Jan 31, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Bombay Laughing Club - Suba Deba

Today's selection has a recipe: 2 parts George Clinton, 3 parts Red Hot Chili Peppers and a dash of Sun Ra and you have Suba Deba. Bombay Laughing Club is the band behind this tune and they have a terrific release called the golden years [pm004] on Peppermill Records that went live at archive.org on January 23. That's right, it's being served to you hot and fresh!

Not much on to go on regarding the Bombay Laughing Club (although, we think they may have taken the name from the interesting social phenomenon that happens in Mumbai, India where citizens form into groups, make funny faces, tell jokes and otherwise inspire mirth in their fellows). The only facts we have come from a
comment in the Netlabel Forum area of archive.org:
it's a mix of blues, funk, rock, and weird experimenting, by a bunch of guys who met out in the woods treeplanting and started playing shows at local biker bars. hippies in small town bars in general, especially trying to be artful, is generally a bad thing but they won the crowd over.
It is a loud, in-your-face kind of release and it left me with a smile on my face.Bombay Laughing Club - Suba Deba

Jan 30, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: beCKmann - Outlaw

This track is from a fantastic techno compilation, Globalization available from Musicartistry Recordings, a German netlabel. It was hard to choose a single track, but alas, the work of a cc music fanatic is never done. ;)

Producer Stephen Beckmann is from the netlabel Digital Kunstrasen which says of him:

"beCkmann combines house beats, minimal arrangements and melodic influences. His songs might not be suitable for the radio (as they always exceed 4 min.) but they are definitely a burner for the club. Rough beats or relaxed sounds, beCKmann fuses witty grooves and poppy melodies."

Chill with this tune, if you can, I personally have a hard time standing still. I like the way it builds and stays in the zone - could do with 45 more minutes...

Beckmann - Outlaw

Jan 29, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: DJ Kirill - Chango

Cultural fusion can be a wonderful experience. When it happens in the music world the results can be stunning. Today's featured artist, DJ Kirill has been part of something called Project Cuba. This project began in 2003 with Pete Kirill moving to Havana, Cuba and fusing House music with Afro-Cuban percussion. His collaborators included French producer Jean Claude and the Cuban group Sin Palabras. Today's selection is from a release called Havana House [ouimnet025] and was released by the Bulgarian netlabel, Ouim.

Prior to working on Project Havana, Kirill was a student in Chicago and had his first breakthrough musical success in the Chicago club scene. As he gathered recognition, he began to groove in the european scene before moving to Miami to continue working with the Cuban vibe. His artist page at Ouim explains Project Cuba:
Project Cuba is a live act where Kirill mixes funky house, while Sin Palabras layers Cuban percussion over the his music. The project quickly gained international interest and began touring around the globe.

Project Cuba has been published in Epok Magazine, WAD Urban Music Magazine, and Big Shot Magazine. Their music has also been featured on La Nova Radio, Paris. It was during this time that Kirill decided to move to Miami Beach and continue his work in Cuba.
Ouim Records has released a lot of music and has this to say about what they are trying to accomplish:

Ouim Records is an independent internet label, started in the beginning of 2005. Our goal is to promote all kinds of electronic music, in any tone of the progressive, tech, groovy, experimental, deep, atmospheric sounds. Our aim is to tune people's minds to the waves of our Gaia.
Thanks to Katya Oddio at Oddio Overplay for posting a link to this release on her wonderful blog.

DJ Kirill - Chango

Jan 28, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Radio Ruben - LooPiano Part 1-2-3

In Shinjuku Gyoen, the Japanese garden under
the snow.
photo by Eryn Vorn

The Creative Commons music world is never empty. I find solace in everything from the groovy sounds of The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb - SPLIT! to the introspective work of Simon Slater to the works released on Birdsong, "founded by a couple of Israeli musicians who make music that wasn't created for record stores."

For today I found something that would never be sold in a record store, Radio Ruben just released this track on opsound. LooPiano Part 1-2-3, "Looping and fooling with a pianotune in three parts" is perfect for a quiet moment to yourself, or the theme to your next powerful thought. It meanders lovingly through a small palette of sounds, building emotion with no self consciousness.


Radio Ruben - LooPiano Part 1-2-3

Jan 27, 2007

BSWC 1.27.07: A Wild Mix--Come and Listen, We Dare You To...

[Update 1.28.07: Here is the audio file for this show.]

It is Saturday and time for another BSWC Radio Show. We have some francophone rap, chinese electronica, polish ska, anti-consumerism and some out and out weirdness...cool, huh? I hope you can join us live or pick up the download when it is available. Either way, thanks for listening.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.

link to iTunes 1-click

Cosmonauts go to Heaven by Jesus, The Misunderstood
Student Loans by Pro Audio
intro by thierry blanchard
quincailler de style... by thierry blanchard

Bombe! Ecoute ca fort by 13-31
I Consume Anti-Consumption by Vidian
Its Time To Go Shopping by The Bots
Pollution Gnome by Shiner22
Just Love by Abraham Lincoln
Rainbow Interlude by Abraham Lincoln

RedFlag by Red Unit
Na Zdrowie by SMILEY
Nicotnost by Dysmusax
Ashes to Phoenix by Solace
Farmer by Red Unit
Prayer (Precious Mix) - Mijo by Artemis
Revolve (cdk simplicity mix) (ft. tacet) by cdk
Lullaby by Soulace
Stars by Swoiza
Tottenham Court Road (Strawberry Ice Machine) by Girl Boy Moog
Disco trashcan by SILVER666
Wash the floor by SILVER666

she is not a human! by Omars Attacks
dance from outer space by Omars Attacks

Ich bin ein Muehlen Koelsch by Schaeng Pfui

BSWC One-a-Day: Obsibilo - Soixante-8

Netlabelism is a website that promotes the Netlabel Movement in a number of different ways. They have the fantastic radio program, Netwaves that is hosted by Radio Scorpio in Belgium. The show focuses on individual netlabels or communities and their CC music scenes. We broadcast Netwaves on the BSWC mothership, WBCR-LP at 11:00 Eastern immediately following our program. (We just broadcast #005 that contained a wonderful interview with Eloi Brunnelle from Epsilonlab in Montreal).

They also have a series of Netlabel charts that come with RSS feeds. They call the section on their web, "topbits" and it includes:
I have been enjoying watching the progress of artists that I'm familiar with as well as discovering those that are new to me. One of the former is Obsibilo. They have a release on the netlabel, Sub-Machine.net called Movie on the Moon [Subnet 014]. It is made up of four songs that hang together as a release very nicely. They have a cinematic feel that I find very appealing.

Netlabelism is highlighting the tune Comme des Orages, but I'm drawn to another tune on the release, Soixante-8. It has more of the dramatic tension I've been craving in my music lately.

The release notes for Movie on the Moon don't have much on the artist, but it was enough to get me listening:
"A whole universe of sounds that prompts a whole universe of images. Listening the Obsibilo is like suddenly becoming the star of a all lot of dark, glamorous and somewhat thrilling movies."
So, check out Netlabelism and their radio show, Netwaves and enjoy Obsibilo.

Obsibilo - Soixante-8

Jan 26, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Pablie - Trying Jazz

BlocSonic has recently debuted a new series of Compilations that explore the Netlabel Movement. This week they unveiled the first of this series--the release is called NetBloc Vol. 1: The Opening Salvo and is really quite a triumph.

What makes this compilation different from most of the others that are out there is that they went to the trouble of selecting artists from a variety of netlabels, secured permission from the artists and their netlabels and released it with a variety of download options including losslessFLAC and 320 kbps along with unique cover artwork. That is going the extra mile and they should get a lot of credit for their effort.

Fortunately, the selection matches this effort with it's quality. This is a really excellent release and the tunes fit together. I have selected a Pablie tune called Trying Jazz. When I sampled the release, this tune really stood out. Smooth, intelligent and a little bit loungy--BSWC has been trending towards lounge lately and Pablie fits right in...Welcome to the party.

The post that accompanies the release addresses one of my pet peeves--think fingernails on the blackboard--the idea that because it is online and under a CC license the music is always free:
Many of you have probably heard about netlabels before, but think that it's primarily electronic music that's released. Sure, a large quantity of netlabel releases are electronic in nature, but there's a growing number of releases that are not even close to being electronic. Pick any genre, and you can find it online via netlabels. When you discover a new favorite group/artist/netlabel (we know you will) please support them by paying to see them perform, purchasing products or music they have for sale or just making a small donation. These people are gracious enough to supply the music for free, the least we can do as fans is to help them see a return for their efforts.
Amen, brothers and sisters--We couldn't say it any better than that!

Trying Jazz is from a release called Prelude to Anything Exactly Specific. He has played drums since his youth and was in a band before setting off on his own creative journey. I'll let his bio describe the Pablie sound:

Obviously his base is the instrumental hip-hop, over it he built structures with sounds of pop, psychdelic and electronica, allways keeping his mellancolic and emotive sense. Pablie get your mind fly away over images, remembrances, hopefull moments or whatever you feel listening his music...

So, kudos to BlocSonic--great job and we look forward to future developments. Thanks for putting together an excellent compilation and for turning us on to Pablie.

Pablie - Trying Jazz

Jan 25, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: confused.man - Naked dub

What a treat! I like sofasound. Thanks Biotic for the introduction. So tonight's selection is "Naked dub" from sofasound release #005, floating. And its not just because the song title has the word naked in it (although that helps)!

confused.man's netlabel appears to be Merging Records. If I could read German, I'd tell you a lot more about confused.man, but as it is, I am the only confused man here.

Enjoy the selection! (And maybe get naked)

confused.man - Naked dub

Jan 24, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Monk Turner - We're Going To Take Back America

Our post today has a bit of timely relevance to it. From the New American Songbook comes We're Going To Take Back America and combined with recent events, the song provides a hopeful note to the first day after the next-to-last State of the Union Address from GW Bush.

Beniamino 'monk' Turner specializes in concept albums and the New American Songbook collection on archive.org is simply, "A collection of songs about the United States of America."
Today's selection was produced by Chad Bloomstien with words and music by Beniamino 'monk' Turner and Marcel Camargo.

There is nothing that says inspired patriotism like the kazoo and Monk Turner plays a mean Kazoo. The entire collection with worth a listen and if you like what you hear, he has a new release out at archive.org that is a concept album based on requests. Called Monk Turner's Taking Requests, the release is made up of tunes on topics folks requested. He asked people through his MySpace page and other outlets to provide him with themes that he could write tunes around.

Monk Turner - We're Going To Take Back America

Jan 23, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Chenard Walcker - Middle

Back to Comfort Stand for today's post, and back to one of Biotic's favorite artists (and mine) - Chenard Walcker. What is cool about this track, and this release csr046, is that it is remixed bits of csr001 through csr044. I chose Middle because it contains some of my favorite bits from people like Martinibomb, Mr. Melvis, Otis Fodder, and Bruce Lenkei ... but it should be noted that the entire release is a good one.

Of Chenard: "Chenard Walcker was raised upon no secret formula but this one : Surrealist altruism. So, he became a cut and paste addict." He is a genius in this space and always produces excellent work into the commons. Unfortunately in September 2006, he fell into a diabetic coma. and is now working on speech development and object differentiation. WM Recordings is putting together a tribute album, and if you want to contribute, the deadline is coming up soon on Jan 31.

Chenard Walcker - Middle

Jan 22, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Happy Elf - My MySpace

Happy Elf has been a favorite of mine since I first discovered him on WM Recordings, the prolific Dutch netlabel. The Elf has a couple of releases there, both of them worth the download.

He is also a friend of mine on MySpace...imagine that. With that in mind, today we share his MySpace homage, My MySpace from his release, Together.

The release notes describe the release's sound:
O.K. sometimes you believe this album was made in the eighties of last century, but what the heck.... those were (unlike the present) the days of musical voyages of discovery.
O.K., so now I know why I'm drawn to these tunes...Enjoy Happy Elf!

Happy Elf - My MySpace

Jan 21, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Harmsicord - Zigong Blues

I couldn't resist. Digging around archive.org I found this recent release from Jan 11, Zigong Blues. Described as "Blues in F sharp with Chinese instruments" -- yee haw. This release is fun, and if you search for Harmsicord in archive.org you'll find her/his other releases. Or you can send an email to harmsicord at yahoo dot com.

ss7 over and out for Sunday.

Harmsicord - Zigong Blues

[Original image: 'intimacy & independence'
by: Norma Desmond

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

Jan 20, 2007

BSWC 1.20.07: Fourstones Joins us On-air

[01.21.07 Update: The audio file is here.]

This seems to be the week for posting ccMixter avatars at BSWC. Here is one of Fourstones' avatars. We have good reason for posting it. Victor Stone (aka Fourstones) is going to be calling into the show tonight and we will get a chance to talk about his craft, ccMixter, Creative Commons Music and some guy named Professor Armchair.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.
link to iTunes 1-click

Mr Issaia by Eva Garcia
Brilliant Day (fourstones mix) by Lisa DeBenedictis/fourstones
Tu corazon (Treatment) by fourstones
Ophelia (Treatment) by fourstones
Beauty Bellat (Sic Mix) Fourstones and Pat Chilla from Magnatune Remixed
Curl My Cranium - Lo Tag Blanco and Fourstones from Magnatune Remixed

Part 4 by Four Stones.Net
Cleaning His Gun by Four Stones
Big Ass Distraction Party by fourstones
The new day by Greg Baumont
She's A Catfish by Girl Boy Moog
EA's Two Coloured Icecream Remix (Eyeliner Airline... by The Uberkids
One Love by Tenzing Loden
Arc En Ciel - Tabla Funk Mix (Live) by Adham Shaikh w/ Shankar
Shadowfighter by Sushi Brother
Head Up by Fleur Earth & Forsch
Run Run Run by Jesus, The Misunderstood

BSWC One-a-Day: Ashwan - Digital Data

According to his MySpace page, Ashwan was born in Adams, North Dakota. It's a long way from ND to Liverpool, UK, but that is where Ashwan puts together his incredible mixes.

Here's what Fourstones had to say about this track when it appeared in the Editor's Picks at ccMixter:
The cockney rapper stikes again. ASHWAN struts through the track with a jazzy acoustic bass, holding down the bottom while Curious trades spits with Chatterbox for a quick verse each. A short turn but defies you to not bob your head to the backbeat while both Curious and Chatter cuts through, up and around the beat.
Ashwan is a big supporter of Creative Commons licensing for his work and the work of others and he has been a significant contributor to ccMixter and that is where today's pick comes from.

This is a monster tune...take a listen and get behind Ashwan.

Ashwan - Digital Data

Jan 19, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Baroquedub - Wearing Nothing But Attitude

If you have listened to the radio program, then you might already know of my fondness for laptop reggae--that dubby electronica sound. The combination of the reggae feel with the sophisticated elements of electronica makes me smile. For some reason I usually drop some into set #4 towards the end of the first hour.

In Spring of 2006, Baroquedub appeared on the scene as a netlabel at archive.org and as a performer of "Reggae tinged electronica with one foot in the chillout lounge and one foot on the dance floor." Wearing Nothing But Attitude comes from that release called, The Burden of Dreams [BD0000].

I'm smiling.

Baroquedub - Wearing Nothing But Attitude

Jan 18, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: cdk - "God Bandit" (cdk mix)

Released by cdk on ccMixter January 17 at 12:30am this is hot off the presses! The rabbit picture is cdk's avatar, btw, and seems to move perfectly with the bpm. I don't usually find myself on ccMixter I usually rely on Biotic for that side of things, but tonight for some reason I was drawn in.

cdk is a Canadian producer, a busy one according to his ccMixter profile, and he's certainly busy on ccMixter with 54 highly rated posts! This remix is based on MiNiMaL_aRT's God Bandit. It scratches, lumbers, twangs, builds, tells a story, and has that thing.


cdk - "God Bandit" (cdk mix)

BSWC Radio Show 1.13.07: Ridin' the Faders

Thanks to Victor Stone and Magnatune, this week we got to go to town with the latest Magnatune remix release, Ridin' the Faders 2 featuring Fourstones, Pat Chilla, Lo Tag Blanco and Clarance Boddyker all from ccMixter. In a post on his blog, Virtual Turntable, Victor has this to say about the release:
So under the cover of darkness, late last night Magnatune Remixed: Ridin the Faders 2 went online for download, streaming, purchase or license. About %5 of the proceeds for RTF2 album will go to me, the rest goes to Magnatune, the artists I sampled and my collaborators. This is how I want it and why I’m involved in the Magnatune Remixed project: to help support the business folks and artists who have acknowledged the new fundamental truth of the music industry that “giving away your music is good for your career.” That’s my agenda and I’m sticking to it.
It is a fantastic release and kudo's to all of those involved. You can find it for download in a variety of flavors from Magnatune.

And, with that said, here is the show:

Black Sweater, White Cat - January 13, 2007

You can find the playlist here...

Jan 17, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Bersarin Quartett - St. Petersburg

I have been entranced by an Aerotone compilation, Electronica Unplugged. The title gives a good idea of what is in store for you when you download it. However, I'm thinking the label, "contemporary classical" might be appropriate to describe the collection.

I have selected a piece called St. Petersburg that is performed by the Bersarin Quartett. I gather that they take their name from Nikolai Bersarin who was a military administrator in East Berlin at the end of World War II. He died in a motorcycle crash in 1945. This is what I was able to piece together with my severely limited German. I'm intrigued by how this story relates to these artists and if anyone wants to supply us with a down and dirty translation of their info page we would sure appreciate it (Philippe?).

Bersarin Quartett - St. Petersburg

Jan 16, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Wheat

Birdsong, one of my favorite netlabels, just released birdsong019, Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Spaces In Time. Uncle Owen Aunt Beru is Jessica Calleiro, who can also be seen on the catpeoplemusic myspace page that she shares with Ben Collins.

She makes music like journal entries, capturing her ideas and impressions of earth and other planets onto her multi-track recorder. In her spaceship's luggage compartment one can find different specimens of an earthly nature and frozen experiences collected in her travels.

(from the birdsong release notes)

This was one of those unique times when the archive.org keywords fits perfectly: folk; lo-fi; outer-space; experimental; Download, enjoy, listen over and over, and uncover some gorgeous layers. Thank you Jessica & Birdsong for something fresh and inspiring.

Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Wheat

Jan 15, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: I Am Robot and Proud - Count to Six

This remix is from a collection of remixes that made up the first release on the netlabel, Observatory Online. From the release notes I'm thinking that two kids (The Uberkids), Noah and Rebekah Simon recorded the loops and samples and distributed them to family friends. They put a restriction on the results: nothing scary or "demonic sounding".
"When not writing and recording music, the U-Kids like to spend their time playing house and fighting with each other."
Count to Six is my favorite of the bunch. Counting to six in German and youthful giggles are the highlight.

I Am Robot and Proud - Count to Six

Jan 14, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Mixro - All the beet just

I have another ccMixter track for this post. This tune is a Editor's Pick from the Creative Commons remix site.

All the beet just draws on instrumental samples from Ophelia's Song by Musetta and from Ft. Minor. The highlight is the rap from 4nsic. All of the pieces were uploaded to ccMixter with a CC license and then remixed with attribution by Mixro (aka Code). That's the way the place works. Wonderful!

4nsic left this comment on the site:
That might be just for fun for you but Im loving that shit. its going in my car tonight. thanks for the tight mix. stay up
Code - All the beet just

(not safe for work)

Jan 13, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: his boy elroy - Noite de Carnaval (hbe's cinematrik soundscape)

We'll bring it back to the U.S. for this Saturday post.

Tim Holt is from Franklin, Tennessee and performs under the name his boy elroy. He has posted some of his work at ccMixter.org and has a website. According to his MySpace page he began the his boy elroy concept in 1995 with a friend.

At first the idea was a techno band, but his friend went off to other projects, Tim went to college and things were put on hold, but then 2005 rolled around and the power of CC licensing and the internet were in full swing:
"fast forward to 2005. after writing themes for national radio shows, soundtracks and corporate videos, tim resurrected his boy elroy and set his sights on making creative electronic music full-time. he quickly won the "fine art of sampling" contest sponsored by wired magazine and the creative commons."
That winning ccMixter piece was a remix called Revolve. He also has an excellent remix of Lisa Debenedictis and her song Cuckoo (it was a winner in the ccMixter Magnatune Contest).

The piece that I have selected was from the Crammed Discs competition and features the vocals of Cibelle.

his boy elroy - Noite de Carnaval (hbe's cinematrik soundscape)

Jan 12, 2007

BSWC 1.13.07: Trippy and Hoppy, I think

This week we have the pleasure of busting out with Fourstone's new Magnatune Remix release. Love this stuff.

I'm feeling good about this mix.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.

link to iTunes 1-click

The sell by Roll Film
Lullaby by Soulace
Ablativus Absolutus by LUXUS
Me Dirt Drunk Ow Warrior - Fourstones by Magnatune Remixed
Crazy funky by JCG
On_The_Parent_Right by Ds-ARt
Sonata in G Harp Minor - Fourstones by Magnatune Remixed
Tamerlano Takedown - Pat Chilla and Fourtsones by Magnatune Remixed
Liquid Dreams by BronZe
Portuguese beach cafe by Confused Man
Beauty Bellat (Sic Mix) Fourstones and Pat Chilla by Magnatune Remixed
Littlegirl by FX-Labs
Rubin by Confused Man
Chercher la lumiere by Philippe Mangold
Dans la chaleur du desert by Philippe Mangold
Evening starb by Andromeda Island
Westerianer by Andromeda Island
Gone and Forgotten by Loss of a Child
Anxiety by Zero V
Plunge Into Hyperreality by JT Bruce
bonjour by Mr Nuts
Curl My Cranium - Lo Tag Blanco and Fourstones by Magnatune Remixed

BSWC One-a-Day: FX-Labs - Littlegirl

It's back to Sofasound for my Friday post. I'm absolutely loving Sofasound Mixtape #1. Hell, I'm loving everything I listen to that is even associated with Sofasound...I've been sending emails to people I haven't talked to in ages just because I think they need to get hip to this netlabel. Biotic hearts Sofasound.

FX-Labs is a studio project consisting of Felix Lange (production), Felix van Gunsteren (keys) and Luise Gabel (those fabulous vocals). They are based in Stuttgart. Littlegirl comes from the Sofasound Mixtape #1, but they recently were part of a album release from a label called Cheeky Punster, Meadow Music that was put out in March, 2006. From the release notes for Meadow Music:
"Fx-labs music isn't easy to classify; since they love to experiment, their styles vary but there's always that special Fx-labs flavour playing along."
This is a great tune to slip into that sophisticated mix that goes well with romance, wine, knowing looks and good conversation.

FX-Labs - Littlegirl

Jan 11, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Hansen & DJ Daniel - Auf Deutsch (Pass The Knödel Remix)

Released on the netlabel Corpid as Corpid Extra 018, Tanzmusik Auf Deutsch Remixes the Pass the Knodel Remix (the 'o' in Knodel is actually an umlaut) echoes with a slightly ethereal and definitely chilled out mood. You will like this, trust me ;)

The remix is based on the work "Auf Deutsch" by Tanzmusik from the same label. Tansmusik is Malin Carlstedt and Johanna Ranes, a Swedish group who sing in German. Malin and Johanna sing about their German boyfriends according to Corpid.

Hansen & DJ Daniel, who did this particular remix, are a a couple of guys from Copenhagen who have been making music together for more than a decade. They certainly hit the sweet spot with this remix.

Tanzmusik - Auf Deutsch (Pass The Knodel Remix)

Jan 10, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Magyar Posse - Intercontinental Hustle

Lost Children is a netlabel with a mission of exposing up-and-coming "Instrumental/
Experimental/Post-Rockish kind of bands." They have a wonderful release that is hosted by archive.org called The Silent Ballet: Volume 2 [LostChildren 016] and this is where I discovered Magyar Posse.

I'm kind of hip to the post-rock sound and like much of what I hear, but what really drew me to Magyar Posse was the scope of what they were trying to do with their music. It came as no surprise when I looked at their bio and discovered that film music was an influence.
"All the members shared a love for film score music and through the years names such as Ennio Morricone, John Barry and Astor Piazzolla had became increasingly influential to the group."
The members of the group came together in Pori, Finland in 1997. They have been working, recording and touring--first, under the name Carlos, and then as Magyar Posse. They have worked with a number of small labels and as far as I can tell, have just this one song with a Creative Commons license. It is great music and I'm anxious to hear more. When I get a chance I will pick up one of their CD's.

Magyar Posse - Intercontinental Hustle

Jan 9, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: _ghost - Shadow of the London Bridge

I came across a link to this ccMixter release while scouring archive.org - go figure. It was released in August of 2006. I liked it immediately; quirky, all mixed up, with some horns! _ghost has quite a nice collection of remixes on ccMixter. Go there, and enjoy.
_ghost says : "I try to be more lively... mixter is cool place but with freesound is sub zero ;-) gold mine of samples..."
_ghost - Shadow of the London Bridge

Jan 8, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Confused Man - Portuguese Beach Cafe

The sounds of the surf set the mood for this lounge number from the netlabel, Sofasound. Confused Man is Dirk Bepperling and he works the mood with what is described as, "fine german lounge music with a touch of vienna sound."

I don't have much more to go on regarding the artist (the artist page at Sofasound is in German and if someone wants to translate and post it in the comments section, we would be much obliged). The release is called Floating (Sof005), includes 7 tunes and dates to August 27, 2004. I found it by searching keyword: "lounge" in the audio section of archive.org.

Gotta go, I have more lounging to do.

Confused Man - Portuguese Beach Cafe

Jan 7, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Biscotti - Babalot 2GI remix

I really like Acedia release am041, 2GI's Babarzum. This is a remix of Babalot's biscotti released with "un segno di vita" alu08, 2005.

The 2GI Italoboys celebrate their third release with a special something! In their own words: "Acid trips in mayonese noise, sampled carillons and skipping cds to remix pop, post rock and even thrash metal artists, in an effort to dissolve boundaries and demolish walls."

Biscotti - Babalot 2GI remix

Jan 6, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Roland von der Aist - Saxcuts (Parov Stelar Remix)

Etage Noir is an independent label with some absolutely marvelous offerings. They offer some of their releases online using Creative Commons licenses. This piece by Roland von der Aist is posted at their site with two remixes...all three are worth the download. I selected the Parov Stelar Remix for this post.

Roland von der Aist is from Linz, Austria. He has a unique sound that weaves elements of electronic and acoustic music into a single strand. This is a hallmark of many of the artists at Etage Noir. The principal behind the label is Parov Stelar. Their website has this to say:

Interesting themes and structures preferably move in the protecting environment of the underground. Right where enough space and stages can be found for growth and development.

The freedom of jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat describes the character of Parov Stelar. The main theme is clearly defined, high quality music engaged in functionality.

Visit their site, sample the music...it is definitely a find.

Roland von der Aist - Saxcuts (Parov Stelar Remix)

Jan 5, 2007

BSWC 01.06.07: First Show of 2007

[Update 01.07.07: Here is the Audio File for the show]

Ah, the new year has come and with it more BSWC. If you are a regular you might have noticed the new feature here on the blog and in the feed, "BSWC One-a-Day". Pretty much what the name implies-Subsystem and I plan to be a lot more active in putting stuff up here for you to sample and enjoy.

The broadcast to podcast continues and this first show of 2007 has a lot going for it.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.

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Darkness save us by The Grand Opening
Bobby (Nicorola Remix) by Bobby Baby
Aven le Roma! - Stereotype remix by Krischan Schallenberger [Nomada]
Sri Nrsimha Stotra Vali remix by Dj Vraja Dhama das
A Magic Afternoon (Cayetano Remix) by Parov Stelar
Get on it (ft. 2012 SpokenWord by: Spinningmerkaba... by bombero
X Rays by Chenard Walcker
Run Quick by Cuebism
The Real Chronic Smokers by LeutOhm
Krash Boursier by Youthman Steppa
Inside of me (feat. fabonaut) by Manolo Camp
Long Time No See by Sleepy Town Manufacture
Trip Time Divine by Revolution Void
Aguamiel by Adrián Juárez
Tempus Horizon by God Is An Astronaut
Intercontinental Hustle by Magyar Posse
Surprise salee (Remix) by Daniela
running by deutscheunschuld
Bomb da disco by Oilboy's aftersun
Bomb da disco (interlude) by Oilboy's aftersun
Yep! (Party version) by Oilboy's aftersun
Keep me up al nite by Oilboy's aftersun
Naked, but still too hot to handle by Oilboy's aftersun

BSWC One-a-Day: Cuebism - Run Quick

Oh, yeaah! Cuebism has been putting stuff out there for a while...Run Quick is from the second release from iD.EOLOGY...but for some reason I'm just getting hip. Funky-get down to the dancefloor-flashing lights-party, party, party. There, did I give you a little of the flavor of this track? Excellent Friday posting material! Run Quick is from Circle EP (iD.002) The release notes have this on Cuebism:
Cuebism is addicted. He's haunted by the never-ending urge to find the sweetspot of funk. It won't be enough to be sitting on countless tons of this black gold called vinyl, there is much more to do. Funk needs to pour from your hips, needs to be drawn out of your soul until arms and sweatbands are up in the air oozing with sensation. His feast of funk will have even the coolest glamchick melting as we all tune in to pure slickness on grainy super-8-celluloid while our king of softporn lights the fuse with his Circle EP. Let your glittershades steam up as Monsieur Cuebism takes charge to supply us with our daily dose of endorphine.
The whole release is excellent and I highly recommend a visit to iD.EOLOGY for a full download.

Cuebism - Run Quick

Jan 4, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Doron Deutsch - Escape Velocity

WM Recordings always has something tasty. Release WM054, Big bright lights, from Doron Deutsch (hometown Haifa, Israel) is excellent! Posted to archive.org and wmrecordings on December 9th. This is the kind of CC release that makes my heart sing. I liked every track of this ambiononic space journey, and chose Escape Velocity for Doron's accent, the great sounds, and his sense of humor -- the rest of the album is instrumental. Make sure to download the rest from WMRecordings and even see an Escape Velocity video.

Not much out there on Doron Deutsch, but you can see some video on http://www.blendwerk.tv/. Doron, if you are out there, please tell us who you are. ;)

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I do.

Doron Deutsch - Escape Velocity

Jan 3, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Grand Opening - Darkness Save Us

I have been enjoying music from the Swedish commons lately.

The Grand Opening is a good example of a band using Creative Commons licensing and the net to increase their exposure. They aren't necessarily about free music, but rather about increasing their profile in the marketplace and protecting their rights while doing it. They are trying to make a living and Creative Commons is one of their creative tools.

This song is from a May 2005 release called Location on the It's a Trap netlabel via archive.org. On their MySpace page the band categorizes themselves as "indie", "ambient" and "pop". It is a great sound and the release has become one of my favorites. Currently, the band is supporting their 2006 release on Tapete Records, This is Nowhere to Be Found. You can find a sampling at MySpace.

The Grand Opening - Darkness Save Us