Sep 5, 2009

RubberDucky - Monday

Hot off the presses, Sketchbook by Rubber Ducky came through Jamendo a couple of days ago. This is not electronic, nor is it avant-garde, and definitely not pop; so a bit of a departure from many of my posts. You may think I am being a little heavy on Jamendo, but so many Creative Commons Licensed releases come through it that BSWC could probably be a podcast focused on Jamendo and not run out of interesting music.

Sketchbook is fun to listen to from start to finish. Real instruments, male and female vocals, lots of drums and guitar. I'd like to see Rubber Ducky live. However, there seems to be no information about the band anywhere. Certainly none on Jamendo. RubbyD please post some!

This tune is reminiscent of the Proclaimers (just a little) but with a great female vocal.

RubberDucky - Monday

Sep 4, 2009

DoKashiteru - 2025

Well, the pace continues and it was only a matter of time before our attention returned to ccMixter, the Creative Commons remix site. If you have visited and sampled the goods, then do yourself a favor and check this out. To start I went through the Editor Picks and very quickly found this track, timely, topical and downright excellent.
Noisy, raucous, rude and brilliant fun. Those krazy kids Do Kashiteru finds their groove and then dare you to get the hook(s) out of your head. Beneath all the flash bombs is a damn fine piece of arranging that despite gong-ing themselves, shows off a real talent.
Ahh, time to dig in.

DoKashiteru - 2025

Sep 3, 2009

Roglok - Home Is Where The Trash Is

Hell, I forgot how much fun it is to hunt for CC music across the net. I love this one. It is a release by an artist called Roglok on a netlabel called upitup. The release goes by the name Out of disorder.

According to the release notes he turned in a monster set at a picknick date in Berlin. Is there video?
With his second album Roglok releases yet another insane masterpiece. It seems that the kid who designed our website has not only found his own sound (we call it hobby) but also brought it to perfection: gummy acid basslines over punchy dancefloor beats, that ridiculous melody you can't get out of your head, some gabber and techno. His legendary set at Picknick in Berlin turned the place upside down and made the hipsters lose their aloofness. You just have to dance!

Give this one a shot.

Roglok - Home Is Where The Trash Is

Pornophonique - Sad Robot

Following up on two themes, robots and Jamendo, here is a track that I've been listening to for quite some time and have neglected to post.  Sad Robot is a track off of Pornophonic's 2007 release 8-bit lagerfeuer.  It has lots of tasty components for me: 8-bit samples, robots, and catchy progressions.  Also a good album cover -- we shouldn't judge a book entirely by its cover, but a good one is sure hard not to pick up in the first place.

A month after the initial release, Pornophonique released a cover album that remixes 8-bit lagerfeuer... also very good and available here.

Sad Robot, Pornophonique

Sep 2, 2009

Konsumprodukt - Divorcio Robot

Rumbero Elegante is the name of a release that first appeared in May, 2009. Konsumprodukt is a project of of Spanish based Alejandro Remeseiro that consists of quite a few delicious little bites. A little lounge, a little techno and little just say what...I was torn as to what to post, but you should feel free to go to and check out the entire release.
"Rumbero elegante" is obviously influenced by the styles and rhythms of Alejandros home country in the first place, but he adds some wicked twists and turns that clearly show his special view on music.
The netlabel Laridae released this one and I can't wait to see what else they've been up to lately.

Konsumprodukt - Divorcio Robot

Sep 1, 2009

Amalfi - Do It Right is a fantastic source for free music covered by Creative Commons licenses. I need to make some time to get over to this Euro-resource, but BlocSonic has me covered for now. They released a compilation of ten artists that have posted their music at Jamendo this last May.

The compilation is called netBloc Vol. 21: opening your ears with jamendo.

BlocSonic has released over 20 compilations of net music with plans for two more coming in the next few months. They are doing great work and if you are looking for a mediated approach to collecting free music from the net this is a good starting point.

Two great sources in one post. Cool.

Amalfi - Do It Right