Feb 8, 2017

Scomber - Electric Lady Supastar

Well, here we are. It's been over a year since the last post. Nothing for 2016, nada.

It's a new year and here we go...no promises.

Fitting to start with something from ccMixter. Scomber has posted a lovely little "robo" love song. We love robot love here at BSWC. This number fits right in with quirky lyrics by Scomber mixed with a sweet acoustic jazz guitar track by Clarence Simpson.

It's February. It's Love (of a sort).

It's the ccMixter Key of Love - Valentines Day Remix Event. Tis' the season of love and ccMixter has you covered.

We just heard of some good news from Subsystem 7 and were inspired. Felicitations to Subsystem.

Scomber - Electric Lady Supastar

Nov 25, 2015

Viktor Van River - OCD

Back from a little break and just in time for some Fall chill from our new favorite netlabel, Dusted
Wax Kingdom.

The name of the release is Damaged and the artist is Viktor Van River hailing from Kazakistan. 

We hear things are on the move and we want to move to the groove.

Viktor Van River - OCD

May 8, 2015

Jovem Palerosi - Deuses Mutados (feat. Independência ou Marte)

Today we feature a fine release from our friends at Bump Foot.  

The release is called Mouseen and was released last August.

Jovern Palerosi found some wonderful Brazilian artists to sample and these seven tracks are the result.  

One of the tracks features Chico Correa who has a fantastic release on Bump Foot and has been featured on these pages before.

Jovem Palerosi - Deuses Mutados (feat. Independência ou Marte)

May 7, 2015

Billano - Ninas Fresas

Man, we love strawberries.

Today we dip into a pretty cool hip-hop scene in Mexico City. We have posted music by LFA and Billano and Luis René in the past and decided to visit Billano's Soundcloud page and stream some tunes.

Billano is a dj who loves the solo format, as well as performing with a band. He is from southern Mexico City.

Today's track is from a release called Poetics of Sunset that was put together with LFA in the producer's chair.

This track stood out and here it is.

Billano - Ninas Fresas

May 6, 2015

Ricky Eat Acid - A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion

In honor of Creative Common's 10th anniversary a few years ago the netlabel Bad Panda put together a playlist that we discovered on CC-Europe's Soundcloud page.  

Some really nice stuff on this list, but we were immediately attracted by "Robot" and "Moon Mansion".  BSWC has always had a thing for Space, Sex and Robots.

Great track by Ricky Eat Acid and while we type this their Soundcloud stream is playing on behind us.  Worth checking out.  There is a bunch of material at Bandcamp, as well.

He has a note about his motivation on multiple channels:
lately i've been really into music that sounds like it's reaching upwards to God and falling short, over & over
Always reaching, higher and higher. 

Ricky Eat Acid - A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion

Frenic - Money Ain't No Women

Today's track is from a blocSonic netBloc release called Antididonai.  This was #39 in the series. It was released in November 2012. 

netBloc #39 has a great collection of tracks from a broad spectrum of artists (one of whom was featured in yesterday's post).

Bristol artist and producer Frenic describes his music on his Facebook page:
Frenic's music production reflects his D.J influences and a love of old retro sounds creating deep emotional music."Essentially Im a hip-hop D.J but I don't just play Hip-Hop Records". His tunes touch on hip-hop, breaks, DnB, dubstep, funk, soul, rock and anything that bounces!.
If you are exploring the universe of Creative Commons music then you can't do much better than to immerse yourself in this amazing series of releases. We are regularly impressed and surprised by what we find there.

Frenic - Money Ain't No Women

May 5, 2015

Professor Kliq - Wire & Flashing Lights

Back on February 18 we posted a track by the good professor for the first time.  Time to circle back 'cause this is pretty awesome.

This is the title track off the release which you can find on Professor Kliq's Soundcloud page.  

Professor Kliq is Mike Else from Chicago.  He has been producing music since 1999 and places all of his original work in the Creative Commons.

We owe a tip of the hat to Laika who contributed this as part of a Top Ten List to our friends at Starfrosch.  It's a great list.  

If you are looking for a good aggregator of CC music you should definitely dip your toes in the warm Swiss waters of Starfrosch.

Professor Kliq - Wire & Flashing Lights

May 4, 2015

Miranda Shvangiradze - Ready for the Trip

Things are bubbling right along here at BSWC.  No dust gathering beneath our feet.

Featured in this post is a lovely 2012 VKRS release called Talk to Me. Miranda Shvangiradze is originally from Georgia but is currently living in the U.S.  This is a collection of instrumental piano tracks with a nice dollop of electronics.

She has a Soundcloud page that features her more current work along with some ringtones and the like.

The liner notes for the release provide a list of her influences:
Her music is influenced by Mozart, Chopin, Georgian folk and many contemporary artists like Imogen Heap, Roykssopp, Coldplay, and Katie Melua.
Feel the bubbles.

Miranda Shvangiradze - Ready for the Trip

Lonah - Fly Me

We've been looking back at playlists of old to check in with some artists we followed back in 2005 and 2006. Many are nowhere to be found, remembered only by the tracks they left on archive.org or on netlabels that have gone extinct. But many are still active, or somewhere in between.  Lonah, from Paris France, looks to be somewhere in between.

Today we present you with Fly Me, the third track from Lonah's second release on Jamendo, Au fond du temps [estrella sin cara].  It is the digital version of an album that was a collaboration with BinaryMind. You can see some of the wonderful artwork on the Jamendo page.


Lonah - Fly Me

May 3, 2015

Hasenchat - Everybody

Artist, social media, netlabel...we are not quite sure how to describe Hasenchat, but we found this track on Jamendo.com and wanted to share.

Hasenchat has a bunch of tracks on the ever wonderful Jamendo, however there isn't a lot of information. We followed the link to the Hasenchat.net site and found this bit of description:
In 1997 we Started in Germany in the Local Area of ” Hassberge ” Bavaria. The Coat of Arms of this Area is a Rabbit ( Hase is the German Name for Rabbit, Hasen are more than one Rabbit ) So Hasen for the Coat of Arms and Chat for the Chat System. The HasenChat at the Time of 1997 to 2014 was a Free Chat System like Facebook or Google Plus.
We still have questions, but we do love rabbits.

Hasenchat - Everybody