Nov 27, 2006

BSWC 08.19.06: Subsystem's Baby

Biotic was on vacation in Nova Scotia and Subsystem was at the controls. I don't have a playlist for this one. Great music and then in the first hour there is a discussion with two females that dropped into the studio. The basic question: What is Creative Commons music and what does it mean?

Enjoy this short trip back in time.

BSWC 08.19.06

Nov 25, 2006

BSWC 11.25.06: Variety and Mystery on a Night in November

11.27.06 Update: Here is the audio file that resulted from the show.

With pleasure, I present this evening's program. "Variety" and "Mystery" are the bywords tonight. Please enjoy.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.

link to iTunes 1-click

Grant Robertson over at CC:365 has a nice little primer on how-to subscribe to podcasts. If you have any questions on using an RSS feed it is very useful.

Mein Mann by Doc
Kripo Munchen by Doc

Une soire chez clothilde coureau by macmartin
Glucklich by Sir Oliver
Haut aus Orange by bergen
sushiforbeginners by Emanuele Napolitano
Dawnbreaker by DJ Tripswitch
Rainy Day by Tatsu
i can ride by thor
The point of view by altor dj
Shiva by kolslok
hunting the dugong by theWell
ton in ton by christian walt
Groovy Saudi by Daniela
BSWC Promo #1 (short) by Lee Rosevere
Fishes Wishes by Daniel Carew
Digital Data by ASHWAN
Child of The Union by La Belle Alliance
Daerden,c'est le Gainsbourg de la politique by 433 erOs
Saudade by Telmo A.
Terroriste terrorism by Alchimie
Méchant by TORP

Nov 20, 2006

Clearing the Backlog: Here is 10.28.06 (Germany and Beyond)

Whoa, it's almost the end of November and I haven't cleared 10.28.06. Well, it was a good show and now it is available for your enjoyment. Here is the file.

Nov 6, 2006

On Day 310 CC:365 meets Pureape

Busy week for biotic...still posting over at CC:365:

"Here is another Swiss connection for CC:365. Pureape is from Zurich and releases their music on the netlabel, Alpinechic. Speed Up is a punchy, little electro tune to heat up your Tuesday.

From their Myspace page:


Pureape has two shows coming up in December. Look for them December 6 in Fribourg and then December 9 in Buttisholz. You can also hear more Pureape this coming Saturday on Black Sweater, White Cat."

Pureape - Speed Up (2:32)

Lisa Debenedictis and YouTube

Recent work from a long-time BSWC friend, Gurdonark...

A search for Lisa pulls up a handful of videos with attribution to her music. This is one of the great things about CC...good CC music can become a social meme and take off...In Gurdonark's words:

Lisa DeBenedictis' song Tigers appears o Lisa DeBenedictis' song Tigers appears on her album Tigers from Lisa is one of the most remixed artists on the 'net, because she kindly posts her a capellas with Creative Commons licenses for others to remix. One of those remixes of her voice, "Brilliant Daze", by professional hip hop musician and producer Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla, even found its way onto a lonelygirl15 video.

This music video is itself a kind of Creative Commons visual remix. The photographs, which are credited in the film, are all by artists who kindly granted BY or BY SA licenses to use their work. This kind of sharing makes for a Creative Commons (see which is a wonderful alternative to major-corporate-hegemony musical culture.

The visuals of this film are therefore licensed Creative Commons BY SA, while the music is BY SA NC, which permits non-commercial uses.

Thanks to Lisa and her husband B. for allowing use of photos of her in the film.

Later this week we'll take a look at some of the lonelygirl15 stuff.

Nov 5, 2006

Biotic at CC:365: Monk Turner is Day 309

As noted previously, I'm taking my turn posting at CC:365 this week. Today I took the opportunity to share Monk Turner with CC:365 subscribers:

"Monk Turner is a friend of mine at He sent me a message a few weeks ago asking what sort of payola it takes to get included on Black Sweater, White Cat. It just takes some love, baby. I busted out this tune a week or so ago and wow!

Monk has a ton of material at He bills himself as a "Galactic Defender of the Concept Album."

About Monk Turner:

Monk Turner does not write songs. He writes albums.

If you only listen to a song or two, you're missing the point.

Monk began his music career in the early 1990s as a principal songwriter for several groups. It was during this Dark Age that "The Hit Single" phenomenon began to decimate popular music.

Having his own soul saved by rock 'n' roll (think Pink Floyd's The Wall, The Who's Tommy and Rush's 2112) Monk has dedicated his life to becoming a galactic defender of the Concept Album.

Today's version of She's the American Hippie Girl is from a live performance recorded at KXLU in Los Angeles.

Monk Turner_She's the American Hippie Girl (5:10)"

BSWC 11.04.06: Boy, that was fast...

Here is the Starfrosch special edition of Black Sweater, White Cat. While the show was in progress I formally joined the bunch at Starfrosch...I have my very own account now. Very cool. Thanks to Starfrosch for having me!

Nov 4, 2006

BSWC 11.4.06: Hats off to Starfrosch!

That's right, hats off to Starfrosch. It has been about a year since I hipped to what these guys were doing in Bern. I posted their tune Starguitar to CC365 this morning and felt good about it all day. So here is a show that says, "Thank You, Starfrosch!"

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

what_you_say by starfrosch
Musik by kru$h feat. centerpole
pluie_en_bourgogne_echo_mix by Centerpole

last night by centerpole
I Consume Anti-Consumption by Vidian
Bubbles For Bellboys by Otis Fodder
La danse de Fatima by Ehma
Andology (Remix) by Bangguru
Betty Ford by 18 Cappuccino
Time by René Vis
Starguitar by Starfrosch
Absolutely smoking cigars by Kukkiva Kunnas
Serie 3 (McLoud Wall Remix) by Starfrosch
Please me by Kukkiva Kunnas
Down on the floor by Happy Elf
What Is Love by Electro
r_evolution by starfrosch
trace_of_the_sun by Centerpole
Kids by DJ Drinks
sevenhundredbeats by duncan_beattie
Clock Works by Seiji Toda
Don't you (ft. s;thaens/j.dewachter) by stefsax
plastic by DAF
Movement Revolution by Cranston Foundation
attaque la banque by Miss Helium

From Bern, Switzerland, It's Starfrosch!

As mentioned previously, this is my week for posting CC music at Here is Day 308:

"I don't completely understand what they are doing over there in Bern, Switzerland with this Starfrosch concept, but that has not kept me from entirely enjoying what they do. It's a podcast, a web 2.0 net community, a Creative Commons music name it, it seems like they have it going on...

Here is something that I stumbled on while putting together tonight's Black Sweater, White Cat. (This song made it into Set #4). I tend to like tunes that include a touch of the electronic along with that organic guitar sound. Yesterday's Day 307-Seiji Toda-Clock Works had that going for it as well.

Here is how the Starfroschers describe what they do and this release, da schau her, on

starfrosch is a collective from bern (.ch) bringing us a
surprisingly popesque and very playful release.

in addition starfrosch is also a platform for podcasting, netaudio-news, networking and a gamecenter. according to douglas adams "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy", frogstar world b is the planet which plans the restaurant at the end of the universe.

that's where we all would like to go, to hear jeannie casey (voc) and carina schilling (voc) unfold their voices, and sing themself into the souls of the listeners. while christoph geissbühler (piano), markus koller (laptop), adriano schneider (guitar) and daniel schärer (bass) are concentrating on groove and harmony during their recording sessions. those guys don't talk about musical biographies, but instead feel like they were born with their instruments and play. and their tonal diversity is best reflected in the music.

It is great, they are great.

Starfrosch-Starguitar (4:33)

P.S. If you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to the WBCR-LP stream and hear BSWC unfold live.

This song posted by Biotic and I approve of this message."

Nov 3, 2006

Day 307 over at CC:365

I'm simply going nuts over Seiji Toda's tune, Clock Works. I just posted this over at CC:365. I'll be posting there all week.

"Clock Works appeared on two Black Sweater, White Cat playlists during the month of October. I'm completely in love with this song. If you happen on this page and don't subscribe to the CC:365 feed you owe it to yourself to click and download this song. But, what the hell, subscribe and take full advantage of the CC:365 experience.

According to Music Podcast, this is Mr. Toda's second solo release. This song is on a release called There She Goes. His first release was "Hello World" ten years ago.

Podshower has this to say about Mr. Toda and his work:

Famous for being a modernist, the unique Lyricism that lingers from his work for some reason makes one cry. His Latest work along with his sophisticated song-writing is symbolic with the melodic electronica scene of Europe. If there is a music folklore of the computer world in the first half of 21st century, his work will be the one, Masterpiece. In attendance will be extravagant musicians such as Yasuyuki Shimizu(Sax), Keiichi Suzuki(whistler), Saeko Suzuki(Dr. Chorus).

There is also a fantastic little video of the song available at

This song posted by Biotic and I approve of this message.

Seiji Toda-Clock Works (5:13)

P.S. Now it is back to to see what other joy they have for me..."

Nov 2, 2006

BSWC 10.14.06: I really liked this show, listening to it while I write this.

Here is the audio file for the 10.14.06. This show really felt good. Please enjoy. You can find the linked playlist here.