Oct 20, 2011

Gurdonark - Rescue Fantasies

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you, Lisa Debenedictis.

Marking the happy day with this Gurdonark remix that highlights that birthday voice. Lisa has been featured on this blog and on the radio show many times and it gives me much pleasure to post again.

Gurdonark has also found favor on this site. Hey man, nice mix.

Oct 19, 2011

Lee Rosevere - Trick Or Treat

Two posts in a matter of minutes after going almost a year in silent running.

I had to put this Lee Rosevere piece up to mark the season. Lee is a friend of BSWC and has been featured here in the past. I'm not sure when he put this one up at archive.org, but it is a good one.

"A stormy night pushes you to toward a huge and dark house belonging to the reclusive Dr. Slocum, a mysterious genius who converted a closed asylum into an evil labratory, where he hides from the world with his menage of monsters of science. But the ghosts that haunted the asylum are still there...

Once inside you hear ghostly pianos with no-one playing them, strange moans and cries of terror, floating spirits, dark and empty operating chambers, and more than one dungeon inhabited by abandoned 'experiments'..."


Various Artists - Trick-Or-Treat Mix

Getting into the spirit of the holiday with some creatively common music. This is a Harald Walker mix from 2005.

Time to dress the feed up a little. I think the Japanese have a word for dormant blogs...something about rings on the pond. BSWC certainly has been dormant.

Update: I can't find the Japanese term. Help, anyone?