Jan 27, 2006

Jan 23, 2006

BSWC 1.21.06: CC Music from Around the World

Poland, Italy, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, Canada. Black Sweater, White Cat was on a world tour this week. Here is the audio file for the show. Thanks for listening.

Jan 21, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist for 01.21.06

Dans son ecrin by Delgarma
American Giver by Beth Quist
Saturn Blues by Beatundercontrol
Comet Ride by Bruce Lenkei
The Martians Aren't Coming by Lungbutter
Mezza Messa by Falik
Mwana kapinga by YELIZ K.
Dans un monde vert by arthak
The Revolution by Ate One
jednoczacy sie dzwiek by banda tre
ty i ty [kadubra version] by kadubra & idm
Porno Adesif by L'Onomatopeur
Pignottimi d'Aprosi! by 0kapi
Commune by Red Unit
sleepless distortion on acid by q_no
Count To Six (I Am Robot And Proud Remix) by The Uberkids
Slinky Internationalist by Frivolous vs DJG
Hobo's Son-remix by Ronan Tyrell, Ashwan , teru
Bingo Baby Babe by hepepe
ccMixter by P. Mac, Dr. Concoction, Colin Mutchler, Pat C...
attaque la banque by Miss Helium
ami amour by Miss Helium

Jan 15, 2006

Audio File for 1.14.06

Here is the audio file for last night's show...and what a show it was! Something about impending weather to focus the mind. Many thanks to Grant Robertson and his new project, CC365. CC365 is providing a real service to both the musicians and fans of the CC music community. This program features three songs from his second week. I have two computers subscribed to his feed. Check it out...there are 350 tunes left in 2006.

My special favorite in this show was Sigfried Gautier from jamendo.com. Maybe Grant can find a place in CC365 for his song, "Jim".

Also thanks, as usual, to the folks at archive.org, "the mothership".

Jan 13, 2006

Jan 7, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 01.07.06

Here is the audio file for this evening's program. It was fun. Enjoy.
  1. Ambre by Trois p'tits points
  2. Taxi de nuit by Boulbar
  3. paradeiser by Ivan der Dreckige
  4. Pink Fish Signs (Take One) by GeeNerve
  5. Lovely Day by Terror At The Opera
  6. Hatikva by Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad
  7. Training by Chenard Walcker And Roy "Chicky" Arad
  8. Hava Nagila & Katioucha by Stealing Orchestra
  9. 18 Roses for 18 years old girl by Roy "Chicky" Arad
  10. After That Night by Limbo
  11. I was a fool by Mihai Popoviciu
  12. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  13. Speed Up by Pureape
  14. reality_asylum_instr._01 by reality asylum
  15. milieubeschimpfung by Märiö f.
  16. verschlossenes lachen by zweieKKenkreis
  17. Frankophiel by Rockformation Diskokugel
  18. I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
  19. They'll Have Apple Juice On The Submarine by Cagey House
  20. Kill Meow by Text Adventure
  21. social silence by trash80
  22. kauniit ihmiset by bad loop
  23. I Think For Myself by Sensual Physics
  24. memories of summer / goodbye August by tatsu
  25. Énergy - Eloi Brunelle Remix by Alexandre Bilodeau

Jan 2, 2006

BSWC Comfort Stand Special with Breaking News from the Netlabel

Here is both the set list and the program audio file in one post. We had a wonderful interview with Comfort Stand's Otis Fodder and Mr. Melvis. Breaking news from the interview: Otis is stepping away from the netlabel to pursue other projects and Mr. Melvis is stepping up his involvement. Thanks to both of them for a fun evening. Best wishes from the BSWC for a healthy, exciting new year.

  1. Auld Lang Syne (Cup O' Kindness) by Fortyone
  2. fab cushion by Martinibomb
  3. Think Of Me by Stark Effect
  4. Pecesito by Flavia & The Motonets
  5. Cracking Eggs (Eitjes Tappen) (piece for flut... by Jan Turkenburg
  6. Zij zei zij zei (The she said she said variat... by Ton Ruckert
  7. this-is-no-chanson by Twizzle
  8. Auld Lang Syne by Chenard Walcker
  9. Auld Lang Syne by The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine
  10. Shopping For Explosives by Coconut Monkeyrocket
  11. The Love God by Martinibomb
  12. Giga Lounge by Gigaboy
  13. A Gigantic Spacecraft! by The Lounge King meets Monsieur Max
  14. Chicken Dance by Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Directi...
  15. Bah! by Okapi
  16. Eee-Ooo by Lady Bombon
  17. Moonlight Zombie Dance by Bruce Lenkei
  18. Satan in the White House by Weirdomusic
  19. Yecch To Auld Lang Syne by R. Stevie Moore
  20. Auld Lang Syne by Lovebyte

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