Jun 30, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 07.01.06 (Grant Robertson Interview Included with Every Download)

It was Saturday. Big news was an on-the-fly interview with CC365's Grant Robertson. Hear some of Grant's perspective on music and the creative commons, how he got the idea for CC365 and what he sees as the next steps in popularizing the Creative Commons concept. Here is the playlist and audio file for this week.

If you are in the Net Neighborhood between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EDT, you are welcome to tune into our live streamcast. Thanks for listening.

Smoking by Lonah from Pièces
check-mate by loobke from water & boots
My destination by Lizzi from Love and you and I
Resist And Resolution by Liquid Zen from Elements At Loop 10
Cool College Kid by Big Cheez
1- show me remix by LEGO from remix&collaborations
Kashi-Koshi by Mad in H from Kashi-Koshi
je flotte by Bep
Through the Backyards by Au Revoir Simone from Verses of Comfort, Assurance a...
Set music to the moon by _ghost from ccMixter
Fort Minor Folkstoned by DJ Tarquin from ccMixter
ton in ton by christian walt from permanent hangover [id15]
Sternenwelt by Mikromops from Mikromops
New Strut by Dafluke
Lollipop by Motoboiler from Forecast EP
Heaven by Pete V.
Six O'Clock Whispers by vitaminsforyou from Free Fill Specter EP
Secret Fascination by Atomic Tom from Anthems For The Disillusioned
Submarine (featuring Lisa Rein... by Briareus from ccMixter
Le Discours by MAIS 69 ? from MAIS 69?
We Be Gettin' Busy by Hidden_Fortress from ccMixter

Jun 28, 2006

BSWC Friend, Mike Linksvayer (CTO, Creative Commons) on Netsquared Podcast

While browsing Creative Commons-tagged items at Odeo, I came across this interview with Mike Linksvayer.  Mike is a BSWC friend and, dare I say, a fan of our little podcast.  He has an excellent understanding of the intellectual property issues that are emerging from the digital revolution.  Give it a listen.

Jun 27, 2006

BSWC Audio File from 6.24.06 Available

Here is the show from last Saturday night. A lot of different sources and sounds. The playlist is posted below.

Jun 26, 2006

WM Recordings taking submissions for V/A Compilation

I found this posted at archives.org:

"It's been a while, September 2005, since our theme compilation 'Numerology' was released, and given we in all modesty can safely say it was a modest succes, why not do another one?

The title of the new comp will be 'Mystic Moods', which seemingly is on a New Age theme again. It too will come with a twist, of course it will, we're fairly certain by now you will have learned from our ever growing catalogue that 'different' isn't WM Recordings' trademark for nothing! But actually there's far more to it: religion having a comeback of sorts, the mystical inspired (deadly) action that is hot these days, it really looks like a nerve is touched.

Rules, few rules, though there are some.
Read all info here:

and look around the rest of the website to get an idea of the music we have released so far:

Looking forward to your musical contributions!

best wishes,

Jun 21, 2006

CC365: Hats Off to Grant Robertson

The reports are true. Biotic and Subsystem have joined the CC365 team. If you are a BSWC listener, then you know we have made multiple references to the CC365 project. Grant Robertson has been blogging one Creative Commons musical piece a day since the beginning of the year. This continued through Day 142 and then the site went on a hiatus. Subsystem and I were talking one day during the hiatus and decided to ask Grant if he would like some help. We are honored that he accepted our offer to begin sharing our CC Music experience with CC365 subscribers. I began this week with Day 168 and will continue until Day 173 which is Friday. Subsystem will pick it up on Saturday.

It has been a lot of fun and very different than compiling a weekly show of 20-24 CC tunes. When you have only one shot you get far more particular. Also, the effort that you put into the post's narrative is much more intense. It takes time and effort. My hat is off to you, Grant Robertson. You put together Day 1 through Day 142. It's a real service to both the artists in the CC community and to all of us that continue to be amazed by the depth of creativity that exists in that community.

Can you feel the love?

Microsoft to Offer CC License Option in Office Applications

CNET is reporting that Creative Commons and Microsoft will make an announcement today that Microsoft has released a CC Licensing tool for their Office Suite. Users can simply select the appropriate Creative Commons license and it is applied to the document:
"Currently, some Web-based tools let people associate a Creative Commons license with information. But Microsoft is the first vendor to embed a license-selection option inside its applications, said Lawrence Lessig, the founder of the Creative Commons and a Stanford Law School professor.

"This is important to us because a huge amount of creative work is created inside the Office platform. Having a simple way to add Creative Commons licenses obviously helps us spread those licenses much more broadly," Lessig said."

Jun 18, 2006

European Podcasters Team Up To Lobby WIPO

This is a big one. The fix appears to be in for the big Broadcasting conglomerates to tie up copyrights for material they broadcast, even if the content is in the public domain or under a Creative Commons license. Just the mere fact that they have touched it would be enough.

From Blogger News Network via Boing Boing:

UK Podcasters Association has been joined by the Irish Podrepbod and German Podcastverband to lobby WIPO in a pan-european effort to assert podcasters' rights at the WIPO meeting in Barcalona Wednesday, June 21st.

There is an online petition here - the text follows:

To: World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO)

This is a petition to the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO) regarding the Broadcast Treaty as it affects podcasting and podcasters.

This treaty as it stands gives broadcasters (not creators or copyright holders) the right to tie up the use of audiovisual material for 50 years after broadcasting it, even if the programs are in the public domain, Creative Commons licensed, or not copyrightable.

We consider this to be an infringement of the right of the originator of a work to determine its form of licence, future usage and copyright status.

Further, the extension of the Broadcast Treaty to include Podcasting does not take into account the many forms of the new medium of podcasting which do not correspond to broadcast models. We uphold our right to be different from broadcasting and therefore subject to legislation which takes these differences into account.

We, podcast creators, producers and supporters of the global podcasting community, earnestly request that WIPO respect, acknowledge and include the following in any revision of the Broadcast Treaty:

- Broadcaster copyright cannot overrule podcast copyright or other licence

- Podcasting is not broadcasting and the two must not be conflated (forced together)

- The wishes of the creator regarding their rights in their work must be respected

- Creative Commons licences, GPU licences, "free forever" licences (in whatever form) are legitimate and must be upheld in perpetuity.

BSWC's CCMixter Special Edition

Here is the link to the 192 Kbps file at Archive.org. It was a lot of fun and I plan more CCMixter specials. Big thanks to all the mixters.

Jun 16, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist for 06.17.06

It is pretty much a ccmixter kind of night on tap at BSWC. 20 out of 24 tunes are from the most original and fun music site going right now. Most of this material is retrospective with the exception of the first remix by Code. Code's work with Cibelle's vocals should nail down a spot in the ccmixter/Crammed Disc winner's circle.

If you are in the Net Neighborhood between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EDT, you are welcome to tune into our live streamcast. Thanks for listening.

Noite de Carnaval by Code (vocal tracks by Cibelle)
Softer Silk by Dj Lenin
Revolve by His Boy Elroy
Deep Down In My Heart by fourstones
The Next Step by Trifonic
Action at a Relaxation Spa by shockshadow
Future Retro activity (instrum... by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
(hidden) Trifonic Blast 2 (rem... by lethal
Wadidyusay (Beatgorilla's 28 g... by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
The Revolution (Will Not Be Blogged) by fourstones.net
mikolaj_met_trzaska_pori (Love is the Greatest Alchemy) by HPP/G3
A Little Like Love by Falik
Crawl! (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
Serenity by Lukka
You Can't Stop It by Przypadeck
Mr Tommy by phusion
The Space Bandidos by Gorowksi
I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
borderline-DU-remix by bradsucks
Making Me Nervous (Cezary Ostrowski mix) by Brad Sucks
Bored on Your Backside! by trifonic
BelowLambourgino-teru-remix by... by Lisa DeBenedictis
counterfeit funk (wired freest... by jsn

Jun 3, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 06.03.06

Here is tonight's playlist. And here is the Audio File. A bit more of a chill sound, but quirky as ever. More of a North European feel with music from Poland, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany...still, the show starts with music from Italy and France. Enjoy.

If you are in the Net Neighborhood between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EDT, you are welcome to tune into our live streamcast. Thanks for listening.

Ophelia's Song by Pan
ne te retire pas by les bas d'anselm
Bonjour tristesse by Zengineers
Big Ass Distraction Party by fourstones
Forever by Lizzi
Capricorn's Demise by DNA-Groove
Words to speak by Velure
From South to Central by Julian Petrin
Gnadenlos Trist by Slomo
whirlwind pistols dub by aleksi virta
ty i ty [kadubra version] by kadubra & idm
Blackboard Jungle Dub by Disrupt
Pizzicato Suite (I Like This Pizzicato Suite) by Rasterfahndung
Sch*** auf lil John by Sel meets 12bitphil
Head Up by Fleur Earth & Forsch
in staedten by sichtbeton
Llorett-De-Mar by LUXUS
Relax by Pol B & Binarymind
Erstes by Rasterfahndung
I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
Bernard by Eloi Brunelle
Spread The Music by Lee Rosevere