Mar 31, 2015

Daily Khaos delivery - Rust

Here is an exciting new release from our friends at blocSonic

Daily Khaos delivery is a duet from Valencia, Spain with a wonderful mix of the electronic and the pop indie sound.  This is a great release called Plastic Houses and it dropped just this morning.

Daily Khaos delivery are Jordi Bohigues and Javier Peiró.  They have been playing as a duet in the Valencia scene for a number of years before getting together with musician and producer Jorge Sasera who helped them incorporate more electronic elements into their sound.  The results are fantastic.

We love this release and look forward to hearing more in the future.

Daily Khaos delivery - Rust

Mar 30, 2015

Riz Maslen - Your War

I've been wanting to get back to this fine compilation called Girls Alive since I posted a piece by Alisú last week.  There is some really good work here.  If you haven't already, get on it.

The track posted here today is by Riz Maslen, an electronic musician based in St Leonard's on Sea, Britain (UK).  She has been on the scene since 1996 and is posting new music on Soundcloud. 

She has a voluminous and rich discography.  I was captured by the work featured on the Girls Alive collection and plan to explore more of her work in the coming days.

This is from the Wikipedia entry for Riz Maslen:
During the mid '90s, she worked with 4hero and Future Sound of London. After playing keyboards for The Beloved, she took out a loan, built a home studio and created her first albums there. In 1995 she signed as Neotropic under Ntone and soon after as Small Fish With Spine to Oxygen Music Works in New York.
Thanks to Modismo for turning me on to some new sounds.  Liking Riz Maslen.

Riz Maslen - Your War

Mar 29, 2015

Hans Atom - Wake Up Kiss

A quick post for a Sunday morning.  Wake Up Kiss is a 'pella posted by Snowflake at Today we share the Hans Atom mix.

If you aren't familiar with ccMixter you might want to head over to the venerable remix site.  There you will find the result of years of crowd production of Creative Commons remixes.  It really is quite amazing.

Hans Atom is from Germany.  Here is something from the ccMixter comments page for this release:

Oh yeah. Killer remix. Great breakdown at the bridge… You really did get everything just right for this mix. Reminds me of Tori Amos and Garbage in the mid-90s… Congrats on the Ed Pick- totally deserved!

Hans Atom - Wake Up Kiss

Mar 28, 2015

Funkonami - Love You

A smooth, soothing and out there love song for you this morning. This track dropped on an all rights reserved Bandcamp compilation release, Pure Dopeness Volume 15 from Sinoptic International. The compilation was released in February.

Funkonami did us the favor of posting a some rights reserved CC single...yay Commons.

Earlier this year we featured a Funkonami track released by Dusted Wax Kingdom so we had an idea that we would like this one before we clicked.  Yep. It's good.

Funkonami is a Producer, DJ and turntablist from Greece.  He has releases on Dusted Wax KingdomSinoptic MusicNuages Records and Synesthesia Records.

Funkonami - Love You

Mar 27, 2015

Araxis - Essence (feat. Arcadian)

The hits don't stop at Bulgaria-based netlabel, Dusted Wax Kingdom

Today's track is found on a March 9 release called Chronos.  As Subsystem 7 mentioned earlier this month, these folks are impressive.

This is release number 302 for Dusted Wax Kingdom.  That's right, 302 releases...that's what you call dedicated and prolific. Well, actually there have been 2 more releases since March 9 so make that 304...

Araxis is a project of -Synth who is a Bournemouth-based artist. It is well-executed, dreamy trip-hop.

Araxis - Essence (feat. Arcadian)

Mar 26, 2015

ForstWölfin - First in Space

This track was featured on a Netwaves radio program that was posted on on March 25. As some might know, we at BSWC are fascinated with Sex and Space.  First in Space gets at our Space issues...

When we went to research ForstWölfin we found their Soundcloud page, but then found that their Twitter account had been suspended...hmmm, a mystery.  Not to worry, this piece from the Netwaves program, [nws329] netwaves 09.19: darktronics, carries the day.

First in Space is part of a ForstWölfin release from the netlabel, GV Sound called Beyond Time and SpaceForstWölfin is from Moscow. The release was posted at on February 25.

Make sure you listen past the 2 minute point.  The first 2 minutes features some wonderful cosmonaut found sound which thrills us, but then we get to business...

ForstWölfin - First in Space 

Mar 25, 2015

Alisú - Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita

Chilean netlabel, Modismo released a V/A collection on Sunday called Girls Alive.  There are 9 tracks on it from international artists that happen to be women. This is Electronic music that you will want to check out.  

We are featuring a piece by Chilean artist, Alisú. 

Alisu is Jessica Campos de la Paz, from Viña del Mar, Chile. She is a graphic designer and musician who has been active since at least 2000.

She has some material posted on Soundcloud. There are also a few releases on various netlabels featuring her music. She is also the owner of Modismo.

She describes her music in a note on Soundcloud:
Her compositions are warm and ambient, very delicate and feminine, always with contagious rhythms, subtle melodies and her processed voice plus robotic sounds.
Follow the link to Soundcloud and explore her sound.

Alisú - Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita

Mar 24, 2015

D'r Sjaak - Likkubakkus

D'r Sjaak has two appearances on BSWC - The show.  They are here, and here.  Today's track appeared on on a net compilation from the Netlabel Coalition.  This various artists release is found in the collection of WM Recordings.  It was released April 15, 2010 and there are some very tasty musical finds on it.

D'r Sjaak has never appeared in the BSWC One-a-Day feed.  Until today.  He is from Limburg in the Netherlands.

His 2006 WM Recordings release, Schijnheiligen includes the following description:
D'r Sjaak is depressed, yet happy. Drunk, yet sober. Understated, yet danceable. Sleeping, yet awake.
Likkubakkus is from his 2009 release:  Speees KojBoj.

D'r Sjaak - Likkubakkus

Mar 23, 2015

Lucky Criminal - The Indifference

Lucky Criminal is the nom de plume of William Arthur Clark who is from Michigan.  The track appeared on netBloc Vol. 46: #returnofthenetbloc.  

The netBloc series is a product of blocSonic.  Each edition features a wide range of artists and styles. Cool.

Lucky Criminal pieces appear on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.  His latest work has a metalish sound and he bills it as alternative metal.

The Indifference is a lovely piece of song writing in the electropop tradition. Fantastic find. Love it.

Lucky Criminal - The Indifference

Mar 22, 2015

Nic Falcon - Playing Fair

Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it…a motto from our friends at blocSonic.  Here goes.

This track debuted on blocSonic as part of the fourtyFive series of releases.  Nic Falcon is an American based in Italy.  Acoustic elements married with tasteful production results in an excellent product.  

blocSonic has been prolific and consistent in promoting a wide variety of Creative Commons music releases.  The catalog is deep and the dedication is obvious.  Word on the street is that there is a new interface in the works and of course the music just keeps on coming.  

Nic Falcon - Playing Fair

Mar 21, 2015

Juanitos - Glitter Bomb

Gotta love a Best of release, particularly when it's the Best of Jaunitos.  We happened to notice this tune was the most popular Juanitos tune (there are quite a few) on during 2014. In fact, it had 140,000 downloads and most of the others were around 40,000.  Our interest was piqued.

It's a great tune.

A snappy 60's beat with an upbeat lounge sensibility and horns.  What more could you ask for?

We posted some Jaunitos early in the year and here we are back at the, love, love.

Juanitos - Glitter Bomb

Mar 20, 2015

Dr. Almeja - Ek Chuac

Dr. Almeja is from Madrid.  This track is from a collection curated by Amalgamated Futureless Artists.

Great bit of mixing, selective appropriation and action.  This is great.  

The theme of the AFA release was "mexican rancheras" music.  

There are some wonderfully playful tracks to enjoy. The name of the release is Roncheras.

The full release was uploaded to the Free Music Archive on March 3. However, its been around for a couple of years.  It'll be around for a bunch more to be sure.

Dr. Almeja - Ek Chuac

Mar 19, 2015

Cumbi Ap - Activacioooowwn

Cumbi Ap is from Peru.  I found them by searching for cumbia. The release name is Control Oscilopical EP.

There is a wikipedia entry for Cumbia and it reads in part:
Cumbia began as a courtship dance practiced among the African population, which was later mixed with Amerindian steps and European and African instruments and musical characteristics. Cumbia is very popular in the Andean region and the Southern Cone, and is for example more popular than the salsa in many parts of these regions.[3]
When I was looking at the release page for this track Jamendo was suggesting a number of Yoga Relaxation soundtracks. Yep. That's what I got.

Cumbi Ap - Activacioooowwn

Mar 18, 2015

Lee Rosevere - Flight

Our interest in the music of Lee Rosevere goes back to some of the very first BSWC radio shows in September 2005.  He was part of our discovery of Creative Commons music and we are grateful.

He has been part of the CC music community online for many years with releases on netlabels across the internet.  He also is responsible for his own netlabel, Happy Puppy Records.  He is from Canada.

This post is from a Happy Puppy release from last August, All These Simple Things.  It is a collection of piano explorations with the occasional string augmentation.

From the liner notes:
I limited myself instrumentally to solo piano (which ended being augmented by strings on a few tracks) and deliberately tried to compose as simply as possible. I didn't overthink anything, or stop myself if the melodies seemed too cheesy, or if it seemed I was dangerously close to new-age Narada territory. And when the song felt finished, I stopped
It was hard to decide which track to post.

Lee Rosevere - Flight

Mar 17, 2015

adcBicycle — That Hill It Has Already Gone Away

adcBicycle is Matt Chisholm from Ottawa, Canada. He has been active since at least 2006 with releases on netlabels such as Kikapu and 12rec.  Now comes a new release from Russian netlabel, Southern City Labs.  The release has a central theme based on a rocky ocean cove in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Southern City Labs stated purpose is the exploration of various forms of independent rock, electronic and avant-garde music and they have an extremely deep catalog with a lot of variety.

Here is something about adcBicycle from the liner notes of the release, Malignant Cove which was posted at on March 14:
The music engages the listener with gritty analog sounds, loosely played instruments and driving beats, yet at the same time sits peacefully in the background with distant vocals, slow building drama and a consistent dark pop mood.
Let's go to Nova Scotia.

adcBicycle — That Hill It Has Already Gone Away

Mar 16, 2015

Loveshadow - His Kiss

Today's track features the amazing vocal talent, Snowflake.  

Languid, sultry and all the elements that make a kiss live on in memory long after it is delivered. 

It has been a while since we posted a track for ccMixter.  No reason for that.

This Loveshadow mix, posted on May 21, 2014, definitely got Snowflake's attention:
just saw the upload notification on my iphone. dropped everything i’m doing, found my laptop, and am listening with full attention. amazing that you’re featuring prairie dogs….we are surrounded by them up here in the mountains! you are a magical maestro with hypnotizing powers. i would Ed Pick this but of course that would violate my sacred ccMixter vow :) this is sexy, hip, ambient yet completely groovin’ — incredible arrangement that should be playing in clubs and martini bars. thank you thank you thank you!!! 
Take a moment and experience His Kiss.

Loveshadow - His Kiss

Mar 15, 2015

Orphic - Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball (Original Mix)

Orphic is Joel Jakub.  He is a producer from Detroit who is now based in Venice, California.  You can almost see the skate dancing on the boardwalk on the beach when you play this track.  There is fun to be had...Spring is here and it is time to shake your booty, no?

If you are in the area Orphic will be playing the Serenity Gathering in Pauma Valley, CA on Thursday, March 19th.  We wish we could make it.

This track is from a release called The Groove Button on Swamp Music.

His Facebook page describes the sound:
...his mission is to blend the passionate yet alien sounds of bass music into a funky stew of delicious melodies reminiscent of the musical bloom of Motown as experienced from another planet. It’s like listening to Stevie Wonder through a kaleidoscope. His unique, groovy sound is sure to revolutionize the way people define “EDM”. 
Let's Dance!

Orphic - Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball (Original Mix)

Mar 14, 2015

Elenika - Milk

Today we bring you a track from the Russian DJ/artist Elenika, from the release Devil Girl (EP) on the netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom.  We here at Black Sweater, White Cat continue to be astounded by the DWK catalogue.

Milk is a good representation of the whole Devil Girl album; sultry female vocals over a drivingly cool bassline mixed with a dash of funk, electronics, horns, and some crackling wax.

This album has not had enough play, that's for sure. Lets change this, download it today and let it roam free in your library... it just might pop up and haunt you one day.

Elenika - Milk

Mar 13, 2015

ProleteR - U Can Get It

Something fun for Friday, we bring you U Can Get It, a track from ProleteR's release Curses From Past Times (LP) on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel from March of 2012. Fresh and groovy, we found it hard not to tap our feet along with almost every track!

French musician, producer, and beatmaker ProleteR is very active, with music all over the web; FaceBook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp... You can also catch him playing out in various locations in Europe. Check his FaceBook page.

Beats, piano, horns, gorgeous vocals, old samples woven together with joy...

ProleteR - U Can Get It

Mar 12, 2015

Nic Bommarito - Splendid Alfonsino

Last week we posted a remixed Nic Bommarito track that foretold of an upcoming album release. Exactly 7 days later, here is the first track of Nic's brand new BlocSonic release, A Quiet Age. Layered, textured, tempered, restrained, emotional, evoking hope and joy, building up and easing off - we think you'll enjoy this track, and the album:
A Quiet Age is a collection of eight gorgeous tracks that builds on and refines the Bommarito sound that fans have come to know and love. Download it… turn it on and chill.
Listen to this, and once you're done, download the whole album, play it, and let it seep into your day and psyche.

Track #1:

Nic Bommarito - Splendid Alfonsino

Mar 11, 2015

Astat - Daily Dozen

A quick, fun post from a wonderful release from the netlabel, Mixgalaxy Records.  We've already posted a track by Zipp and now we go with Astat.

Here is a note from the release page:
On this compilation you will find retro blended with contemporary forms as well as authentic vintage sound. So uncork the champagne and hide yourself from the rush of days for a little while. 
Oh, happy day!

Astat - Daily Dozen

Mar 10, 2015

BNegão & Seletores de Freqüência - Enxugando o Gelo

From Brazil, here's a gem from an album full of gems. All tracks and lyrics (although in Portuguese) are available on the centro de midia independente (and on FMA).  This is not a new release, it is 12 years old, and the fact that I didn't have this in my library baffles me. BNegão & Seletores de Freqüência deliver, make sure to play this track loud.

Enxugando o Gelo was also featured on an awesome mix that Biotic has mentioned before. Released January 12th, CC Affiliates Mixtape #1:
The mixtape has been made by the Creative Commons Affiliates - the custodians of the CC licenses in each of these countries - as a fun volunteer side-project to showcase the musical wealth of their countries.
You'll have no trouble enjoying this track, and hopefully it will lead you to download the whole album, like we always suggest here on Black Sweater White Cat...

BNegão & Seletores de Freqüência - Enxugando o Gelo

Mar 9, 2015

Robot 219 - Artificial Emotions

From Evoke Records, I bring you one of my favorite subjects: robots! More specifically, Robot 219, with Emulated Emotions, which popped up on two days ago. From the album page:
In 2009 robot219 was a network of 3 computers, with various sensors and real world controls, it’s core code was in java and c++ . Robot219 (2006 - 2009) Robot219 was an art installation by HumanTonic.
Recently, I've been enjoying The Internet Archive's netlabels feed, on which a surprising number of interesting and good dyi, homebrew, small label stuff is being dropped. If you have some time, hop over to and select "all items most recent first," and see for yourself.


Robot 219 - Artificial Emotions

Mar 8, 2015

A Class Cannon - Low

Moron Laboratories, a now defunct independent micro-label/media collective (1999 - 2005) out of Austin, Texas, posted a bunch of albums yesterday on Among them, A Class Canon's This is the Universe and This Is...

From the post:
Many tracks from the original have been lost due to bit rot. The rest are presented here "as-is." We include these recordings for posterity and because we love them so much, we never want to see them disappear. One of the best records I've ever heard. Ever.
And that is it! There is no other information anywhere that I could find about this band/singer-songwriter/album! From the Moron Labs landing page:
We just wanted to make ridiculous shit. It was our trademark and our mission statement. 
I hope you enjoy Low, and get over to to download the rest of the album.

A Class Cannon - Low

Mar 7, 2015

Billano & Luis René - Te Lo Digo

Here is one that just dropped yesterday on Soundcloud. It was produced by LFA aka Fausto Mujica. Fausto was featured on these pages on February 17th.  

Mexican freestyle hip hop with a wide range of musical influences is the order of the day. The piece builds on a project called Buen Clima.

Here is the story behind the good weather [translation by Google]:
Good weather is a project started in mid-2013 as a group of groove and contemporary jazz. Taking elements and musical resources of hip hop, funk, drum n'bass and other genres. With solid foundation and dynamic themes, Good Weather generates atmospheres and environments suitable for improvisation, giving rise to a connection not only among themselves but also with the public.
We are short on information today, but long on musical enjoyment and talent.

Billano & Luis René - Te Lo Digo

Mar 6, 2015

Electric Mirrors - Little Big Horn/ Western Radio Transmissions

Today we are featuring a lovely piece from a 2013 release from the netlabel, PicPack called Drive

Electric Mirrors is an indietronic project from musicians Derek Rutter and Eddie Palmer.  Their collaboration is virtual.  The liner notes from a previous release, Unlimited Dream Company describe how it goes down:
They collaborate entirely online, crafting electronic experiments. Once a structure forms, live instruments and vocals are added, steering their songs in a direction closer to the boundaries of pop music.
We would love to hear more...

Electric Mirrors - Little Big Horn/ Western Radio Transmissions

Mar 5, 2015

Nic Bommarito - Ella va au Japon (CNP Remix)

There is synchronicity in the universe. Today is March 5, 2015. 8 years ago to the day we posted a track by Nic Bommarito on the netlabel, 12 Rec. The track was called Once a Freak, Always a Freak.  

We noticed this when preparing today's post which is a single from a release coming out next week on BlocSonic.

We are posting a remix of the track that was recorded by Cheese N Pot-C. The remix features some calm, relaxing Hip Hop...dreamy, dreamhop.

The coming release is called Quiet Age.  The release notes on BlocSonic give an idea of the artist's sound:
If you’re not already familiar with Nic’s distinctive sound, get ready to hear something special. Floating somewhere in the realm of shoegaze, ambient & folk, it’s an ethereal sound with a substance that sticks with you. The single’s title track is made even more incredible by the work of Brendan Held on violin.
March 5 is now an important date in the BSWC feed.

Nic Bommarito - Ella va au Japon (CNP Remix) 

Mar 4, 2015

Chic Gala - Read My Lips

Chic Gala is from Toronto, Canada.  This track is from a 2012 release on the netlabel, D-Trash Records called Inside the Ember Palace.  

D-Trash has roots as a electronic musician collective that got started in 1998. They have a robust presence on the Internet Archive.  

We love this track by Chic Gala.  It exemplifies the description they provide for themselves:
They draw inspiration from the runway and the gutter: Everything that is super glossed over and shiny in the media juxtaposed with the dirty reality of modern life.
Their Facebook page lists the members of Chic Gala:
Rex Banner - Media Destruction
Sinthea Plasp - Vox
Chic Gala - Read My Lips

Mar 3, 2015

Inje - Kofein i CO2

A tip of the hat to both Starfrosch and Netwaves for this one.

Inje are from Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia. It's name in Serbian, Beograd, translates as "White City".

According to Wikipedia, Belgrade is a party: 
Belgrade has a reputation for offering a vibrant nightlife; many clubs that are open until dawn can be found throughout the city. The most recognizable nightlife features of Belgrade are the barges (splav), spread along the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers.[175][176][177]
Many weekend visitors—particularly from Bosnia-HerzegovinaCroatia and Slovenia—prefer Belgrade nightlife to that of their own capitals, due to a perceived friendly atmosphere, great clubs and bars, cheap drinks, the lack of language difficulties, and the lack of restrictive night life regulation.[178][179]
Barge or not, this is serious Electro-pop.  

We don't know much about Inje, but are willing to know more.  This is the first single from a mini-album "Protok" by inje, released in 2012.

Inje - Kofein i CO2

Mar 2, 2015

Herrmutt Lobby - Flushing Economy

Man, roots, man.

Flushing Economy appeared on the CC-10 Europe Mixtape release marking the 10th Anniversary of Creative Commons.  Herrmutt Lobby are from Belgium and perform around Europe.  In fact, their sound is what it is in part because of their interest in performing live. 

Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of electronic musicianshandymen and programmers that have pursued musical ventures since 1997.  Their approach is outlined on their web page:
With Herrmutt Lobby there are no loops, no sequences, no backing tracks, no groove machines. Their primary objective is to develop both hardware and software aimed at performing live. Their devices are intended for direct interpretation, producing movement-driven music in real time. Their live sets have gained them a solid reputation everywhere in Europe.

Herrmutt Lobby - Flushing Economy

Mar 1, 2015

Mr Mefistou - Snow apocalypse skunk

It is snowing outside our window as we type this sentence. Mr. Mefistou remixed a tune by Mexican Stepper as part of a remix various artists project released this week by the netlabel Dubophonic.  The tune has "Snow" in the title.

Mexican Stepper is Yasser Serano.  His previous release on Dubophonic is called The Mad Sunday EP. The tune is from a release called Run and Tell Remixed.

Mr. Mefistou has this description on Facebook:
Musicalizador and Artist from Puerto Rico in NYC experimenting with bass, analyzing people's behavior, conduct and feedback on low frequencies... with dance floor manipulation interests.
The release page for Mad Sunday describes Mexican Stepper:
Tapping into different rhythms but mainly with stepper productions, Yasser introduces 2009 his Mexican Stepper project with the intention of creating a new dub proposal in his homeland Mexico. Little he knew that his sound would soon overcome the borders of his country and spread like a virus all around the world.
The range of remix sounds on Run and Tell Remixed are amazing and well worth the click-through.

Mr Mefistou -  Snow apocalypse skunk