulled down from MusicArtistry, actually from Late July.

Michael Stapf (Frankfort Germany) has been with MA since 2002, and this is the third release that he has been involved with and his first solo EP.

Make sure to give this track a moment to heat up... it does, and it is totally pleasing. Very much in the dancefloor tradition. You will not be able to prevent yourself from moving. This makes me happy, and I am happy right now.


Michael Stapf - Tokyo Pussycat

Aug 22, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Aeki Nord - Streichholz

It is always a good sign when I find myself moving to music while working. Nice when things simply groove. This is a fresh track from the artist Aeki Nord ( deep dub minimal techno ). The release, Utilisation EP, just showed up on and comes to us with the cc license Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 from the netlabel Eastern Recordings.

"EAR is thé online weblabel from the Eastside of The Netherlands." EAR has 4 label sections, EarLand, EarMin, EarPlus, and EarXP. This release is the 17th from EarMin which features "underground minimal, dark and sferic technomusic. Music from the dark side."

Aeki Nord (an alias) has contributed three releases to the EarMin section and hails from Alaska. However, this artist has no public information available preferring to exist only under the alias.

Clean, pumpy, just what the doctor ordered. I hope you will agree.

Aeki Nord - Streichholz

Aug 21, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Incognito Traveller - A Couple Minutes with Eric

Although there is currently no mention of the artist or the release on Konfort Records, The Incognito Traveller EP was just posted on Seven tracks that blend together like a fine seven course meal, serving up a smooth, well orchestrated, modern jazz electronic experience.

Konfort Records is a live acts musician's collective based in Mexico. They are dedicated to the promotion of mexican electonic music both on physical mediums and through the web. The netlabel "No Copy Protection" offers high quality and exclusive releases from their artists. And in case you were wondering whether you could have a romantic date with one of Konfort's artists:
"Unfortunately, cupid is no longer a friend of us, much the less a member of the collective. Besides, we have very little knowledge of the fleeting sexual preferences or status of our artists."
I will post more info as it is released on the netlabel site, but for now, simply enjoy this treat. I could have chosen any track, but I liked the simple bass line groove on this one - a good appetizer for the release. Enjoy.

The Incognito Traveller - A Couple Minutes with Eric

Aug 20, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Melissa Welch - Myopic

"Already a netlabel favorite, Melissa Welch is back at camomille with her second release, an 18 minute track that dwelves into many movements; dynamics are well-explored here as Melissa takes you through a multitude of tones and environments as the sound waves build paintings of childish constructions and deep, cavernous tunnels."
Posting from Crescent City, California.

Melissa Welch - Myopic

Aug 19, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Lasswell - Eye Magic Mix

Lasswell is a mixter over at ccMixter. This mix is sitting at the top of the Editor's Pick at the site.

It is very smooth. Very urban. Perfect for a wet Sunday morning in Portland, Oregon where I'm on vacation with the family. Posting on West Coast time.


Lasswell - Eye Magic Mix

Aug 18, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Nova Social - Orbit Around the Moon

Ahhhh. Time to revisit a marvelous compilation from Comfort Stand. Interplanetary Materials [cs020] was released in 2004 and contains some incredible music.

Nova Social appears to be tied into a NYC scene (the history section on their website was unreadable). The last post on their blog dates to January 2006. If anyone has updates, please use the comments. Thanks.

Nova Social - Orbit Around the Moon

Aug 17, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Boy in Trouble - Strollers

The latest from On-Mix Productions is a very sweet release.

Boy in Trouble presents a unique mix of sounds that come together in a collection of pleasing work called Gateway to Civilization [onmp074].

I picked the tune Strollers based on the recommendation I found at


Boy in Trouble - Strollers

Aug 16, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Circle of Willis - Death in the Summertime

Yep. I'm excited.

A simply amazing collection of tunes from these Australians. A fantastic discovery.

Lot's of joy here.

Circle of Willis is from Sydney, Australia and release material on the netlabel, Spaced Out Sounds. The instrumentation and construction of the tunes is fairly traditional (at least when measured against alot of the material posted at BSWC), but there is strong JuJu going on here.

Give it a listen.

Circle of Willis - Death in the Summertime

Aug 15, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu - Butterfly

Beautiful, addictively rhythmic, emotional, and a little dark. The vocals are mesmerizing and the music is wonderfully layered. Each track contains sounds from simple to rich, chill to emotionally powerful.

I'm feeling very lucky to have found this release. Offline EP is the 18th from the Lithuanian netlabel (great looking website). And, a remix album is already in the works. I bet I'll be posting tracks when it comes out.

Leon Somov is currently in London studying sound engineering. Jazzu (Juste) is studying Jazz vocals in London. The collaboration creates a phenomenal sound.

You will enjoy this track, and then you will follow the link to Offline EP on and download the full release!

Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu - Butterfly

Aug 14, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down Side 1

O.K., Subsystem goes with Gorowski...I'm going with a classic bit of exotica from Comfort Stand. This Bran Flakes release is totally mesmerizing.

It is a big one...this track is about 00:30:00 in length. There are some amazing surprises along the way. The bit towards the middle with Dr. Ruth and Debbie Gibson is breathtaking [NSFW].
The cassette was recorded in Stead, Nevada, outside of Reno where we were living for a short time. Living on broke ends and with ample free time we used what we had around to make the cassette... turntable, 2 cassette decks, discman, VCR, radio shack mixer and the Roland MS-1 Phrase Sampler. All the sounds were sampled in on 8 touch pads on the Roland and while playing the song live by hitting the pads the output was sent to a cassette deck. Holding down the pads would repeat the loops which was nice and loop points were set before hitting record on the tape deck.
If you have been appreciating the mixed bag that Subsystem and I present at this site, check out the site that got us both excited. Comfort Stand is no longer active, but it is a tremendous archive.

The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down Side 1

Aug 13, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Gorowski - basin in my home

And we are graced with a totally fab release from WM Recordings, Gorowski's Simulator's can [WM067] ("Fortified with minerals from the electro anarchic"). This release is totally tops. Track to track, just bliss.

Simulator's can
is Gorowski's third release on WM Recordings.

"Gorowski has been dabbling in electronic music production for around 6 years, after a long DJing career in the sunny town of Hull, UK. He began DJing and promoting club nights in 1990, and was one of the first promoters to stage live performances from Fila Brazillia, at the Silhouette Club in Hull (1992/3). Gorowski maintained contact with the Pork Recordings stable for the next decade and now DJs with the '(in)famous' Porky at the Vibe Bar in London. Gorowski and Porky run a monthly Friday night called 'Larkin Out' which has been voted 'Critics Choice' by London's Time-Out magazine on a number of occasions. The night provides Gorowski with an opportunity to play and test out some of his tuneage."
This track reflects everything I love about experiencing fresh music. It is totally funky, energetic, beautiful, well constructed, exotica -- and you may not know this, but I love exotica.
It is my pleasure to present you with the opening track to a release you should not miss.

Gorowski - basin in my home

BSWC News: Good Bye DiSfish!

via ccMixterblog: Good By DiSfish!

Report from DiSfish artist, says that Marco Raaphorst and Cezary Ostrowski are ending the Creative Commons netlabel. The link is already dead. I have a frown on my face.

Aug 12, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: ColinPatrick - Naughty Jelly Beans

Naughty jelly beans, indeed.

This is a teaser release for more from ColinPatrick. The release, Prince Eddie Controlling [elde12], has three very cool little tunes. Heard this tune on Netwaves.

He calls it Funky Acid.

I call it something I like.

ColinPatrick - Naughty Jelly Beans

Aug 11, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: DJ Vincent Vinyl - Il Cuore D'Eli

Nice groove with cool found vocals. DJ Vincent is from Bucharest, Romania and comes to us via a three song release from the Bulgarian netlabel,

Today's selection is also the title of the release that appeared on July 11.

Vincent Vinyl has been working the club scene in Bucharest for the last few years. Spend some time with this nice contribution.

DJ Vincent Vinyl - Il Cuore D'Eli

Aug 10, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Spin Provider - Poexali!

Well, I fell asleep before posting this ;) -- not due to the track, which is excellent. I came across
Spin Provider as they have a new compilation release The Beginnning (you can listen here) just released on It sounded good, so I dug around a bit and came up with this excellent remix of one of Spin Provider songs.

Spin Provider is from Moscow. I've been reading Russian novels lately, so it seemed to fit well. ;) the remix is by c0balt, another Russian musician located in Moscow. The piece, and Spin Provider's music in general, is industrial electronic. Nice strong cycles.

Enjoy this choice.

Spin Provider - Poexali!

BSWC News: Wind-up MP3/video player

Via Boing Boing: Wind-up MP3/video player

Love this concept. The Eco-Media player. Crank up your tunes. One minute of winding results in 40 minutes of playback. Formats include mp3, wma, asf, wav, mp4. It also has a built-in radio and flashlight.

If I become a survivalist, then this item is definitely in the bunker with me...

Aug 9, 2007

Aug 8, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ckid - Time Monsters

Today's selection takes me back to the early 80's. René 'Ckid' Margraff captures the sound that so many bands from across the sea were working in those days. And, he does it without having it sound dated. Good Job.

Rene 'Ckid' Margraff is a German electronic artist. The release, Down with Ghosts [mtk188] comes to us via Monotonik.
Full of chanted and whispered vocals and an evocative, almost shoegaze-centric attitude to idm/electronics, 'Down With Ghosts' starts with the semi-conscious drawl of 'From A To Z', before the title track crosses subtle beats with drifting vocals, and things flow swiftly on.
Ckid - Time Monsters

Aug 7, 2007

BSWC News: BlocSonic releases a BSWC/BlocSonic netBloc Co-Presentation

It is called 10 from 200 plus one. Thanks to Michael at BlocSonic for appreciating our gig over here at BSWC. I know I can speak for Subsystem when I say we sure appreciate his gig. This is his 7th netBloc compilation and they are terrific.

I love to see his selection of One-a-Day posts. Perhaps regular readers have their favorites, too. If so, post them below...I'm interested.

Love all around,


BSWC One-a-Day: Flu - A Vez do Brasil

What a find! Thank you, Starfrosch!

From the ever prolific, Bump Foot comes this delightful release, No Flu do Mundo [foot053].

This one is hard to categorize...aren't they all. I leave it to the liner notes:
People have said that Flu makes samba pop, that he is psychedelic, or that he is modern. Words are not always the most exact way of defining sounds. Flu's new record is something to be listened to and tasted in all its richness before it is labeled or thrown into one of the many preconceived pigeon-holes of pop culture classification.
Go get all thirteen tracks...this one is a keeper.

Flu - A Vez do Brasil

Aug 6, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Edd Gordon - Aurora Boreal

From the netlabel E.P.A Sonidos comes a compelling techno trance release, canto_nativo. E.P.A Sonidos is a Chilean label, and Edd Gordon, also known as Gozne is from Quilpue, Valparaíso

Aurora Boreal stood out for me. It is clean, fast paced, and develops well, without losing control. Exactly what the doctor ordered for a reflective Monday in August.

Also, thank you to biotic for picking up my slack last week (as he always does when I slack). Had a bit of a family emergency that kept me up at night, unfortunately not looking for CC tracks. Everything is ok now.


Enjoy this track (oh yeah, it is a little on the big side, 17megs of goodness)

Edd Gordon - Aurora Boreal

Aug 5, 2007

Aug 4, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ben WaH - Slap Shot

Wow! Back to back to back! Oh, Canada!

I played this tune by Montreal artist, Ben waH on BSWC-the Show back on March 17. The release, Frostbites [peromusic007] dates to Winter 2005. Peromusic is a netlabel with 8 releases at The last one was released in July 2005.

Very cool dance floor grooves...

Ben WaH - Slap Shot

Aug 3, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: DJ Paternoster - Up to Space

Whoa, DJ name.

White Flag is the newest from Canadian netlabel, Happy Puppy.

Check it out.

DJ Paternoster - Up to Space

Aug 2, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Eloi Brunelle - Babysitter

One day I'm going to have the pleasure of going to a Montreal club and experiencing the brilliance of Eloi Brunelle in person. I hope that it is soon.

This tune is from a cooperative project by Thinner/Autoplate and Epsilonlab. I was listening to it the other day while pulling into Penn Station, NYC. It worked. Stayed with me and I may have to dial it back up for my return trip north tomorrow.

Eloi has been a major contributor to the commons and runs a great netlabel, EpsilonLab.

[Update: I notice that Eloi will be performing live with some of his label mates outdoors at a very cool outdoor event, PIKINC ELECTRONIK! at Jean Drapeau Park in Montreal on Sunday, August 5.]
Eloi Brunelle - Babysitter

Aug 1, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Kay Grove - Samba 440 (Deymare Remix)

Yes. With Northeast temperatures set to continue in the 80's and 90's, this is the sound.

I don't have much to say about the artist other than I would love to hear more. This is a wonderful release from a German netlabel called Rest.

Kay Grove - Samba 440 (Deymare Remix)