Dec 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syne from Comfort Stand

They were busy overnight at the factory. The end-of-year compilation is available:
"We decided to celebrate the changing of the year by asking artists from all over the world to take the song most associated in people's minds with New Years Eve (the old Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne'), and to provide their interpretations of the tune. Our new compilation release "Auld Lang Syne' is the result of that invitation!"

We are going to talk with Comfortstanders, Otis Fodder and Mr. Melvis tonight on BSWC. Tonight's show will be entirely devoted to the Comfort Stand netlabel. The program will post to the blog sometime in the next day or two. Thanks for listening.

Dec 28, 2005

The return of Podcast Extra #1

Here is the second coming of podex #1 just because we love Freiraum and it has Comfort Stand artist, Bruce Lenkei. It is a good set. Originally posted in November:

"Biotic is on vacation in the Rockies this week, but with the power of the internet here is a tasty tidbit of a set he put together last night. Great new music from Freiraum out of Switzerland along with Eloi Brunelle from Montreal, a Christian Didelot release from and a BSWC favorite by Bruce Lenkei that was released on the Comfort Stand netlabel compilation, "Comfort Cake"."

In Time for New Year's Eve: Podex #4

Here is some lovely lounge fare from Comfort Stand release 001, Two Zombies Later. We are looking forward to the New Year's release of Auld Lang Syne. Auld Lang Syne will be released on December 31, 2005 at Produced by mr_melvis and featuring a host of artists from current Comfort Stand luminaries to new acts joining their family.

BSWC will feature two hours of Comfort Stand music on New Year's eve from 9-11 pm from our terrestrial location, WBCR-LP 97.7 fm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The program will post to the blog sometime after that...We are hoping to feature music from Auld Lang Syne if it is available by showtime.

In the meantime, enjoy this little tidbit.

  1. Acapulco 2000 by Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction
  2. Bongo Avenger by Eric and Ryan Kilkenny
  3. Shaken Not Stirred by Br. Cleve and His Lush Orchestra
  4. Spy Perfume by Skip Heller's Hot Seven

Introducing: Black Sweater, White Cat logo

Also available as a handsome black t-shirt:

Thanks for listening.


Dec 25, 2005

BSWC 12.24.05 Audio File Available

Here is the program for 12.24.05. Like a Chinese Restaurant to Jewish Folks on Christmas. Thanks for listening.

Dec 24, 2005

Dec 21, 2005

BSWC 11.26.2005 - audio & playlist - now available

Yes. It took almost a month to post 11/26. Subsystem7 is learning the ropes with, an excellent and amazing resource. This show has many many great tracks, all CC. Available for download here: 192k mp3. Or you can go to the details page for BSWC 11/26/2005.

Here's the playlist, enjoy!

1. Thierry Blanchard, Quincailler de style, Quincailler de style
2. Gisela, Dorothy's Magic Bag Remix, V.A. Burning Chocolate
3. Martinibomb (Eric & Ryan Killkenny), las delicias, The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb SPLIT! Ep

4. zweieKKenkreis, milchsschaum der musik, politicide
5. Pan, Ophelia's Song, micromusic
6. Tomputer, Dødelig Flein, Dødelig Flein
7. krystoff, Loose in Space, JTR NET02
8. Howard Whiting (Solaris), Destination Lost

9. Nood, Urban Latvian Stomp, Shaped Like A Taco
10. Au Lit les Mômes, (La) fidèle Gastro, Au Lit les Mômes
11. Georgia & August Greenberg, Ring Around The Rosey, Sing Songs For You And Me
12. Philip Jackson, Nature Boy, Two Zombies Later: Strange and Unusual Music from the Exotica Mailing List

13. Geistfrei, dorntec - le electrotheque remix, The Spank - Remix EP
14. Freiraum, Killa India, E-22
15. R. Stevie Moore, You Must Be Out Of My Mind, Tra La La La Phooey!

16. Pol B & Binarymind, Bernard l'Evier le Retour, Thanks for the biscuits
17. Kiff'On, Kung-Fu Funk, Nes Funky
18. LUXUS, Ablativus Absolutus, A Fart in your General Direction

19. Twizzle, Barefoot girl, Soda Fountain
20. Maus, 3 - 0, Recogniser
21. Messer Chups, Contact 1 2 3 4, Numerology

22. Chillheimer&Klangflittchen, eyes wide open, remix
23. dubsy asylum, something for the oldies, lo sono ep
24. Happy Elf, Don't Make Love in Paris, Output from the past
25. Lonah, Artiste, Pieces

Marzipan snowmen

Marzipan snowmen
Originally uploaded by fanny_the_fairy.
Oh, yeah, Right around the corner...

3 Days Left

I'm being sucked into the Christmas vortex. There is no escape...

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Dec 19, 2005

Black Sweater, White Christmas: The Audio File

Here it is for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays from the crew at BSWC.

Thanks to for their cool yule logo.

BSWC 12.03.05: Audio File Now Available

Getting rid of the backlog: Here is the audio file from the December 3 program. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

BSWC 12.10.05: Audio File Now Available

Catching up with our backlog: Here is the audio file from the December 10th program. Enjoy.

Dec 17, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.17.05

  1. easter (radio edit) by iermoc
  2. jingle bells by hardvoltnine
  3. Tidings of Comfort by Comfort Stand Recordings
  4. The Comfort Zone by Lee Rosevere
  5. Your Beautiful Flower by Room
  6. Velvetman by Ton Rückert
  7. We Come From Venus by Gltch Btch
  8. sticky viscous gel by big sugar victorious
  9. ding dong! by protoplasm daddy
  10. "Sliding Cavern" (Deep Green Mix) by lethal
  11. Just One Man (Treatment) by fourstones
  12. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  13. Paranormal_Soundtrack by Lui-Mp3
  14. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bobby Baby
  15. Mackin Clan - Rudolf from Sweet Thunder Found Sound
  16. 4-bit christmas by vim!
  17. Tidings of Comfort by Comfort Stand Recordings
  18. It's Flowers In January by Minus Kelvin
  19. Town Hall - Take One (Eloi Brunelle Remix) by Mossa
  20. Énergy - Eloi Brunelle Remix by Alexandre Bilodeau
  21. Piknic moderne by Eloi Brunelle
  22. wakey wakey wales - it's xmas! by vim!
  23. joytotheworldexceptfortheforiegnworkers by nybbl
  24. ItsChristmasBaby by theHitOnList
  25. Christmas in the Attic by The Hit On List
  26. silent night by nero

Dec 10, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.10.05

  1. Beside U by Artemis
  2. Quelque part by Christian DIDELOT
  3. Cincinmusser by Jerry King Musser
  4. Ramanujan by Cargo Cult
  5. Ramadan by Nood
  6. Honesty Got Lots Of Spies by Rene Vis
  7. Camille's aquarium by De Zwervende Keien
  8. The Only Thing I Want For Christmas by Eddie Cantor
  9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bobby Baby
  10. Crazy Little Country by AlpenDub
  11. Kraeuter Pfluecken by AlpenDub
  12. Blood Ties by Cezary Ostrowski
  13. Crazy by Beth Quist
  14. Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) b y Antony Raijekov
  15. One Loop Below by Cezary Ostrowski
  16. More Than 2 Sides (Treatment) by fourstones
  17. Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit) by Colektro
  18. Problèmes d'amour (the original) by Alexander Robotnick
  19. pulse-(whomadewho mix) by namosh
  20. Summersound by Self
  21. The Space Bandidos by Gorowksi
  22. You're the Murdera by J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science
  23. My Africa - teru remix by P. Mac, teru
  24. I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
  25. Age_Of_Curiousity by Ashwan
  26. One Question (featuring P.Mac) by GaryM

Dec 3, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.03.05

  1. In Your Bed (instrumental mix) by Mercy Machine
  2. Fond sonore n°6 by solcarlus
  3. De la bile de mutants mangeurs de foie g... by Christian DIDELOT
  4. être soi-même by thierry blanchard
  5. sun_shine by Pretty Boy Blue & the Mood
  6. Doctor Poppycock by James Lileks
  7. Giga Lounge by Gigaboy
  8. Off by Bep
  9. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  10. Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups
  11. Shaky girl by Christian DIDELOT
  12. FatBackBeat by Manuzik
  13. SurfSurLaPlage by Manuzik
  14. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Manuzik
  15. Chickenheart Doom Mix by James Lileks
  16. heavy by Space Junk Cowboys
  17. Too_much_soul by Uberfuzz
  18. dreams_fade_edit by Alphastone
  19. Smoky Smoky by Coconut Monkeyrocket
  20. It's Snack Time by Fortyone
  21. Simply Ravenous My Dear by Fortyone
  22. Na Na Na Na by Chenard Walcker
  23. Fuzzy Math by The Bots
  24. Munchausen_Syndrome_Boogie by Uberfuzz
  25. Don-Ki-Not by Antony Raijekov
  26. Lunna tango by Antony Raijekov
  27. everywhere-DU-remix by hari ossa
  28. only by DeutscheUnschuld feat.J.Lang/Nails/G.Wills
  29. thinkin_of_u by Darkside