Apr 28, 2006

The Long Play, April 29 at 9:00pm Eastern

Join me, Subsystem7, for a long play special. This Black Sweater, White Cat features longer tracks that you might not regularly hear on the radio. I'll be featuring the work of Otis Fodder, Tatsu, Sudio, Simon Slator, Engineer Garin & Stud, ITOA, Kwook!, Philip Jackson, Christian Walt, and Lullabelle.

Remember, we have a live stream. Make sure to listen as the show unfolds, prepare yourself for an evening of stimulation and thought provoking Creative Commons soundscapes.

Apr 27, 2006

EFF: The Season of Bad Laws - Banning MP3 Streaming

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Senators have introduced a bill, that is aimed at punishing satellite radio for offering its subscribers devices capable of recording off the air.

Buried in the bill, however, is a provision that would effectively require music webcasters to use DRM-laden streaming formats, rather than the MP3 streaming format...This would include the streams from Shoutcast, the host of the WBCR stream.

Contact your representatives. This is simply more digital repression.

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Apr 24, 2006

RIAA/MPAA to get their wishes from Congress: More DMCA restrictions

For the last few years, a coalition of technology companies, academics and computer programmers has been trying to persuade Congress to scale back the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Now Congress is preparing to do precisely the opposite.

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Personal Digital Rights Management in the Commons

CC365 visits DisFish, a way happening CC Music download site (europe rocks!). Along the way, Grant shares a link to a firefox extension that tracks and confirms creative commons licensing--perfect for anyone that wants to manage their digital rights personally.

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Apr 22, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist for 04.22.06

Here is the audio file for this program. Special thanks to Jim Weber for allowing the Berkshire Bateria cut into the commons.

Berkshire Bateria Earth Day 2006

Berkshire Bateria feat. Jim Weber

L action

Toc toc

Do you feel funky

Hacerlo contigo



Keep me up al nite

rapid ascent

metro rer bus


Waiting so long

Hip Hop


Fort Minor Folkstoned

Long Trip To Evaporate

ichikawa-shi, chiba



Completly mysticism



craziest psycho-ride on a cherry girl

In / Out

Apr 13, 2006

Spring in the Berkshires: At Last

Yep. It's Spring. Don't forget, you can experience a little piece of the Berkshires online--Try the WBCR-LP 128 kbps stream.

Apr 10, 2006

Indie Band shows the way

Lawrence Lessig's blog had a mention of an independent band, Beatnik Turtle, doing right by a fan when that fan's access to their music was denied online. The story comes from Beatnik Turtle's "Indie Band Survival Guide" (to which this submission links directly). The episode was also mentioned in Wired's blog.

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Apr 7, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 04.08.06

Here is the playlist and audio file for our Lisa DeBenedictis special edition.

Many thanks to Lisa for spending time with us and for being such an exceptional artist. We really got a lot of insight into how the internet and the Creative Commons concept can have such powerful positive effects on artists. The music business is changing in some very fundamental ways and Lisa is part of the change.
  1. Chanson pour dépressif by solcarlus
  2. The Alternate World Waltz by Lisa DeBenedictis
  3. BelowLambourgino-teru-remix by teru by Lisa DeBenedictis
  4. Cuckoo feat. Lisa Debenedictis (passive-aggre... by hisboyelroy
  5. Pull Up The Shade by Lisa DeBenedictis
  6. Below by Lisa DeBenedictis
  7. Getting wilder by the minute by Oilboy's aftersun
  8. Keep me up al nite by Oilboy's aftersun
  9. Keep swinging by Oilboy's aftersun
  10. Summer slammer by Oilboy's aftersun
  11. Keep me up al nite by Oilboy's aftersun
  12. Geisha by GOLDEN APPLE CORPS
  13. Japanese for Travellers by Nood
  14. Beta Blocker by La Belle Alliance
  15. Si Soy, Yo by Kepay
  16. Libre by SMILEY
  17. Cule Cule Bom Bom by Kepay
  18. Theme for "The Mad Thinker" by Dr. Frankenstein
  19. Condom Breakdown by The Ratpack
  20. I'm on the road by Chili 70

Apr 6, 2006

Lisa DeBenedictis on Black Sweater, White Cat

We have invited the CC Chanteuse extraordinaire, Lisa DeBenedictis to join us this coming Saturday. We were pleasantly surprised when she accepted our invitation. You can join us too. Our terrestrial mothership, WBCR-LP now has a live internet stream so you can hear the interview live. We expect to talk to Lisa between 9 and 9:30ish EDT. Naturally, we will be playing a selection of her music from Magnatune.com and some of the remix material from ccmixter.

Magnatune and ccmixter got together to have a remix contest featuring the Magnatune releases by Lisa with the entire Magnatune catalog of over 1,700 pieces of music available for source material. There were some really wonderful pieces generated for the contest and the 13 creators who made the top 15 winning entries were signed to a Magnatune recording contract and appear on a commercially available remix album.

Try Love Bird by callmeyang featuring the vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis.

Don't forget, if you can't make the live broadcast you can always pickup the podcast right here at biotic.blogspot.com.

Thanks for listening.

Apr 4, 2006

BSWC 03.25.06: Audio File Now Available

We like to be prompt turning our broadcasts into podcasts, but technical issues have slowed us down a bit recently. Here is our broadcast from a couple of weeks ago. The playlist has already been posted. Thanks for listening, please enjoy.

Apr 3, 2006

Comfort Stand Memories: CSR031-The Bran Flakes

Subsystem and I each have our favorite Comfort Stand releases. This is one of my all-time favorites. The Bran Flakes are a CS founder, Otis Fodder project and they take the mashup concept to the level of high art. I Remember When I Break Down--Side 1 just works for me on so many levels. The Debbie Gibson/Dr. Ruth mashup about 10 minutes into the track is insane. From the Archives.org release page:
"The cassette was recorded in Stead, Nevada, outside of Reno where we were living for a short time. Living on broke ends and with ample free time we used what we had around to make the cassette... turntable, 2 cassette decks, discman, VCR, radio shack mixer and the Roland MS-1 Phrase Sampler.

All the sounds were sampled in on 8 touch pads on the Roland and while playing the song live by hitting the pads the output was sent to a cassette deck. Holding down the pads would repeat the loops which was nice and loop points were set before hitting record on the tape deck. Then the process was repeated by clearing out the Roland memory and loading up new sounds and playing them over the previously recorded cassette to a new tape in another deck. This was repeated to achieve the desired effect and/or the finished song. Normally each track had 1 to 6 overdubs. While playing the Roland Live we would load up sound effects CDs in the discman or a video tape in the VCR or a record on the turntable and pipe them live through the board for added effects."
Thanks again to all involved in Comfort Stand for all the memories--The entire collection is an amazing cultural contribution.

Apr 2, 2006

Netlabel News: Comfort Stand Becomes an Archives

On April Fools day, 2006 Comfort Stand announced that it was no longer going to be an active netlabel. They are calling it a day. After two plus years and 71 releases everyone involved is moving on to new projects.

I received this by email at 1:51 this morning:
"Farewell Comfort Stand!

We realize that this news comes on April Fools day, however this is no joke.

After a two year and five month run, we have closed Comfort Stand.


The project is over and we will no longer release new works.

All of our music will remain online. Free and for a very long time.

In closing, we present 8 double disc releases and a greatest hits compilation by the Dondero High School A Capella Choir!


Start right off with a pop concert sampler!...


Thank you, to all of our past visitors and future friends!"
Good bye Comfort Stand and Good Luck to Otis Fodder, Mr. Melvis and all those who contributed so much to such a cool project. The fruits of your labors will live on at the great mothership, archive.org

Try this Mr. Melvis tune from Comfort Stand Release 001, A Walk Through the Powerhouse.