Nov 22, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Candy Chang - Bravo Futura

Bass attack! This is a release from June, 2005. I came across it while putting Saturday's show together. Thumping electro for your ears. I think it is going into the fourth set.

The release notes describe the sound as a "Fiercely polished electro with rocked-out soul". Oh, and that bass.

The release is called Typography/Gestalt [RAmp313].

Her approach to music is described in the release notes:
"Candy Chang is remarkably able to glance back at Prince and Cybotron, while keeping her designer's eye fixed on a new style and sound all her own. "
Enjoy and best wishes for a nice holiday to all.

Candy Chang - Bravo Futura

Nov 13, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Metro Science - Paranoid

Elektronische Spurensuche [rest007] is the name of this fabulous little release on the netlabel, rest.

Metro Science is Thomas Probol and this release came out in October, 2004. This the only thing he has on and that kinda makes me sad.

When I find something I like as much as I like this release I want more, more, more.

Metro Science - Paranoid

Nov 12, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Sublinear - Our Weapons are Useless Against Them

This release is from a netlabel called This Plague of Dreaming. It was released in May. The release is called Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky [plague009].

The liner notes point to Sublinear's soundtrack experience in describing the music in this release as "disquieting, cinematic trip-hop..."

One of the tunes on the release, "Fragility", appeared on the wonderful Halloween release, Calling all Fiends from our friends at Oddio Overplay.

Sublinear - Our Weapons are Useless Against Them

Nov 11, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Violet and the Mutants - Violet

From the netlabel, Enough Records comes this "electro-industrial" EP. Violet and the Mutants are Portuguese artists.

The release is called Violet EP [enrmp131].

Violet and the Mutants - Violet

Nov 10, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Al Da Tosta - Donamiao's funky Panda

This release from Al Da Tosta is amazing. The spinning, mesmerizing vocals on this track will lure you towards listening to the entire release or my name is not Biotic.

The release is called That Crooner from Nowhere - This is vocaltronica! [MTCAT020].

P.S. Loving the search term "vocaltronica".

Al Da Tosta - Donamiao's funky Panda

Nov 9, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Mookid - Night at New York

Excellent piece of music recently posted at It just enjoyed a spin on my hard drive. Highly recommended release called Bubble [knob008] from the netlabel, Knobs.

Mookid - Night at New York