Jan 29, 2015

Sgt. Penarlaster - Goodbye Gino

Bulgarian netlabel, Dusted Wax Kingdom has just released the second in a two-part Extended Play collection by Russian artist Sgt. Penarlaster.  The music captures that sort of retro downtempo triphop feel that is Dusted Wax Kingdom's calling card.

The track we are posting today does a really nice job blending and using found audio as a central element.  We think you're going to like it.  

Sergeant Penarlaster is Serge Khurs, a musician from Moscow.  He reflects on his artistic approach on his Soundcloud page:
My music is a mix of retrospective sounds, beats and melodies that are born on the soil of my own feelings.
Part one of this series was released in January 2014.  Our bet is that you will want to experience both of them.

Sgt. Penarlaster - Goodbye Gino

Jan 28, 2015

Mabafu - Changes (Featuring Alena Sola)

One of my pleasures in this project has been the relationship with blocSonic and today's post gives a good example of the interplay between the two sites.  Back when we began the One-a-Day project blocSonic was pretty new and quickly became a go-to for excellent taste in CC music.  

That it became a two street with the release of netBloc Volume 7 (10 From 200 plus one) was very cool.  netBloc Volume 7 was the blocSonic selection of 10 tunes from our first 200 One-a-Day posts. One of the selected posts was a tune by Mabafu called All the Working Girls.  

And now the loop comes around.  Back in March 2013, blocSonic released a collection of work by Mabafu called Little Boy with 6 tunes.  Love it.  Mabafu presents a wonderful blending of styles that is difficult to describe.  The release page takes a stab:

a six track EP of soulful, fun & dubtastic lounge music which also features a talented group of collaborators.
I went with this lovely vocal number, but go get the entire release and don't miss out on the instrumental, Bersarinplatz.

Mabafu - Changes (Featuring Alena Sola)

Jan 27, 2015

Zipp - Pour Quoi Royale

Bam!  Energy right off the bat in today's post.  This tune is the leadoff on a Various Artists release called Retrovision from Mixgalaxy Records.  I don't have anything on the artist except that they have three tunes in this collection.  

Zipp is from Ukraine and appears to be a project by Yevhen Danchenko.  

That's all I have on the artist so, instead, a bit about the netlabel:
MixGalaxy Records is a Russian net-label formed in 2009 by the users of a MixGalaxy.ru forum with the aim of delivering diverse music to its listeners. The initial goals were to foster a sense of dialog and mutual aid among musicians. Over time, though, enough interesting material was gathered that the idea emerged of distributing it. Now the prime objective of MixGalaxy Records is to develop music written by independent Russian (and foreign) composers; in addition we hope to find a committed audience for those same musicians, too. This is all done according to the key principles of variety and a maximally broad range of genres. www.mixgalaxyrecords.com
The release is a wonderful collection of lounge, exotica and all that stuff that we love so much at BSWC.

Zipp - Pour Quoi Royale

Jan 26, 2015

Ashwan - Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto

‘Electric Relaxation’ by ashwan.
Wow.  Ashwan and ditto ditto in the same post.  I'm in ccMixter.org heaven.  Longtime mixter, Ashwan (2005) incorporates work by another longtime mixter, ditto ditto (2007) to create this amazing remix.

Ashwan is an artist as well as being a music producer.  He was born in Liverpool and now lives and works in Barcelona.

Ditto Ditto has been on the ccMixter scene since 2007 and has appeared in these pages before.  He is a skilled mixter and has also contributed some wonderful samples over the years.

Also, contributions come from Forensic, Ms. Vybe, and Snowflake.  Here is what Ashwan had to say about this piece:
I got seduced by Ditto Ditto’s remix of Snowflakes ‘The Light’, and inspired by the anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down recently and how that can function as a metaphor for the groundbreaking work that everyone involved in ccmixter is doing.
Always amazed at what a little time at ccMixter will turn up.  Turn it Up!

Ashwan - Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto

Jan 25, 2015

Koncrete Roots - Guns Don't Argue

Well, folks familiar with BSWC will be aware of a fondness for both dub and ska that has been exhibited over the years.  Time to put some more in the feed. Guns Don't Argue is from a release on the netlabel, Dubophonic called Rudie Dubplates.  This is a great extended play collection of dub work that has a ska feel to it.  Nice 2-fer.  The Guns of Brixton remix is awesome.

Dubophonic is a relatively new label with a focus on some really cool dub work. They are based in Cyprus and work with artists all over the world:
We try to retain focus on the art of dub music in its most diverse forms, whether it would be electronic or acoustic/organic, roots or steppers, classic or contemporary. We are especially interested to promote crossover projects, fusing dub music with other genres of music, trying to define the outest boundaries of dub. 
Koncrete Roots’ style can be described as a deeply rooted dub sound with a modern day steppa twist. This twist makes all the difference and gives an electro dubness to their traditional rootical sound introducing some great vibes.
Explore the rootical.

Koncrete Roots - Guns Don't Argue

Jan 24, 2015

Marco Mestichella - Mi Avvicino A Te

Fresh sounds from blocSonic for your Saturday morning.  This single dropped yesterday and it is outstanding.  A dreamy feel seemingly with the mists of the old world swirling around your ears.  

He uses illpop as the category.  This works for me.

Some words from the artist description at blocSonic:
Calling his music ‘ILLPOP’, he describes the sounds as being a blend of trip-hop, soft rock, retro-pop and cinematic soundtracks. Marco’s musical influences are mainly from the 70’s and 90’s.
Marco is from Italy and now works and gigs in London.  His work has become a BSWC favorite and we look forward to more.

Thanks for listening.

Jan 23, 2015

Lee Maddeford - What am I going to do?

How Lee Maddeford is not in the feed before this is a huge mystery. I can remember being aware his huge talent and fine production skills back in the day, but stumbled onto a track posted at Opsound and followed it back to his website.


If you are looking for a true CC music gusher, then drill here. Truly amazing.

There is a Free Music Archive collection curated by Oddio Overplay, as well. The one thing that lacks is a really good biography of this artist. Looking at a translated French Wikipedia page we can see that he was born in 1959, settled in Switzerland in the 80's, spent time in Seattle and logged in Alaska. He was involved in a Randy Newman tribute album called Newman Waits Here.

He was an early adopter of Creative Commons.

The selections on his page are varied in style and substance. You really need to go visit and behold.

Lee Maddeford - What am I going to do?

Jan 22, 2015

Nomada - Aven le Roma (Stereotype Remix)

From CC Hungary comes a 14 track remix CD based on the Nomada track, Aven le Roma. It is a diverse collection of takes on the track--some really put the tune on it's ear, so to speak. I selected the Stereotype Remix because it skews closer to the original (which I love), but introduced some twists.

Nomada derives their music from the Hungarian Gypsy tradition but incorporates a variety of musical styles. They are a five piece group founded by Roma singer-guitarist Balough Gusztav in 2003.

The Stereotype Remix was created by Krischan Schallenberger.

Nomada - Aven le Roma (Stereotype Remix) (4:47)

Juanitos - Glitter Bomb

Gotta love a Best of release, particularly when it's the Best of Jaunitos.  We happened to notice this tune was the most popular Juanitos tune (there are quite a few) on Jameno.com during 2014. In fact, it had 140,000 downloads and most of the others were around 40,000.  Our interest was piqued.

It's a great tune.

A snappy 60's beat with an upbeat lounge sensibility and horns.  What more could you ask for?

We posted some Jaunitos early in the month and here we are back at the trough...love, love, love.

Juanitos - Glitter Bomb

Jan 21, 2015

Dr. Mindflip - All Time Low

The Doctors are in at BSWC.  This morning a turn with Dr. Freebs and this evening a moment or two with Dr. Mindflip.  

This outstanding tune is from a Summer release called Every Waking Moment from blocSonic.  The netlabel, blocSonic is an incredibly deep project launched in the middle decade and still going. It is diverse and strong and dedicated to helping populate the commons with really great sounds.

Dr. Mindflip has done a turn here at BSWC and we are happy to feature his eclectic sounds (I'm thinking "rabid lounge") for your enjoyment.

Here is a little bit from the liner notes:
With Every Waking Moment, Dr. Mindflip brings his brand of sinister, hallucinogenic pop, but the band lends a depth not heard thus far.
Sit back with a cocktail and enjoy an All Time Low.

Dr. Mindflip - All Time Low