Dec 31, 2014

Scotch And Soda (Featuring Pastor McPurvis) - Auld Lang Syne

Back to Comfort Stand and the singular Auld Lang Syne compilation for this final day of 2014.  My goodness gracious, what a year it's been.

I've loved this version since I first heard it...need to share.

More about Scotch and Soda:

Based in Lake Worth, Florida, Scotch & Soda is an imaginary lounge duo combining melodic tuba playing with the built-in cheesiness of the Optigan. In reality, both parts are played by Max McMillan and combined through the magic of multi-track recording.In real life, Max is a cataloging librarian by day, a tuba/electric bass player in community bands/bar bands by night, and spends his weekends thrift store hopping in search of records.

Have a great day.  Bon Annee!

Scotch And Soda (Featuring Pastor McPurvis) - Auld Lang Syne

Alex Beroza - Red Light

Francisca Ulloa - Light/Dark
Wow.  Late night in a hotel room in Montreal...a little time with ccMixter comes up with this gem. 

Wow.  Alex Beroza is a huge contributor to the the remix site and this is outstanding.

The vocals come from HelenaJ who has contributed two uploads to the site including Red Light.  A number of mixters have worked with Red Light and Alex rocked it.

Here is the story on Alex:
living - Antwerp, Belgium  
occupation - designing & making jewellery. 
free time - making music.

Alex Beroza - Red Light

Dec 30, 2014

Juanitos - Hola Hola Bossa Nova

Bouncing toward the New Year!  Biotic is in Montreal.  Bon Annee grande nez! Went looking for some exotica lounge music and hit the jackpot with this one from Jaunitos. It appears on a Various Artists release called netBloc Volume 24 (tiuqottigeloot) from blocSonic.  This release is really fine up and down.

Here is something from a Last FM writeup on Juanitos:

Juanitos, led by Juan Naveira, is the single French rock’n’roll and soul band mixing latin soul, exotica, acid jazz, punk, vocal pop and somtimes reggae roots in the Jackie Mittoo style. They are continuously looking for new tones, and integrate a large range of musical influences, for instantaneous pleasure. The Juanitos are not losing any marks throughout music, fashion and industrial sounds that bloom and pass.

Juanitos is a find.  If your looking for some sultry tunes to ring in the new year, look no farther.  There is a really nice Free Music Archive collection of material that is worth a listen.

Have fun.

Juanitos - Hola Hola Bossa Nova 

Dec 29, 2014

The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine - Auld Lang Syne

This was the final compilation from Comfort Stand.  A grand New Year's tradition that happened once.

Subsystem7 and I had a fine time one New Year's night on the radio counting down multiple midnights around the world with this release, Auld Lang Syne [csr071] the soundtrack.  The label founders joined us by phone.  Fun memory.

The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine contributed one of my favorite cuts on the release.  Here's the scoop:

Recorded live at North London's majestic "Slappers" nightspot, this New Year treat features band members Hammer Malone, Pablo and Manolita, with introduction by DJ Nappyhead. Ronnie's plangent ukulele has never sounded as sweet and fitting as on this traditional Scottish ballad of lost love and regret.

Here it is.

The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine - Auld Lang Syne

Dec 28, 2014

Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000

From the great first compilation from Comfort Stand comes this marvelous lounge tune...just in time for the New Year's festivities.  The name of the compilation is Two Zombies Later [CSR001].  

This is a deep collection of loungy exotica that will thrill the ears.  It is almost a decade old, but timeless...

I'm going to try to put up several New Year festive pieces over the next few days under the label, Auld Lang Syne.  Seems only fair to balance out the BSWChristmas stuff.  Happy New Year. Bonne Année!
From the liner notes:  

Remix of Les Baxter's 'Acapulco' from the LP 'The Sacred Idol'. Percussion instruments don't play a secondary role. They are, part and parcel, smoothly integrated into the exciting provocative whole. Here's music — no gimmicks — but exotic, glittering melodies that throb with the beat of the drums. You'll hear a sparkling blend of piano, vibes, bass, accordion, harp, reeds, woodwinds, 17 different percussion instruments, digital loops, and plug-ins. This is a spectacular array of unique sounds and truly different rhythms. Mixologist (err, I mean remixer) Jack Fetterman, with the assistance of The in Hi-Fi Music Direction, explores the recorded work of maestro, Les Baxter's 'Acapulco' for a special DJ engagement honoring, ironically, the demise of the fabulous Kahiki tiki restaurant, formerly in Columbus, Ohio, August 26, 2000.

Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000

Malefics - Dumbia Solitaria

Sounds like a very cool project out of Mexico.  The Foot side of the Bump Foot netlabel dropped this on the 21st.  Apparently, this is an audio selection from the audio/visual project that is Malefics.

Dumbia Solitaria translates as lonely Dumbia....sounds sad.

Consistency is a somewhat rare commodity on the internet and Bump Foot has it.  This the 234th release from the Foot side alone.  They pre-date this blog and here we are...BSWC has gone to the well with both sides of this wonderful netlabel.  

Here is the skinny on Malefics from Bump Foot's site:

Malefics is an audiovisual project from Mexico, a hybrid between electronic and different Latin American rhythms with videomapping projections. Once You Go Malefics You'll Never Go Back is an album which shows us their style, a mix of electronic, rock, and latin sounds.

Time to go explore what Bump Foot has been doing the last few years. Enjoy.

Malefics - Dumbia Solitaria

Dec 27, 2014

Marco Mestichella - Treason

A recent blocSonic release is resonating with me.  BlocSonic put this tune out as part of their fortyFive series (net releases with an A and a B-side).  

Described as "ill pop", Treason has a very smooth, enjoyable sound.

The blocSonic artist page describes Marco Mestichella thusly:

Marco Mestichella is a 24 year old music artist originally from Italy and now based in London, UK, where he’s been producing music since 2009. Calling his music ‘ILLPOP’, he describes the sounds as being a blend of trip-hop, soft rock, retro-pop and cinematic soundtracks. Marco’s musical influences are mainly from the 70’s and 90’s. Portishead, Isaac Hayes, Pink Floyd, Madonna & George Michael are just a few of the artists Marco borrows from. He works with co-producer, Bristolian arranger/composer Joe Rodwell for all his music.

BlocSonic plans to release more of his music in the coming months.  Stay tuned.

Marco Mestichella - Treason

Walt Thisney - Holy Chao

Ethereal pop from our friends at  This tune is from a release called Commodify Your Dissent.  It is a pleasant collection of instrumental pieces.

BlocSonic is a great netlabel out of our fine state of Maine.

Here is a description of Walt Thisney from his page:

Walt Thisney music ranges from the 80´s inspired Synth Pop / Electro / Funk tunes to Space / Cosmic / Chill Out soundscapeswith incursion in other sound territories like Smooth Jazz / Elevator Music.Produced over 20 releases under different monikers since 1990. 

He has a fair body of work there and in other places around the 'net.

Walt Thisney - Holy Chao

Liviana Mauretti - Transgénicos

Liviana Mauretti's voice has captivated me the last few days.  Time to post.  

I have little to go on, but this release called Corrientes came out on Spanish netlabel, Bestiar in October.

Transgenicos translates at genetically modified. 

I found it on my new favorite CC aggregator

Her artist page at Bestiar describes her style as Chamber Pop.  I like it. Chamber Pop.

The netlabel offers this mission statement:

BESTIAR is a netlabel that was born in the autumn of 2010. This small corner of the Internet will be dedicated to publishing music from both currently active musicians to good old tunes that we consider interesting enough. The different tracks that we feature are under the radar, with the aim of introducing new music and stuff that may have gone unobserved or fallen into oblivion. 
In the beginning this project began focusing on groups from Barcelona and its surroundings, but now we are contacting musicians from other regions interested in showing their works in this new virtual community. 
We hope that you enjoy a lot of the music offered here…Everything you find here is protected by licenses of CREATIVE COMMONS, and you will not have any problems listening or downloading material for personal use, as long as it is not for commercial purposes and you credit the name of the author at all times.
Take a listen to the entire release.  As I said, captivating.

Liviana Mauretti - Transgénicos

Dec 24, 2014

keytronic -Der Traum Unterm Baum (feat. Maike und Frida)

A sweet, beautiful Christmas tune from longtime mixter, Keytronic.  The piece features his young daughter and a friend and if it doesn't settle you down for a cozy Christmas Eve, I don't know what will.  

Keytronic had this to say:

This is now the result featuring my Daughter Frida and Maike (a very good Friend). 
I believe this is a wonderful christmas song and my second self composed song ever.

Take a listen.  I'm sure that you will want to add this to your holiday collection. It stands out among all the great tunes being posted to this holiday season.

keytronic -Der Traum Unterm Baum (feat. Maike und Frida)

Photo credit: Lucie Bluebird-Lexington - For winter dreams

Martinibomb - cha l'ectro cha cha

Reaching back into the catalog of the wonderful, if defunct netlabel, Comfort Stand, for today's post. Merry Christmas, cha, cha!

MartiniBomb is/was a Portland duo that figured very prominently in the early iterations of BSWC...Subsystem 7 and I were playing them constantly, almost every week.  And for good's a party. Here's a snippet from the Comfort Stand notes:

...they enjoy cobbling odd songs together from vinyl records, tin cans, sticks and chewing gum. Martinibomb enjoys reading books, collecting records, brewing sake, and watching obscure films.

You can find this link in many of our program playlists on the blog, but it never made it into the feed. I noticed the tune in the playlist of Netwaves, the Belgian-based CC radio broadcast.  It showed up in [nws265] netwaves 7.32: poptronics in 2013. 

If you need some energy to get through this busy day before contemplating the more sombre elements of this holiday, then get your groove on.  

Martinibomb - cha l'ectro cha cha

Dec 23, 2014

Diaphane - This is Not Love

With love always  - Some Rights Reserved
Very sweet and as some folks at ccMixter noted, "a little shy."  A lovely piece that is built on mixter Post_'s instrumental bit called "Not a Love Song".  Diaphane has done something really wonderful.

I took a moment to listen to the two pieces back-to-back at the songs Derivation page...yes, really wonderful. 

The tune was posted at on November 21.  As I mentioned there were a lot of comments.  I particularly liked this back and forth:

Diaphane - This is Not Love

Dec 22, 2014

Stefan Kartenberg (featuring Kara Square) - Hibernate 'Til New Year's Day

This holiday remix was just posted this morning at  A very nice mix indeed.  Stefan has definitely got it.

Here's what artist Kara Square had to say about Stefan's work:

Excellent!!! Truly. Joyous. Fun. You rocked this, Stefan!!

Yes, the Black Sweater, White Christmas vibe is getting rolling and ccMixter's Songs of the Season remix collection provides a lot of inspiration.

 Stefan Kartenberg (featuring Kara Square) - Hibernate 'Til New Year's Day

Dec 21, 2014

ViGO + Eckovibe feat. Serena – Try

This tune is from a Various Artist release from the netlabel Ephedrina called Excursio Numerus Centum Vol 1.

Not a lot of information, but this is a rough translation of what the label says about the release:

 And 'officially started the journey in the Hundredth release of this strange NetLaboratorio, where there are neither saints nor sound engineers and even the desire to run and do things because someone said.


Beat.Dowsing - Undeniable.sequence

Early morning, post Christmas party...feeling fine.  This new music from Beat.Dowsing via was released this month on the Phonocake netlabel.  The release is called Rising.Current.  

This from the label:

The power lies inside the calm. And beat.dowsing again enjoys us with his new album, full of sunny n peacy tracks that warm the winterly hemisphere and properly heat up the current summer hemisphere.

This is where I am.  Love it.

 Beat.Dowsing - Undeniable.sequence

Dec 20, 2014

Loveshadow - Kisses On Lips ( The Mistletoe Mix )

This Loveshadow mix was posted at in November of 2007.  It was featured on a Black Sweater, White Christmas radio program, but never got a BSWChristmas post.  Here goes...

Mistletoe Dance, Photo by
Loveshadow's work forms part of the backbone of ccMixter.  And that is part of the joy of the creative commons remix site.  A collective dedicated to putting a wide variety of really great sounds out there and then building on the body of work...always building.  If you haven't been there, well...

The building block that Loveshadow used here was provided by a year-long project by calendargirl to put up a vocal track each month to challenge the mixters.  Some great tunes were generated including this one.

Mixter Gurdonark (friend of BSWC) explains:

I like that you make this mix so much fun. It’s great that you play in the field of holiday novelty, and yet you do more than merely an obvious send-up, but create your own mistletoe- verse in which this song makes sense. The interweave of vocal and insturments is good, and the little sequenced keyboard/bell around where the lyric “spider” pops up is good.
But mostly, you stretch, and you go places that people sometimes imagine they’re too hip to go, and you show there’s a lot of fun up on them thar asteroids.
I don’t think they’ll be playing this one at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth any time soon, but it’s great to hear the nods to country in this wonderfully odd mix.

Merry Christmas...enjoy the season.

Loveshadow - Kisses On Lips ( The Mistletoe Mix )

PK Jazz Collective - Red-Headed Woman

Not much information on this Russian artist,  but PK Jazz Collective has a number of releases out there since they started in 2012.  The Collective's leader is Korotin Vyacheslav

This the title track from a Southern City's Lab release that came out this past September.   Here is the label's description:

After several experiments with psychedelic and jazz rock, collaborative projects with different style musicians and poets, Pk Jazz Collective have returned to old rock traditions of making music. "Red-Headed Woman", released on Southern City's Lab has became an expression of Pk Jazz's musicians experience in perception of "how to make simple but impressive rock album

Thanks to providing such a great site for finding and enjoying such a wide-range of music and musical styles.

PK Jazz Collective - Red-Headed Woman

Dec 19, 2014

Texasradiofish - Holiday Funky Blues (featuring Snowflake)

More Songs of the Season from for your seasonal enjoyment.  This one is a straightforward blues project.  Smooth, delightful and poignant.  Texasradiofish mixed it up from vocal supplied by fellow mixter, Snowflake.

Texasradiofish is Electronico and ElRon XChile, musicians, composers & producers living in Galveston County, Texas.

Here are the words of Snowflake: 

wow, fits like an old soft shoe! amazing. i’m pleased as punch! i’ll be playing this on our famous Loveis Shrimp Boat (where he lost an eye in a fishin’ accident) - we’ll ring in the season with the down home blues.

Follow the Songs of the Season link to find a veritable smorgasbord of holiday music...something for everyone's taste, believe me.

Texasradiofish - Holiday Funky Blues (featuring Snowflake)

Santa Nebula - Dim Down and Up Brother

Today's release from MAV [0kbps] Records hit the net last month.  I don't have any information on the artist.

Hard to describe, but it has an excellent feel with some intriguing vocals.  

I'm going to give it the BSWChristmas tag based on the artist's name, but it probably isn't in the holiday spirit.  

Well, perhaps it the sense that everything seems to be somehow related this time of year.  

Remember, 6 days...maybe time to put together that CC mix tape that you know someone wants and needs.


Santa Nebula - Dim Down and Up Brother

Dec 18, 2014

Aydio - Deltitnu

Deltitnu is the title track from a 2009 release on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel.  I'm loving the vibe...funky, sultry and smooth.  Hat tip to the bloggers at for curating this release last week.  It's a find.  From the description:

The tracks graduate lightly one into one another, painting beautiful dreamy soundscapes with a wonderful ornate melange of groovy basslines, dub soulful guitars, phat beats and expanded ambience. If you feel the Groove Armada and Morcheeba's chilled trippy vibes, you'll definitely fall in love with this release!

Very nice.  Recommended

Aydio - Deltitnu

Dec 13, 2014

Scomber -Winter (Here comes the Snow*)

Featuring mixter Loveshadow, this remix from's Songs of the Season - Remix project is a lovely, jazzy ode to my favorite season.  Looking out the window I see snow on the ground and the lyrics of this tune really get at the core of the experience:  

Then here comes the snow 
Hope to catch it fall! 
Think of me when summer’s light has ended 
shadows dark my warm extended 
‘cause here comes the snow 
(Here comes the snow)

It is really nice to dip back into the ccmixter winter sounds.  I'm going to keep an eye on the project to see how the season unfolds.

Scomber -Winter (Here comes the Snow*)

Dec 10, 2014

Stefan Kartenberg - Xmas Trees Aint Getting Shorter

O.K., we are getting closer and closer to the day.  Time for some BSWChristmas magic.  (Where are you, Subsystem)? has always been a go-to for great Christmas music mixes with a Creative Commons license.  And, this year does not disappoint.  The lyrics were uploaded by mixter Scomber a few years ago and this 2014 mix from Stefan Kartenberg has a very nice feel.  I'm ready for the holiday.
Stefan Kartenberg - Xmas Trees Aint Getting Shorter

Dec 6, 2014

DubRajah - Ngezi

Peaceful and serene are two words that describe this release by DubRajah from the netlabel, Dubophonic. The sounds of Africa via Moscow provide a great listen. Found this release, called Enkang, on the Netlabel aggregator,

 Some words from the netlabel about the artist and release: 

"Enkang" means "homestead" in Maasai language. Maasai is one of the very few tribes who have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and lore. "Enkang" is also the name of DubRaJaha's EP, which was recorded in the period from Autumn 2013 till Summer/Autumn 2014 in Arusha (Tanzania), Stone Town (Zanzibar, Tanzania), Wete (Pemba, Tanzania) and Moscow (Russia). 

 I chose the magical "Ngezi" to share here, but wise ones will visit to download the entire release. 

  DubRajah - Ngezi

The Bran Flakes - Here Comes Santa

Nov 27, 2014

Bubamara Brass Band - Black Cat, White Cat

Wow, I forgot how fun this can be.  Found this gem on  It is originally from a film by the same name that was directed by Emir Kusturica.  Balkan big band is the genre and I can't get enough of it.

There are four tracks on the release to enjoy.  Here are some notes from the release:
This orchestra possesses tremendous positive power which, apparently, should be the integral attribute of the Balkan music, but is far not at each foreign collective it turns out such shaking and positive. «Bubamara Brass Band» – a pleasant exception.
Bubamara Brass Band - Black Cat, White Cat
The new wave of interest to the Balkan music in world scales has been provoked by launch of the well-known Yugoslavian director of Emir Kusturica. Hasn't avoided its influences and Russia where among the other structures which have addressed to a musical heritage of the Balkans, the Moscow orchestra «Bubamara Brass Band» maestro Alexander Kashtanova is brightly allocated.
There is also a wikipedia entry on the film that is worth reading.

Nov 26, 2014

The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra - Madrugada a la Gil Evans

O.K., We are back.  From where, who knows?  Glad to be here with this sultry, jazzy number that was posted at  The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra has some really jamming content available on the remix site.  Also know as Waldhorn33, PLO is a multi-instrumentalist and composer with some bad ass brass going on.  Worth adding to your collection.

The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra - Madrugada a la Gil Evans