Jan 31, 2015

COFFEEEUROPE ft Jeris, Susie Q. Smith & Patricia Edwards - Tattoo (Candy Flowers Edit)

COFFEEEUROPE is fast becoming one of my favorites on ccMixter.org.  No doubt about it.  This mix is smoking hot.

This track is built on a spoken word piece by Suzie Q called Tattoo.  Suzie Q has been featured on other ccMixter tracks posted in these pages.  This one sizzles with or without being mixed.  I just listened to it by itself and Wow.

This remix was posted in March 2014.  Here is what mixter, SackJo22 had to say:
Smoothly cool yet simmering. Coffeeeurope sets the passion of Suzi Q. Smith against a chill jam that places Jeris (with Admiral Bob) and Patricia Edwards in all the right places to fuel the heat.

COFFEEEUROPE ft Jeris, Susie Q. Smith & Patricia Edwards - Tattoo (Candy Flowers Edit)

Jan 30, 2015

Crookram - Crookrilla

Crookram is from the Netherlands.  I found this little gem on a Netwaves playlist at archive.org. We are fans of Netwaves, a ccmusic radio program based in Belgium.  If you are looking to sample a wide range of sounds be sure to visit them.

According to a wikipedia page, Crookram is Chris Angelovski, a musician from The Hague.  In 2006 he began releasing his music on Budabeats, a netlabel out of Hungary.  Crookrilla is from a 2010 release called Through Windows.  

The Wikipedia entry describes his sound:
...an electronic music producer from The Netherlands, known for his extensive use of sampling in downtempo music. Crookram describes his sound as "cinematic, sample-based, downtempo soul music...

We need to listen to more Crookram.

Crookram - Crookrilla

Jan 29, 2015

Sgt. Penarlaster - Goodbye Gino

Bulgarian netlabel, Dusted Wax Kingdom has just released the second in a two-part Extended Play collection by Russian artist Sgt. Penarlaster.  The music captures that sort of retro downtempo triphop feel that is Dusted Wax Kingdom's calling card.

The track we are posting today does a really nice job blending and using found audio as a central element.  We think you're going to like it.  

Sergeant Penarlaster is Serge Khurs, a musician from Moscow.  He reflects on his artistic approach on his Soundcloud page:
My music is a mix of retrospective sounds, beats and melodies that are born on the soil of my own feelings.
Part one of this series was released in January 2014.  Our bet is that you will want to experience both of them.

Sgt. Penarlaster - Goodbye Gino

Jan 28, 2015

Mabafu - Changes (Featuring Alena Sola)

One of my pleasures in this project has been the relationship with blocSonic and today's post gives a good example of the interplay between the two sites.  Back when we began the One-a-Day project blocSonic was pretty new and quickly became a go-to for excellent taste in CC music.  

That it became a two street with the release of netBloc Volume 7 (10 From 200 plus one) was very cool.  netBloc Volume 7 was the blocSonic selection of 10 tunes from our first 200 One-a-Day posts. One of the selected posts was a tune by Mabafu called All the Working Girls.  

And now the loop comes around.  Back in March 2013, blocSonic released a collection of work by Mabafu called Little Boy with 6 tunes.  Love it.  Mabafu presents a wonderful blending of styles that is difficult to describe.  The release page takes a stab:

a six track EP of soulful, fun & dubtastic lounge music which also features a talented group of collaborators.
I went with this lovely vocal number, but go get the entire release and don't miss out on the instrumental, Bersarinplatz.

Mabafu - Changes (Featuring Alena Sola)

Jan 27, 2015

Zipp - Pour Quoi Royale

Bam!  Energy right off the bat in today's post.  This tune is the leadoff on a Various Artists release called Retrovision from Mixgalaxy Records.  I don't have anything on the artist except that they have three tunes in this collection.  

Zipp is from Ukraine and appears to be a project by Yevhen Danchenko.  

That's all I have on the artist so, instead, a bit about the netlabel:
MixGalaxy Records is a Russian net-label formed in 2009 by the users of a MixGalaxy.ru forum with the aim of delivering diverse music to its listeners. The initial goals were to foster a sense of dialog and mutual aid among musicians. Over time, though, enough interesting material was gathered that the idea emerged of distributing it. Now the prime objective of MixGalaxy Records is to develop music written by independent Russian (and foreign) composers; in addition we hope to find a committed audience for those same musicians, too. This is all done according to the key principles of variety and a maximally broad range of genres. www.mixgalaxyrecords.com
The release is a wonderful collection of lounge, exotica and all that stuff that we love so much at BSWC.

Zipp - Pour Quoi Royale

Jan 26, 2015

Ashwan - Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto

‘Electric Relaxation’ by ashwan.
Wow.  Ashwan and ditto ditto in the same post.  I'm in ccMixter.org heaven.  Longtime mixter, Ashwan (2005) incorporates work by another longtime mixter, ditto ditto (2007) to create this amazing remix.

Ashwan is an artist as well as being a music producer.  He was born in Liverpool and now lives and works in Barcelona.

Ditto Ditto has been on the ccMixter scene since 2007 and has appeared in these pages before.  He is a skilled mixter and has also contributed some wonderful samples over the years.

Also, contributions come from Forensic, Ms. Vybe, and Snowflake.  Here is what Ashwan had to say about this piece:
I got seduced by Ditto Ditto’s remix of Snowflakes ‘The Light’, and inspired by the anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down recently and how that can function as a metaphor for the groundbreaking work that everyone involved in ccmixter is doing.
Always amazed at what a little time at ccMixter will turn up.  Turn it Up!

Ashwan - Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto

Jan 25, 2015

Koncrete Roots - Guns Don't Argue

Well, folks familiar with BSWC will be aware of a fondness for both dub and ska that has been exhibited over the years.  Time to put some more in the feed. Guns Don't Argue is from a release on the netlabel, Dubophonic called Rudie Dubplates.  This is a great extended play collection of dub work that has a ska feel to it.  Nice 2-fer.  The Guns of Brixton remix is awesome.

Dubophonic is a relatively new label with a focus on some really cool dub work. They are based in Cyprus and work with artists all over the world:
We try to retain focus on the art of dub music in its most diverse forms, whether it would be electronic or acoustic/organic, roots or steppers, classic or contemporary. We are especially interested to promote crossover projects, fusing dub music with other genres of music, trying to define the outest boundaries of dub. 
Koncrete Roots’ style can be described as a deeply rooted dub sound with a modern day steppa twist. This twist makes all the difference and gives an electro dubness to their traditional rootical sound introducing some great vibes.
Explore the rootical.

Koncrete Roots - Guns Don't Argue

Jan 24, 2015

Marco Mestichella - Mi Avvicino A Te

Fresh sounds from blocSonic for your Saturday morning.  This single dropped yesterday and it is outstanding.  A dreamy feel seemingly with the mists of the old world swirling around your ears.  

He uses illpop as the category.  This works for me.

Some words from the artist description at blocSonic:
Calling his music ‘ILLPOP’, he describes the sounds as being a blend of trip-hop, soft rock, retro-pop and cinematic soundtracks. Marco’s musical influences are mainly from the 70’s and 90’s.
Marco is from Italy and now works and gigs in London.  His work has become a BSWC favorite and we look forward to more.

Thanks for listening.

Jan 23, 2015

Lee Maddeford - What am I going to do?

How Lee Maddeford is not in the feed before this is a huge mystery. I can remember being aware his huge talent and fine production skills back in the day, but stumbled onto a track posted at Opsound and followed it back to his website.


If you are looking for a true CC music gusher, then drill here. Truly amazing.

There is a Free Music Archive collection curated by Oddio Overplay, as well. The one thing that lacks is a really good biography of this artist. Looking at a translated French Wikipedia page we can see that he was born in 1959, settled in Switzerland in the 80's, spent time in Seattle and logged in Alaska. He was involved in a Randy Newman tribute album called Newman Waits Here.

He was an early adopter of Creative Commons.

The selections on his page are varied in style and substance. You really need to go visit and behold.

Lee Maddeford - What am I going to do?

Jan 22, 2015

Nomada - Aven le Roma (Stereotype Remix)

From CC Hungary comes a 14 track remix CD based on the Nomada track, Aven le Roma. It is a diverse collection of takes on the track--some really put the tune on it's ear, so to speak. I selected the Stereotype Remix because it skews closer to the original (which I love), but introduced some twists.

Nomada derives their music from the Hungarian Gypsy tradition but incorporates a variety of musical styles. They are a five piece group founded by Roma singer-guitarist Balough Gusztav in 2003.

The Stereotype Remix was created by Krischan Schallenberger.

Nomada - Aven le Roma (Stereotype Remix) (4:47)

Jan 21, 2015

Dr. Mindflip - All Time Low

The Doctors are in at BSWC.  This morning a turn with Dr. Freebs and this evening a moment or two with Dr. Mindflip.  

This outstanding tune is from a Summer release called Every Waking Moment from blocSonic.  The netlabel, blocSonic is an incredibly deep project launched in the middle decade and still going. It is diverse and strong and dedicated to helping populate the commons with really great sounds.

Dr. Mindflip has done a turn here at BSWC and we are happy to feature his eclectic sounds (I'm thinking "rabid lounge") for your enjoyment.

Here is a little bit from the liner notes:
With Every Waking Moment, Dr. Mindflip brings his brand of sinister, hallucinogenic pop, but the band lends a depth not heard thus far.
Sit back with a cocktail and enjoy an All Time Low.

Dr. Mindflip - All Time Low

Jan 20, 2015

Karma Dub - Bodhi Tree

Karma Dub is a young producer from southern Germany and released this concept album on the Netlabel, Dubophonic.  The description suggests that you listen to all 14 tracks sequentially to realize Karma Dub's full intent.  I'm sort of breaking the rules by posting #3.

Also from the description is a little more on Karma Dub:
It all started with a midi keyboard he received as birthday present back in 2012. The young producer from southern Germany was always influenced by the vibes of Roots Reggae, Dub and as well Jungle and Drum and Bass music. It was merely a matter of time until he started producing his own sounds. Nothing is stronger than an idea, whose time has come. And the time for Karma Dub's first release has arrived.
Follow the link and realize the intent.

Karma Dub - Bodhi Tree

Jan 19, 2015

100 Aspects of Howie Dunn feat. That Crooner from Nowhere - Gayaneesh

This is a wonderful tune from a release called Diary of an Old Man Part 1.  It was released by a netlabel called Mastertoaster Recordings.  That Crooner is AKA Al Da Tosta who we have seen in these pages before.

It seems that Mastertoaster closed it's doors in 2012.  They left a mighty nice legacy.  Worth checking out.  Da Tosta is out and about...You can find his latest news on his blog.

100 Aspects of Howie Dunn feat. That Crooner from Nowhere - Gayneesh

Lavoura - Camaragibe

This tune was just released yesterday by the Bump Foot netlabel.  The artists are from Sao Paolo, Brazil. It is a quartet with some serious backend production.

The music has a nice flow and this tune fits easily into my lounge playlist.

We learn this about the artists from Jamendo:
Strong advocates of promoting their music for download on the internet and have contributed music to such websites as Fiberonline, Myspace, and CCMixter where all music can be remixed and sampled under a Creative Commons license.
Short post today...I don't really have anything else on the artists.  They have stuff up at Free Music Archive and Soundcloud

Lavoura - Camaragibe

Jan 18, 2015

Revolution Void - Birth Of Afro Space Team

A cold rain has set in on this Sunday morning...what better time to refresh my music library with some Revolution Void 

I have always appreciated what Jonah Dempcy brings to the table with his jazzy electronic lounge sound. The combination of instruments marks his sound as unique on the CC landscape.

This track features Yuriko Miyamoto on keyboards. It is from a collection called Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom. A BSWC favorite from back in the day was a release called Increase the Dosage.

Jonah has been working the the Revolution Void concept since he was 12 in 1995. I turned on in 2005 and it is wonderful to see the evolution and continuity over the years.

Jan 17, 2015

Kleinwaechter - Far Out In Space

Over the years we have had two recurring themes on this site.  One is sex and the other is space (robots, technology, etc).  This tune was released on BSWC favorite, Bump Foot.  It was releases in April 2014.

Billed as Old School Trance, this tune fits the bill for the latter theme.  yay!  

Kleinwaechter has been working and recording since 1986:
Currently active with Dusk to Dawn Synthpop band, M & D Project and solo performances under various names. Uses analogue hardware and modular synthesizers, records them in a live session in his studio.
Enjoy the day.

Kleinwaechter - Far Out In Space

Jan 16, 2015

Sly Collins - Sweet Mother

Afro Pop Veteran Sly Collins appears on the Creative Commons Affiliates Mixtape that dropped this week.  I have to say that any artist that is featured in an article with this headline "Sly Collins And His Afro Music Preaches Peace & HIV Awareness" is welcome on this blog.

Collins has been performing for more than 30 years.  He is from Ghana, but spent considerable time in Nigeria.  Much of that time was spent working with Fela.  

This tune, Sweet Mother is from a release on Jamendo.com called Total Unity.  Here is a word or two on his musical philosophy:
"Our musicians don't want to learn. Every good musician must know how to play an instrument and that's what is reflected in my music career.  I feel good making natural music again, playing the accordion and other instruments." 
Loving the international feel of this mixtape.  Follow the link and explore.

Sly Collins - Sweet Mother

Jan 15, 2015

Mc Norman - Why

We love new traditions.  Creative Commons Affiliates has put out a mixtape of 25 different artists from around the world who are using the license to get their music out there to share. Released on netwaves records, this is a tremendously diverse grouping of musical talent and styles.

For our post today we offer this tune from South African-based Ugandan artist, Mc Norman.  His music is published on Jamendo.com and features a popish reggaeton sound.  This tune is very catchy and worth a listen.

As mentioned above, the mixtape provides an incredible window into the international Creative Commons music world.  The artists release their music on a wide-range of platforms, including Jamendo, Free Music Archive, Soundcloud, Archive.org and Bandcamp. There really is something for everyone on this release.  

From the release notes:
Across the world millions of creators are using Creative Commons licenses to promote and spread their creativity and to find a global audience. Many of these are music artists, performers and songwriters and for this year’s tape a whopping 25 countries have contributed, covering 4 continents of amazing music cultures and artistic talents of all audio trades. Dive in to discover what the world has to offer while at the same time appreciating sharing culture. Enjoy!
I expect that we will be revisiting in the next several days.  But don't wait for us, follow the link and get it yourself.  You'll be drilling down into the music before you know it.  

Mc Norman - Why

Jan 14, 2015

Reole - La La

Man, the Creative Commons mix is deep.  A brief trip through Jamendo.com turned up this amazing piece.  It is from a release launched on December 30, 2014 called Here Come the Drums.

Reole is a producer with roots in Louisiana.  The sound is jazzy with a taste of the hip hop.  Seems like you can't go wrong here.

There is more on the Jamendo page for the release:
Although his main backbone is jazz, Reole feels music is music as, he says, “it can’t be pushed onto anyone, you either like it or you don’t, but I am sure there is something on here for everyone - represent your heart, soul simply follows.”
Really, really good.

Reole - La La

Jan 13, 2015

Miracles of Modern Science - The Singularity

Bam!  Just like that I find my new favorite artists.  As I write this I'm looking across the East River at their hometown of Brooklyn and thinking I might have to be in the City for their February 20 performance at the Mercury Lounge on Houston.  Don't know how I can stay away.

Miracles of Modern Science have a lot of material up on Bandcamp, but I found a small selection of CC material on the Free Music Archive.  Enjoy this little taste.  Power string pop with spirit. The FMA page describes their 2013 release:

Their new EP, MEEMS, pushes the limits of their acoustic instruments even further, ending up both crazier and catchier than its predecessor. The results resembles pop music, but you can sense the band ripping apart and rearranging its underlying mechanics like mad scientists.

Love this stuff...

Miracles of Modern Science - The Singularity

Jan 12, 2015

Fierbinteanu - The Beast Is A Computer In Luxemburg

Oh man.  Nice.  Discovered this wonderful duo at 2:00 one morning and I found an amazing universe of great music...must share.

Fierbinteanu is an experimental music duo, creating in Bucharest/Romania. The group consists of Gabriela Fierbinteanu (vocals) and Cristian Fierbinteanu (computer, bass, vocals).  This tune comes via the Free Music Archive and a release called Massive Exposure.  The release is from Local Records.

Very nice, smooth and witty.

Fierbinteanu -  The Beast Is A Computer In Luxemburg

Jan 11, 2015

Kellee Maize - Lala Love

Photo by Laura Petrilla
This is some fantastic hip hop that I found on Jamendo.com.  Kellee Maize is a prolific hip hop artist from Pittsburgh who is using a CC attribution license to really get her music out there.  We are happy to help.

It's a pop/hip hop sound with really meaningful lyrics and a nice bounce.  She released her first album, Age of Feminine, in 2007.  Today's post is from her 2012 album, Integration.  

She is an activist and her interests are described on a very thorough Wikipedia page:
Maize is an activist on women’s rights, environmentalism, and issues relating to poverty and racism. Her spiritual side is reflected in her music. She studies world and environmental issues, the power of intention, meditation, quantum physics, astrology, Tarot and indigenous wisdom. Maize feels her purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy and that makes people think.[5] In 2012, of her meditation practice, Maize said, "I learned Transcendental Meditation many years ago and found it to be life changing."[9]
This is an exciting find and Kellee's music has found a home on my playlist.

Kellee Maize - Lala Love

Jan 10, 2015

Elijah Lucian - CalendarGirl - June (Elijah Lucian One Hour Beat)

The voice takes me back to the mid-aughts...say about 2006-2007 when CalendarGirl, aka singer song-writer Tamara Barnett-Herrin was laying down tracks for the mixters at ccMixter.org.  Of course, those tracks haven't gone anywhere and in July 2014, Elijah Lucian provided a fresh, updated take on her "June" tune.

Mixter Spinmeister interviewed CalendarGirl in 2008 and here is a taste:

In October 2006, singer song-writer Tamara Barnett-Herrin from London in the UK published a one sentence challenge to herself and to remixers around the World Wide Web: “I write one song a month. You remix and feedback. We make a record.” This experiment in songwriting and remix culture unlike any other yielded over 300 remixes, setting a new record at ccMixter. Twelve of them have been chosen to be published in an album titled Calendar Songs Volume I. Known to the ccMixter community as Calendar Girl, she has graciously agreed to an interview with ccMixter.

Take a listen.  Very nice...almost magical.

Elijah Lucian - CalendarGirl - June (Elijah Lucian One Hour Beat)

Jan 9, 2015

Boogie Belgique - Monstro

From a March 2014 release called Nightwalker Vol. 2 comes this marvelous number.  Netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom calls the style "swing-hop".  I love the merging of styles and decades that is happening here.  What fun exploring the entire release.  And, there is a Vol. 1 waiting.  Yay!

The artists are based in Ghent, Belgium and use the terms "Abstract Hiphop" & "Electroswing" to describe the sound.

Boogie Belgique - Monstro

Jan 8, 2015

Wuszu feat. Masia (beat.Wuszu) - TO JA

This is like a decade old, but somehow I missed it back then and think it needs to be out in this feed.  You know that feeling.

Wuszu had a brief six month run at ccMixter.org with some great Polish rap.  The website is still there but not active.

Can't tell you more, but a source I respect (Ashwan) has a little more to say:  


More Masia, please.

 Wuszu feat. Masia (beat.Wuszu) - TO JA

Jan 7, 2015

MC Jack in the Box - Disko Halo

Long time mixter, MC Jack in the Box dropped this one at CCmixter.org in the middle of November.  A member of the site since 2004 this was his first tune shared there in 2 years.

We have enjoyed MC Jack in the Box at BWSC for quite a while now.  And this one doesn't disappoint.    

The San Francisco-based artist has some info at his website:

I’ve been doing live recording for about 15 years now, and cut my teeth learning how to multitrack on a Tascam 01 4-track and moved up to a Portastudio 488. I began recording band practices and multitracking original songs, but moved into remixing about 10 years ago. 
If you aren't familiar with the ccMixter concept it is good to know that mixters can build on other's contributions using Creative Commons licenses and the site provides the nexus for this collaboration.  On this tune, MC Jack in the Box mixed up contributions from bigbonobo_combo and FORENSIC.

We are happy to share.

MC Jack in the Box - Disko Halo

Jan 6, 2015

Yoshi & Komono - Okinawa

Well, Hi!  I am very happy with this discovery from Japanese netlabel, Maltine Records.  The release is called Cat Cafe EP and has exactly three tunes including a remix of today's posted happy time tune.

It's just what the doctor ordered.  I don't have much on the artists, but I do know the release dropped on December 24, 2014.  

Well, Hi!

Yoshi & Komono - Okinawa

Jan 5, 2015

Spiedkiks – The Day Before

Spent some time poking around Starfrosch and found a pointer to this nice little tune.  Starfrosch is based in Switzerland and has developed as a central aggregator of excellent netaudio content.  Take a look.

Spiedkiks work with the netlabel Rec72 where they have a few releases.  This tune is from a collection called Take Off Your Make-up. They are from Cologne and Stuttgart.   They started working together in 2009.  

There is a great interview with the duo on Cerebral Rift.  Here is a snippet on how and why they are working in the commons:

We started releasing Creative Commons music in May 2013 with our debut album on REC72. Well, to be honest, the first reason for us to release our music under a Creative Commons License was we just wanted to be heard.

It is just great for us if there are people out there who like it, listen to it and use it in videos or whatever. There are billions of bands out there, hundreds or thousands of new releases every day, and it is very hard to sell music.

We just reached 50,000 downloads this week at FMA [Ed: Free Music Archive] with the album “Take Off Your make Up”. That is just amazing!! There are of course more reasons for us to release under Creative Commons but let´s just say, the whole idea is just great.

Great stuff.

[ed note:  Cerebral Rift notes on Twitter that the interview was with Kik alone.]

 Spiedkiks – The Day Before

Jan 4, 2015

Marco Mestichella - Fragments of Light

A very nice New Year's gift from Marco Mestichella and our friends at blocSonic arrived on the second day of the new year.  Excellent.

This is the second fortyFive release that will lead to a extended play release later this year.  With the single release concept we get to luxuriate in the ill-pop feel that Mestichella lays down while we await the EP.  

This is another post of a Mestichella fortyFive release on the blog.  Just love this stuff.  It fits well with the mood around here.  Love it.

He is based in London and is out and about with a live band to complement his studio musings.  If you find yourself in a position to see the band take advantage.  I guessing you won't be disappointed.

Marco Mestichella - Fragments of Light

Jan 3, 2015

Groove Cereal - Sound Breakfast (feat. Jenova 7 & Andrew Linn)

This morning we delve into the very deep catalog of Dusted Wax Kingdom.  I'm very impressed with this Bulgarian netlabel and what they have been able to accomplish over the last 8 years.  Over two hundred releases and much netaudio joy.

Groove Cereal has a smooth combo of found audio with a trip hop vibe.  Groove Cereal is Francesco Cimato from Buffalo.  From his Facebook page:

He is a member of Shoeboxx Recordings (www.facebook.com/shoeboxxrecordings) and Dusted Wax Kingdom (dustedwax.org) 
All releases can be found at the above pages or atgroovecereal.bandcamp.com
Groove Cereal - Sound Breakfast (feat. Jenova 7 & Andrew Linn)

Jan 2, 2015

Funkonami - Globetrottting

What a great way to start 2015.  Quentin Tarantino may want to pay attention...this release could easily be part of his next project.  

We are posting the title track from this 4 tune release that Dusted Wax Kingdom dropped yesterday.  All four are great.  I went back and forth between Globetrotting and Vietnamese Roses for this post.  You'll want to hear them all.

Don't have a lot of information on Funkonami, but here it is:

Producer, DJ & Turntablist from Greece.Member of Beat4Battle Worldwide, Asthma Funk USA, Pipolass Belgium & Siam Syndicate Thailand.

Spin it up.

Funkonami - Globetrottting

Jan 1, 2015

Valley Hush - Bedrooms

Straight from a Various Artists release from our friends at blocSonic comes this mesmerizing tune. This is music from Detroit-based duo Alex Kaye and Lianna Vanicelli.  They approach their music as something of a mission:  

The fusion of their individual styles result in experimental yet accessible pop songs with a prominent focus on melodic character and polished production. Their intention is to create meaningful and conscious pop music that will help offset a genre that is over-saturated with unhealthy content. 

The result is really quite remarkable.  I'm looking forward to delving more deeply into what they are doing with their music.

The blocSonic release that this comes from [netBloc Vol. 47: Grooves For The Sentientis one of a wonderful series of CC netaudio releases that they call netBlocs.  If you want to survey a broad horizon of recent Creative Commons licensed music this will be an important place to look.  Hat's off to blocSonic.

Valley Hush - Bedrooms