Oct 27, 2006

Tattoo - Beatmapper - Birdsong Remixes

Oh yes! Yes! This is fantastic, couldn't wait for my turn on cc365.org -- this I love. Off of the humble (yet prolific and wonderfully entertaining) birdsong.co.ul. The whole album is great, download it, enjoy it.

This one features "her highness" who I've always thought was great. Thank you Beatmapper and her highness.


Oct 21, 2006

BSWC: Jamendo Tribute Show Airs Again

Somewhere down the line tonite's show became a Jamendo showcase. Great music from great performers coming from great countries. With one exception the entire playlist is from Jamendo.com. So open your ears, fire up your bit torrent client and enjoy the show. If you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm EST on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

  1. El Cuarto de Tula by SONGO 21 from LLEGO SONGO 21 !
  2. Piensa by Kolokon from Rock'n'Roll Patxuko
  3. en silence ton corps by les bas d'anselm from résurrection
  4. Anais' remix by LEGO from remix&collaborations
  5. Aya by Monsieur Z from
  6. Radio Moon by Kvaleoun from Maxi Experimentation
  7. The rebel call by Kolokon from Rock'n'Roll Patxuko
  8. Ma foi by Abdou Day from Libre
  9. Bahbushska by Systylé from Loin d'en naître
  10. Dubougnoule ( Rene Naba/Eric B... by Zabaniet from Des Mots De Zabaniet
  11. Psychotropique by Kopasetik from Warped Dimensions
  12. FreeTibet by misterjok from Made in Auzole
  13. Dee Tea by Dee Mond from Dee Mond EP
  14. Arabian Night (Original Mix) by DJ Mora from Marrakech Express
  15. Mr Parker and Mr Smith by Poxfil from Boards of Pays-Bas
  16. Dubamatic by Paiheux from Enfance
  17. Ce que mon art te dira by Kaiser IK from Et la lumière fut
  18. Faut qu'j'rebondisse by Bern Li from Faut qu'j'rebondisse
  19. No names before the games by John Sore & his Afro-Safety from Eleven funky love songs
  20. I love you and you love me by DRDJEKILL from DRDJEKILL 3
  21. Bouge toi by Sophie Cappere from Parenthèse enchantée
  22. La truite by Siegfried Gautier from Emilie & les acariens
  23. Dubougnoule ( Rene Naba/Eric B... by Zabaniet from Des Mots De Zabaniet

Oct 20, 2006

BSWC Podex #009: The Random Becomes Deliberate

The inspiration for this Podcast Extra comes from a random playlist generated by Itunes while I was working on migrating files to a new computer. I had loaded about 350 CC songs into a virgin Itunes Library and was listening when this bit of shuffle magic happened.

Music in this Podex includes Le groove de decembre by SpatzAttack, Truc 04 by Xcyril and Regim Liquid by Regim Liquid. All tracks are available at Jamendo.com.

Oct 10, 2006

Black Sweater, White Cat features Music from Jamendo

Here is a program from September 16. The show featured music from Jamendo: some old, some new. Join us and discover how deep a resource Jamendo really is...

Oct 7, 2006

BSWC 10.7.06: CC Music from the Heart

10.18.07 Update: At last, here is the audio file for this edition of BSWC.

Here is the playlist for tonight. It is absolutely amazing how deep the Creative Commons music well is and if you are new to CC music come and visit, explore these pages, sample a show or two. These artists are thoughtful, talented and they just plain get it. Don't forget, if you are in the net neighborhood from 9:00 to 11:00 Eastern (Greenwich -5), stop by and listen to the stream.

Song Of the Sahara by Beth Quist
Sweet Dissonance by Anup
O Sapo do Rio Vermelho by Stonkas y Congas
Bagamoyo (Radio edit) by Casiokids
Deja Correr by Mutandina
Mezza Messa by Falik
Mwana kapinga by YELIZ K.
Dans un monde vert by arthak
Flee Out Of Her My People by Messian Dread
conspiracy_theories by Messian Dread
lifelong fiction by aphilas
Falling by Twizzle
The Shnay Speaks by Cagey House
Yellow_Chaos by Realaze
Casamojo part three by DOC PILOT
Music Is Music by Perky Chap
New Seclusion by Rocky Mountain Funk Paul Keeley
101 by ne:o
Completly mysticism by Dr Kuch
Bernard 6:22 by Eloi Brunelle
HerHeroHeroin by Mepa
Electrokitschintersideral by littlecaniche