Nov 25, 2015

Viktor Van River - OCD

Back from a little break and just in time for some Fall chill from our new favorite netlabel, Dusted
Wax Kingdom.

The name of the release is Damaged and the artist is Viktor Van River hailing from Kazakistan. 

We hear things are on the move and we want to move to the groove.

Viktor Van River - OCD

May 8, 2015

Jovem Palerosi - Deuses Mutados (feat. Independência ou Marte)

Today we feature a fine release from our friends at Bump Foot.  

The release is called Mouseen and was released last August.

Jovern Palerosi found some wonderful Brazilian artists to sample and these seven tracks are the result.  

One of the tracks features Chico Correa who has a fantastic release on Bump Foot and has been featured on these pages before.

Jovem Palerosi - Deuses Mutados (feat. Independência ou Marte)

May 7, 2015

Billano - Ninas Fresas

Man, we love strawberries.

Today we dip into a pretty cool hip-hop scene in Mexico City. We have posted music by LFA and Billano and Luis René in the past and decided to visit Billano's Soundcloud page and stream some tunes.

Billano is a dj who loves the solo format, as well as performing with a band. He is from southern Mexico City.

Today's track is from a release called Poetics of Sunset that was put together with LFA in the producer's chair.

This track stood out and here it is.

Billano - Ninas Fresas

May 6, 2015

Ricky Eat Acid - A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion

In honor of Creative Common's 10th anniversary a few years ago the netlabel Bad Panda put together a playlist that we discovered on CC-Europe's Soundcloud page.  

Some really nice stuff on this list, but we were immediately attracted by "Robot" and "Moon Mansion".  BSWC has always had a thing for Space, Sex and Robots.

Great track by Ricky Eat Acid and while we type this their Soundcloud stream is playing on behind us.  Worth checking out.  There is a bunch of material at Bandcamp, as well.

He has a note about his motivation on multiple channels:
lately i've been really into music that sounds like it's reaching upwards to God and falling short, over & over
Always reaching, higher and higher. 

Ricky Eat Acid - A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion

Frenic - Money Ain't No Women

Today's track is from a blocSonic netBloc release called Antididonai.  This was #39 in the series. It was released in November 2012. 

netBloc #39 has a great collection of tracks from a broad spectrum of artists (one of whom was featured in yesterday's post).

Bristol artist and producer Frenic describes his music on his Facebook page:
Frenic's music production reflects his D.J influences and a love of old retro sounds creating deep emotional music."Essentially Im a hip-hop D.J but I don't just play Hip-Hop Records". His tunes touch on hip-hop, breaks, DnB, dubstep, funk, soul, rock and anything that bounces!.
If you are exploring the universe of Creative Commons music then you can't do much better than to immerse yourself in this amazing series of releases. We are regularly impressed and surprised by what we find there.

Frenic - Money Ain't No Women

May 5, 2015

Professor Kliq - Wire & Flashing Lights

Back on February 18 we posted a track by the good professor for the first time.  Time to circle back 'cause this is pretty awesome.

This is the title track off the release which you can find on Professor Kliq's Soundcloud page.  

Professor Kliq is Mike Else from Chicago.  He has been producing music since 1999 and places all of his original work in the Creative Commons.

We owe a tip of the hat to Laika who contributed this as part of a Top Ten List to our friends at Starfrosch.  It's a great list.  

If you are looking for a good aggregator of CC music you should definitely dip your toes in the warm Swiss waters of Starfrosch.

Professor Kliq - Wire & Flashing Lights

May 4, 2015

Miranda Shvangiradze - Ready for the Trip

Things are bubbling right along here at BSWC.  No dust gathering beneath our feet.

Featured in this post is a lovely 2012 VKRS release called Talk to Me. Miranda Shvangiradze is originally from Georgia but is currently living in the U.S.  This is a collection of instrumental piano tracks with a nice dollop of electronics.

She has a Soundcloud page that features her more current work along with some ringtones and the like.

The liner notes for the release provide a list of her influences:
Her music is influenced by Mozart, Chopin, Georgian folk and many contemporary artists like Imogen Heap, Roykssopp, Coldplay, and Katie Melua.
Feel the bubbles.

Miranda Shvangiradze - Ready for the Trip

Lonah - Fly Me

We've been looking back at playlists of old to check in with some artists we followed back in 2005 and 2006. Many are nowhere to be found, remembered only by the tracks they left on or on netlabels that have gone extinct. But many are still active, or somewhere in between.  Lonah, from Paris France, looks to be somewhere in between.

Today we present you with Fly Me, the third track from Lonah's second release on Jamendo, Au fond du temps [estrella sin cara].  It is the digital version of an album that was a collaboration with BinaryMind. You can see some of the wonderful artwork on the Jamendo page.


Lonah - Fly Me

May 3, 2015

Hasenchat - Everybody

Artist, social media, netlabel...we are not quite sure how to describe Hasenchat, but we found this track on and wanted to share.

Hasenchat has a bunch of tracks on the ever wonderful Jamendo, however there isn't a lot of information. We followed the link to the site and found this bit of description:
In 1997 we Started in Germany in the Local Area of ” Hassberge ” Bavaria. The Coat of Arms of this Area is a Rabbit ( Hase is the German Name for Rabbit, Hasen are more than one Rabbit ) So Hasen for the Coat of Arms and Chat for the Chat System. The HasenChat at the Time of 1997 to 2014 was a Free Chat System like Facebook or Google Plus.
We still have questions, but we do love rabbits.

Hasenchat - Everybody

May 2, 2015

Gurdonark - I cannot play my Mother's Marimba

Our old friend, Gurdonark has a new release out called Constellation Blackbird from the netlabel, we are all ghosts

WAAG describes his sound as "weirdbient".  That works.  We have enjoyed the Gurdonark sound for almost of decade now.  His music appears both in BSWC the show and here in the feed.

WAAG has a nice way with words:
“Constellation Blackbird” continues the musical journey Gurdonark first started with WAAG back in late 2012 with “Open Spaces”. This isn’t easy listening: it has dissonant frequencies, naive sounds and glitchy melodies that may not be instantly accessible. However I, for one, enjoy his particular style of minimalist expressionism … I look on it aural ginger that cleanses the palate from a meal of ambient sushi. 
Clear your palate.

Gurdonark - I cannot play my Mother's Marimba

Eric Jackson - It's Time

Another day, another post.  I've always been a fan of the album as a composition, and Rainy Days by Erik Jackson is just that.
American producer and sound maestro Erik Jackson; shares his incredible album "Rainy Days" with the Dusted Wax Kingdom's audience. The release is a unique fusion of light melancholic drum & bass, romantic acid jazz and relaxing downtempo.
This release is also more evidence that the Bulgarian netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom is a Creative Commons label with few rivals in terms of breadth and quality.

"It's Time" is the second track, which I start with, only because the first track is a 28 second intro.  It begins with a lone trumpet and some digital snapping... when the bass and drums come in, everything is fleshed out and you'll be sucked in. If you're reading this, you might as well listen to the whole album!

From Erik:
"Rainy Days" was a project I have been working on for over a year. After my last album "The Road Less Traveled", I wanted to push further into jazz, and dig even deeper into my soul. The album weaves in and out of acoustic drum & bass or (jazz & bass), to Traditional jazz songs. I am very happy with the outcome. The albums theme is; a cold and rainy night, an old turntable and the progression of the evening at home, alone or with someone special. That's what was in my mind when It was created. I will let your imagination create the rest. I guarantee this is something you have never heard before.
Find Erik here, lots more to listen to, and hey, buy some albums.

Eric Jackson - It's Time

May 1, 2015

Nullsleep - depeche mode gameboy megamix! (Oops! 4/30/15)

And for our first oops... a fantastically pure 8bit composition by nullsleep from the collective 8bitpeoples.  Lots of great stuff here!
"Equally suited for use when dancing in front of the mirror alone in your bedroom or rocking the crowd to the ground at your next mega dance party!" 

Subsystem7 likes!

Nullsleep - depeche mode gameboy megamix!

Shin Wada - Scene #1 "Do You Know What The Scariest Thing Is?"

Bump Foot has always been an interesting place to dig, quite a number of picks from past posts and shows have been from either the Bump or the Foot side of this Japanese net label formed as far as I can tell, in 2005.  Bump focuses on techno and house while foot does everything else. Collectively, this netlabel boasts a 441 releases to date!

This pick is from the release A Fictional Movie Soundtrack [foot240] by Shin Wada from late February.  It is beautiful classical ambient, each track transitioning beautifully into the next. Apart from Bump Foot, Shin Wada (hailing from Japan) has a soundcloud page and numerous other web locations (bandcamp, etc) primarily highlighting this release. Shin Wada seems fairly new on the scene - certainly a welcome addition!!

Since the whole release is a single composition, I am posting the first track... make sure to download the rest for a journey we are all lucky to have for free.

Oh, and as for getting things back on track with one-a-day (yup, Biotic and Subsystem7 have fallen a bit behind... call it Spring fever here in New England) we'll be catching up with any missed days under the "oops" tag.

Have yourself a sonicful day.

Shin Wada - Scene #1 "Do You Know What The Scariest Thing Is?"

Apr 29, 2015

Beth Quist - Monsters

Sometimes it pays to look back through our Black Sweater White Cat playlists, when we hosted a two or three hour Creative Commons only show on WBCR-LP in Great Barrington Massachusetts. One of these look-backs brought me to Beth Quist, who is credited as the reason that Magnatune was started.
"It was Beth Quist who inspired me to create Magnatune... 
John Buckman - Magnatune
You can read more on her Magnatune bio page, and you can listen to her music and buy any of her four albums. Beth was Magnatune's best seller for three years. This is not a huge surprise, her voice is pretty damn amazing.

In BSWC history, we played a number of her songs in 2005 and 2006. This song, Monsters, was not on any of those playlists, so it makes its debut today, 12 years after being released. It is the third track on her album Silver.

I hope you enjoy!

Beth Quist - Monsters

Apr 24, 2015

Boogie Belgique - Stairway To The USSR

After our belated discovery of the aural excellence of Boogie Belgique earlier this year we have been digesting their back catalog.  This is some really great stuff.

Today's track comes from a July 2012 Dusted Wax Kingdom release called Blueberry Hill.  Amazing from first note to the last.

Boogie Belgique is based in Ghent.  Here is a little more on the release from the liner notes:
From top to bottom "Blueberry Hill" is filled up with electro swing moods, funky hip-hop rhythms and tasty jazzy samples. 
Dive in and lose yourself...

Boogie Belgique - Stairway To The USSR

Apr 23, 2015

April - Age of the Moon

The netlabel Evoke Records goes back to 1995 with it's roots as an art label with physical releases distributed mostly at art galleries.  Later it morphed into a digital netlabel.  

They recently re-released their catalog to mark their 10th anniversary.  

Evoke artist, April had a great collection called Age of the Moon.  We are pleased to present the title track. In fact, we are especially pleased because it fits in with the space part of our Space and Sex preoccupation.

April - Age of the Moon

Apr 22, 2015

Sp. Ace - Caravan (feat. Faerytale)

When in doubt go with the Dusted Wax Kingdom catalog. Wow. There is some great stuff therein.

Remarkably, I have absolutely nothing on the artist Sp. Ace except they are from Latvia.  It's a great release called Caravan of Lightbulbs.  It is about a year old, released on April 14, 2014.


Sp. Ace - Caravan (feat. Faerytale)

Apr 21, 2015

Nambavan - Devushka Naprotiv (Po Glazam)

Here is an older, perhaps wiser version of Nambavan.  He has appeared on the BSWC radio program here, here, here, here, and here. He also has a track in the One-a-Day feed that was posted February 20, 2007.  Ok, we really like the guy.

This tune is from a WM Recordings release from May 20, 2011 called Modnay Discoteka.

Nambavan is Linar Bilalov.  He is originally from Kazan, the capital of  Tatarstan (also known as the "Third Capital of Russia"). 

We found his origin story on his website:
...a bright young man with a passion for Rodchenko, Bauhaus and '70s gay disco, thrust into a vortex of small-town degradation. He christened himself Nambavan (a corruption of Number One) and recorded a couple of albums' worth of aggressive minimal techno with crass, no-holds-barred lyrics. "Chechnya on the Dancefloor," "So Many Men, So Little Time," "I Passed Your Girlfriend Around," "Babu Po Ebalu!!!" were all shock value and no hidden message. The music, however, was quite remarkable for something recorded on a home computer with a cheap guitar and a karaoke mike. His ear-scarring barrage of raw hate and stories of abuse spread over the Web like fire through a city dump. A gig in Berlin and a dozen good reviews later, Linar decided that simply singing from the dark corners of a thug's skull was not enough. 
We are glad to get reacquainted.

Nambavan - Devushka Naprotiv (Po Glazam)

Apr 20, 2015

Loveshadow - This LifeBoat (Let's Change)

We decided to take a loop through to see what's up.  Smooth dance rhythm with a message anyone?

Loveshadow and Snowflake sound like they have been working together in a studio for years.  No, Snowflake provides the 'pella and Loveshadow lays the tracks down.

If you have been around this blog over the years you will know that we love our ccMixter.  

If you haven't, then get on over and experience the outrageously huge collection of Creative Commons mixing that have happening over there the past 10 or so years.  If you are looking for the definitive search tool for the site there is  Take it for a spin.

Loveshadow - This LifeBoat (Let's Change)

Apr 19, 2015

Parapunte - You are dreaming

We are going to stay with Japanese netlabel Tanukineiri Records and are pleased to present their latest release, Primitive by Parapunte. This release hit the streets on Friday.

Dreamy Indie J-pop (yep, biotic tried to describe something).

Tanukineiri Records is based in Nagoya, Japan and as well as being a respectable netlabel also has a business in Japanese tableware.

Google doesn't do a particularly good job translating Japanese, but here is some text:
Osaka resident, by singer-songwriter Terry SusumuAkira and Akutsu Masumi
1st mini album of indie pop duo "Parupunte" "primitive".  Artwork, cartoonist, PV director, VJ et al., "Nagao Kenichiro" has been active in multi Parupunte was incorporating elements such as shoegazer, of 80s idle culture, psychedelic rock sound is characterized by unit.Worked warm sense of sound image of reverb, incorporating the technique of hip-hop dance music, to realize the infatuation likely to repeat phrases. Interprets the sweet pop song drifting Nosutariji of the contemporary, it is up to create a unique sound. Cults, but catchy pop song drifting nostalgia of such Best Coasts has emerged as a form of one of indie rock, rather than one that is simply imitation its music, unique to Japan Nosutariji "Techno Kayo", "folk rock" and " 80's subculture "incorporating I have evolved as a" new music ".

Enjoy some new music.

Parapunte - You are dreaming

Apr 18, 2015

Super Magic Hats - This Last Week

We were very happy to discover today's artist. Super Magic Hats is a Melbourne-based musician, beatmaker and producer. This Last Week appears on a collection called Slowly that was released February 28 by the Japanese netlabel Tanukineiri.  

They have a wonderful catalog with some intriguing compilations. You can get full release downloads from their website and they also post to both Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

How to describe Super Magic Hats' music?  I'll rely on the artist:
Half-heard/half-imagined vocals sit alongside vintage drum machines, soaring analogue synth lines mix with surf guitar, crisp production punches through recordings of rainy walks through the park.
Enjoy This Last Week.

Apr 17, 2015

Puyo Puyo - Grave Groove

Getting wild...the weekend is nigh...

Thanks to our friends at Netwaves for posting their tribute to Da ! Heard It Records, a netlabel that has catalog going back to 2006.

This track comes from a 2009 release called DiscoPuyo Puyo began his musical career as a New Wave drummer and from there began producing his own sounds and touring the continent and Mexico performing a reportedly wild stage show.

The liner notes describe the sound:
This album is a delicious witches brew of German new-wave, Psychopolka, Turbopop and that little Puyesque je-ne-sais-quoi, iodiosyncratic dissonant melodies, glitch and kitsch licks.
It is not Saturday, yet...

Puyo Puyo - Grave Groove

Apr 16, 2015

Ancient Lasers - Building Peace Through Better Weapons

Here is an awesome track from a 2013 release from the Russian netlabel, Clinical Archives.  The release is called You in the Future.

Ancient Lasers hail from lovely Whatcom County in the northwest corner of Washington State.  

[Full Disclosure: A radio program by the name of Black Sweater, White Cat first aired on radio station KUGS-FM in the county seat of Bellingham, WA during the 80's...mostly soul, R&B, Afropop and early hip hop.]

Ancient Lasers is a project of Daniel Finfer.  Inspired by the writings of Ray Kurzweil, he describes his approach:
...While his lyrics may sound like they are a stereo­typ­i­cal explo­ration of love, romance, and youth­ful bravado, they are actu­ally “a con­ver­sa­tion between my future and present selves, I’m sort of talk­ing back and forth through time.”
We're guessing you will want to listen in to the conversation.

Ancient Lasers - Building Peace Through Better Weapons

Apr 15, 2015

Möbius - Daft Funk

This track comes from a Various Artists compilation released on the Foot side of the wonderful netlabel, Bumpfoot. The release is called Footprints 2 and hit the streets on April 21, 2012.

Möbius is from Germany and first began to develop musical chops during his gaming sessions using an Amiga 500 in his childhood. 

He describes his music on his Facebook page:
My music can be described as a mixture of Amiga MOD-music, pop, chillout, some breaks, hard basses and a lot of atmosphere.
The netlabel Bumpfoot has been on the scene for many years now and features both "bump" releases and "foot" releases.  Both categories have many excellent releases.  Footprints 2 is a good starting point to explore the Bumpfoot universe. 

Möbius - Daft Funk

Apr 14, 2015

Andrew Cosentino - I May Never Sell Blood Again

To continue from yesterday's post:  Blood donation is a good thing...

This release, Country Western Star, dropped at the blocSonic netlabel on April 3.  It features an extensive collection of the music of Andrew Cosentino.  Our selection today was recorded in 2014 and is among the newer of the tracks included on a two disc release (21 tracks in all).

Mike Gregoire describes Andrew's sound:
Either way, Andrew’s sound is something unique and the way he merges live instrumentation with samples is intricate and makes for adventurous listening. I’m quite sure that this young man has much more to say, musically and I look forward to what comes next.
If you haven't hipped to the doings at blocSonic, consistency and craftsmanship are the byword for this excellent netlabel.

Andrew Cosentino - I May Never Sell Blood Again

Apr 13, 2015

Astrocowboys - We Give Blood (Playmewhile Rework)

Blood Donation camp conducted by NSS wing of Graphic Era University
This track appears on a recent (March 25) Playmewhile release from the St. Petersburg-based Subwise netlabel.  The release is called (Right Or)Wrong.

Astrocowboys are also from St. Petersburg. According to their VK page they seem to have disbanded.  It's nice that we have We Give Blood to savor.

Blood donation is a good thing.

Here is a translation from the Russian of the liner notes for the release:
Life gives many wonderful moments, but they disappear, to be replaced by others, which once again we call reality, while the true reality does not exist, as well as the largest number, more precisely, it always is - "that moment plus one, and so on "although so want to see this become a plus at least minus zero as if a miracle is impossible.
Subwise is a prolific netlabel with 197 releases to their credit:
SUBWISE - it's a experimental music netlabel from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Label unites beginners and experienced musicians writing experimental electronic and not electronic music. 
Did we mention that blood donation is a good thing? 

Astrocowboys - We Give Blood (Playmewhile Rework)

Apr 12, 2015

Opa! - Russian State Museum's Lottery

Sometimes a post just simply falls into your lap. Happened this morning.

This track is from a 2011 release from the netlabel, Clinical Archives called Nakurlah. What fun!

There are five tracks on this wonderful release. The musicians are from all over the former Soviet Union:
Their music expresses freedom and euphoria of post-soviet spirit and ancient enigma of Russian Soul. Openhearted shows, multilingual lyrics of "Opa!" and their willingness to give it all to the audience make this wild positive folk remarkable and understandable for everybody.
Enjoy this whirling soup of spicy deliciousness.

Apr 11, 2015

Dumbo Gets Mad - You Make You Feel (VEIT B Remix)

Here is the dreamy VEIT B remix of a Dumbo Gets Mad tune released by Berlin-based netlabel, Bad Panda Records.

You can find it in a collection of remixes of the same tune which was released on a album called Elephants at the Door.

Bad Panda stopped posting to the Internet Archive in 2011.  Since then they have been active on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

'Dumbo Gets Mad' is a psych-rock duo project from Italy. The project started out when the duo moved to Los Angeles in 2010.

VEIT B is another duo of sorts.  They are brothers from České Budějovice, Czech Republic.  Lot's of good stuff at their Soundcloud page.

Dumbo Gets Mad - You Make You Feel (VEIT B Remix)

Apr 10, 2015

Dieter Werner - Lodowa Komnata

Fittingly this haunted electronic track that was recorded in 1995 is from a release published in the future. Electronic Music from Year 1995 is the name of a release published by Dieter Werner Archive Records on The release is dated November 3, 2015.

I'm losing myself in this ethereal collection of old school electronics.

He has been producing and recording music for years, beginning in Lodz, Poland in 1989. He has recorded for television and stage. He has been inspired by Klaus Schultze and Yello. There is quite a range of musical styles on display at Jamendo.

Here is a translated snip of his artist statement from Jamendo:
My idea is to combine elements of different musical styles sometimes very distant. In my compositions in addition to the mainstream, which is EL-Music, rub with trance, goa, electro, house, dark ambient, darkwave, but also unite symphonic music, old, ethnic, elements of hard rock, and other genres.
We loved Yello. And, oh...this is the 100th BSWC post of 2015.

Apr 9, 2015

Martinibomb - Dizzy Ke Peeche

This track has appeared on two BSWC radio shows, but never made it into the feed.

This is a remix from a couple of years ago that Martinibomb posted on Soundcloud with a tag #bollywood.

Martinibomb has some new work at Bandcamp along with some stuff at Soundcloud.  Martinibomb is from Portland, Oregon.

Martinibomb - Dizzy Ke Peeche

Apr 8, 2015

Mounika - Soul Blue Tango

Thanks go out to our friends at Starfrosch for pulling our heads around to this wonderful release from Dusted Wax Kingdom.  

The release is called Born To Be Beats by Mounika.  Mounika is from Poitiers, France.

The release page at doesn't have much information, but Kus at Starfrosch fills in the blanks for us:
Largely inspired by calm music, he picks his samples in some jazz, funk and abstract songs. He spends most of the time looking for that famous perfect sample, digging in internet and vinyl.
It's worth your while to dig into this release, no doubt about it.

Mounika - Soul Blue Tango

Apr 6, 2015

Sister Soleil - Eyes (Feat. Dolphin)

We are enjoying a lovely day in Beautiful Seattle.

Today's feature is a release from the French netlabel, Sirona.  This is from a release called  Haunted EP  It was posted in August of 2012.

Sister Soleil is an eclectic alternative rock outfit founded by Stella Katsoudas and first began working in 1996.  They have an impressive resume.  The talent and craftsmanship really show through on this release.

Sirona has a wide and varied catalog that pretty much is at the Internet Archives through 2012 with the seemingly inevitable migration to Bandcamp with later projects.

Sister Soleil - Eyes (Feat. Dolphin)

Apr 5, 2015

Space Adept - Would You Like To Bounce, Señorita

A nice hat tip to Starfrosch for today's post.  I love this tune from Space Adept.  In fact, I like it more and more as I listen to it.

You can find it at their soundcloud page.  I'm loving the sound.

Here is their brief description from their Spacebook, I mean Facebook page:

Unique sounds, big melodies and driving beats: Space Adept travels with you through the depths of electronic dance music

It is epic dance.

Space Adept - Would You Like To Bounce, Señorita

Apr 4, 2015

DJ Vincent Vinyl - Il Cuore D'Eli

Nice groove with cool found vocals. DJ Vincent is from Bucharest, Romania and comes to us via a three song release from the Bulgarian netlabel,

This selection has sat in the BSWC draft posts for over 7 years and is also the title of the release that appeared on July 11, 2007.

Vincent Vinyl has worked the club scene in Bucharest for several years. Spend some time with this nice contribution.

DJ Vincent Vinyl - Il Cuore D'Eli

Apr 3, 2015

Dr. Freebs - Funkbuster

Get the move on.  A visit to the iD.EOLOGY netlabel provides this gem of a groove.  They've been busy during the last ten years.  Great stuff up and down. We highly suggest taking some time and taking a look at what is going on with these guys.

Dr. Freebs are really bringing it in this track off their net release, The Freebie Treat.  Here is a taste of the liner notes:

When musicality and band-attitude meet slick production-skills, then electronic beats, smart sequencer-lines, soulful vocals and timeless piano-, guitar- and brass-riffs flow into one another almost naturally, without any pretentious, eclecticistic sampling-hullabaloo being required.
Digging it.

Dr. Freebs - Funkbuster

Apr 2, 2015

Vintage Beats - Roll It Up

A quick post this morning from a dark and dreamy Seattle cityscape.  The release is called Nuclear Hip Hop from Dusted Wax Kingdom artists, Vintage Beats.  Now that, my friends, is a sentence. This tasty collection was released on Monday.

Dark and dreamy describes this release very well, indeed.

There are no notes associated with the release so I don't have much to go on, except the music.  Sometimes, it's the music that should carry the day. This is one of those days. 

Dusted Wax Kingdom is a prolific netlabel out of Varna, Bulgaria and in this phoenix-like resurgence of Black Sweater, White Cat they have quickly become a favorite...
blunted downtempo beats, abstract hip-hop and all kind of intelligent chilled grooves spiced with jazzy and soulful tasty ingredients.
Enjoy the day

Vintage Beats - Roll It Up

Apr 1, 2015

Machette – Hit De Deck

Found this gem while listening to the latest Netwaves playlist on  If you are looking for an enduring source of netaudio, the Netwaves radio program out of Brussels as been good for going on 8 years now (weekly).

Machette is a French artist who started producing in 2000.  This track is from a 2014 release called Flavors EP.  It was released by Yarn Audio, a Berlin-based netlabel specializing in bass driven electronic music. 

Here is a bit of Machette's description on Bandcamp:
The diverse french producer renders a lot of energy and happiness with his sample-heavy and fast-paced tracks. Influenced by Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Footwork and Jungle, Machette’s broken beats and easygoing melodies are just perfect for a dance in the sunshine or the ghetto.
Welcome to April. 

Machette – Hit De Deck

Mar 31, 2015

Daily Khaos delivery - Rust

Here is an exciting new release from our friends at blocSonic

Daily Khaos delivery is a duet from Valencia, Spain with a wonderful mix of the electronic and the pop indie sound.  This is a great release called Plastic Houses and it dropped just this morning.

Daily Khaos delivery are Jordi Bohigues and Javier Peiró.  They have been playing as a duet in the Valencia scene for a number of years before getting together with musician and producer Jorge Sasera who helped them incorporate more electronic elements into their sound.  The results are fantastic.

We love this release and look forward to hearing more in the future.

Daily Khaos delivery - Rust

Mar 30, 2015

Riz Maslen - Your War

I've been wanting to get back to this fine compilation called Girls Alive since I posted a piece by Alisú last week.  There is some really good work here.  If you haven't already, get on it.

The track posted here today is by Riz Maslen, an electronic musician based in St Leonard's on Sea, Britain (UK).  She has been on the scene since 1996 and is posting new music on Soundcloud. 

She has a voluminous and rich discography.  I was captured by the work featured on the Girls Alive collection and plan to explore more of her work in the coming days.

This is from the Wikipedia entry for Riz Maslen:
During the mid '90s, she worked with 4hero and Future Sound of London. After playing keyboards for The Beloved, she took out a loan, built a home studio and created her first albums there. In 1995 she signed as Neotropic under Ntone and soon after as Small Fish With Spine to Oxygen Music Works in New York.
Thanks to Modismo for turning me on to some new sounds.  Liking Riz Maslen.

Riz Maslen - Your War

Mar 29, 2015

Hans Atom - Wake Up Kiss

A quick post for a Sunday morning.  Wake Up Kiss is a 'pella posted by Snowflake at Today we share the Hans Atom mix.

If you aren't familiar with ccMixter you might want to head over to the venerable remix site.  There you will find the result of years of crowd production of Creative Commons remixes.  It really is quite amazing.

Hans Atom is from Germany.  Here is something from the ccMixter comments page for this release:

Oh yeah. Killer remix. Great breakdown at the bridge… You really did get everything just right for this mix. Reminds me of Tori Amos and Garbage in the mid-90s… Congrats on the Ed Pick- totally deserved!

Hans Atom - Wake Up Kiss

Mar 28, 2015

Funkonami - Love You

A smooth, soothing and out there love song for you this morning. This track dropped on an all rights reserved Bandcamp compilation release, Pure Dopeness Volume 15 from Sinoptic International. The compilation was released in February.

Funkonami did us the favor of posting a some rights reserved CC single...yay Commons.

Earlier this year we featured a Funkonami track released by Dusted Wax Kingdom so we had an idea that we would like this one before we clicked.  Yep. It's good.

Funkonami is a Producer, DJ and turntablist from Greece.  He has releases on Dusted Wax KingdomSinoptic MusicNuages Records and Synesthesia Records.

Funkonami - Love You

Mar 27, 2015

Araxis - Essence (feat. Arcadian)

The hits don't stop at Bulgaria-based netlabel, Dusted Wax Kingdom

Today's track is found on a March 9 release called Chronos.  As Subsystem 7 mentioned earlier this month, these folks are impressive.

This is release number 302 for Dusted Wax Kingdom.  That's right, 302 releases...that's what you call dedicated and prolific. Well, actually there have been 2 more releases since March 9 so make that 304...

Araxis is a project of -Synth who is a Bournemouth-based artist. It is well-executed, dreamy trip-hop.

Araxis - Essence (feat. Arcadian)

Mar 26, 2015

ForstWölfin - First in Space

This track was featured on a Netwaves radio program that was posted on on March 25. As some might know, we at BSWC are fascinated with Sex and Space.  First in Space gets at our Space issues...

When we went to research ForstWölfin we found their Soundcloud page, but then found that their Twitter account had been suspended...hmmm, a mystery.  Not to worry, this piece from the Netwaves program, [nws329] netwaves 09.19: darktronics, carries the day.

First in Space is part of a ForstWölfin release from the netlabel, GV Sound called Beyond Time and SpaceForstWölfin is from Moscow. The release was posted at on February 25.

Make sure you listen past the 2 minute point.  The first 2 minutes features some wonderful cosmonaut found sound which thrills us, but then we get to business...

ForstWölfin - First in Space 

Mar 25, 2015

Alisú - Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita

Chilean netlabel, Modismo released a V/A collection on Sunday called Girls Alive.  There are 9 tracks on it from international artists that happen to be women. This is Electronic music that you will want to check out.  

We are featuring a piece by Chilean artist, Alisú. 

Alisu is Jessica Campos de la Paz, from Viña del Mar, Chile. She is a graphic designer and musician who has been active since at least 2000.

She has some material posted on Soundcloud. There are also a few releases on various netlabels featuring her music. She is also the owner of Modismo.

She describes her music in a note on Soundcloud:
Her compositions are warm and ambient, very delicate and feminine, always with contagious rhythms, subtle melodies and her processed voice plus robotic sounds.
Follow the link to Soundcloud and explore her sound.

Alisú - Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita

Mar 24, 2015

D'r Sjaak - Likkubakkus

D'r Sjaak has two appearances on BSWC - The show.  They are here, and here.  Today's track appeared on on a net compilation from the Netlabel Coalition.  This various artists release is found in the collection of WM Recordings.  It was released April 15, 2010 and there are some very tasty musical finds on it.

D'r Sjaak has never appeared in the BSWC One-a-Day feed.  Until today.  He is from Limburg in the Netherlands.

His 2006 WM Recordings release, Schijnheiligen includes the following description:
D'r Sjaak is depressed, yet happy. Drunk, yet sober. Understated, yet danceable. Sleeping, yet awake.
Likkubakkus is from his 2009 release:  Speees KojBoj.

D'r Sjaak - Likkubakkus

Mar 23, 2015

Lucky Criminal - The Indifference

Lucky Criminal is the nom de plume of William Arthur Clark who is from Michigan.  The track appeared on netBloc Vol. 46: #returnofthenetbloc.  

The netBloc series is a product of blocSonic.  Each edition features a wide range of artists and styles. Cool.

Lucky Criminal pieces appear on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.  His latest work has a metalish sound and he bills it as alternative metal.

The Indifference is a lovely piece of song writing in the electropop tradition. Fantastic find. Love it.

Lucky Criminal - The Indifference