Apr 24, 2015

Boogie Belgique - Stairway To The USSR

After our belated discovery of the aural excellence of Boogie Belgique earlier this year we have been digesting their back catalog.  This is some really great stuff.

Today's track comes from a July 2012 Dusted Wax Kingdom release called Blueberry Hill.  Amazing from first note to the last.

Boogie Belgique is based in Ghent.  Here is a little more on the release from the liner notes:
From top to bottom "Blueberry Hill" is filled up with electro swing moods, funky hip-hop rhythms and tasty jazzy samples. 
Dive in and lose yourself...

Boogie Belgique - Stairway To The USSR

Apr 23, 2015

April - Age of the Moon

The netlabel Evoke Records goes back to 1995 with it's roots as an art label with physical releases distributed mostly at art galleries.  Later it morphed into a digital netlabel.  

They recently re-released their catalog to mark their 10th anniversary.  

Evoke artist, April had a great collection called Age of the Moon.  We are pleased to present the title track. In fact, we are especially pleased because it fits in with the space part of our Space and Sex preoccupation.

April - Age of the Moon

Apr 22, 2015

Sp. Ace - Caravan (feat. Faerytale)

When in doubt go with the Dusted Wax Kingdom catalog. Wow. There is some great stuff therein.

Remarkably, I have absolutely nothing on the artist Sp. Ace except they are from Latvia.  It's a great release called Caravan of Lightbulbs.  It is about a year old, released on April 14, 2014.


Sp. Ace - Caravan (feat. Faerytale)

Apr 21, 2015

Nambavan - Devushka Naprotiv (Po Glazam)

Here is an older, perhaps wiser version of Nambavan.  He has appeared on the BSWC radio program here, here, here, here, and here. He also has a track in the One-a-Day feed that was posted February 20, 2007.  Ok, we really like the guy.

This tune is from a WM Recordings release from May 20, 2011 called Modnay Discoteka.

Nambavan is Linar Bilalov.  He is originally from Kazan, the capital of  Tatarstan (also known as the "Third Capital of Russia"). 

We found his origin story on his website:
...a bright young man with a passion for Rodchenko, Bauhaus and '70s gay disco, thrust into a vortex of small-town degradation. He christened himself Nambavan (a corruption of Number One) and recorded a couple of albums' worth of aggressive minimal techno with crass, no-holds-barred lyrics. "Chechnya on the Dancefloor," "So Many Men, So Little Time," "I Passed Your Girlfriend Around," "Babu Po Ebalu!!!" were all shock value and no hidden message. The music, however, was quite remarkable for something recorded on a home computer with a cheap guitar and a karaoke mike. His ear-scarring barrage of raw hate and stories of abuse spread over the Web like fire through a city dump. A gig in Berlin and a dozen good reviews later, Linar decided that simply singing from the dark corners of a thug's skull was not enough. 
We are glad to get reacquainted.

Nambavan - Devushka Naprotiv (Po Glazam)

Apr 20, 2015

Loveshadow - This LifeBoat (Let's Change)

We decided to take a loop through ccMixter.org to see what's up.  Smooth dance rhythm with a message anyone?

Loveshadow and Snowflake sound like they have been working together in a studio for years.  No, Snowflake provides the 'pella and Loveshadow lays the tracks down.

If you have been around this blog over the years you will know that we love our ccMixter.  

If you haven't, then get on over and experience the outrageously huge collection of Creative Commons mixing that have happening over there the past 10 or so years.  If you are looking for the definitive search tool for the site there is dig.ccmixter.org.  Take it for a spin.

Loveshadow - This LifeBoat (Let's Change)

Apr 19, 2015

Parapunte - You are dreaming

We are going to stay with Japanese netlabel Tanukineiri Records and are pleased to present their latest release, Primitive by Parapunte. This release hit the streets on Friday.

Dreamy Indie J-pop (yep, biotic tried to describe something).

Tanukineiri Records is based in Nagoya, Japan and as well as being a respectable netlabel also has a business in Japanese tableware.

Google doesn't do a particularly good job translating Japanese, but here is some text:
Osaka resident, by singer-songwriter Terry SusumuAkira and Akutsu Masumi
1st mini album of indie pop duo "Parupunte" "primitive".  Artwork, cartoonist, PV director, VJ et al., "Nagao Kenichiro" has been active in multi Parupunte was incorporating elements such as shoegazer, of 80s idle culture, psychedelic rock sound is characterized by unit.Worked warm sense of sound image of reverb, incorporating the technique of hip-hop dance music, to realize the infatuation likely to repeat phrases. Interprets the sweet pop song drifting Nosutariji of the contemporary, it is up to create a unique sound. Cults, but catchy pop song drifting nostalgia of such Best Coasts has emerged as a form of one of indie rock, rather than one that is simply imitation its music, unique to Japan Nosutariji "Techno Kayo", "folk rock" and " 80's subculture "incorporating I have evolved as a" new music ".

Enjoy some new music.

Parapunte - You are dreaming

Apr 18, 2015

Super Magic Hats - This Last Week

We were very happy to discover today's artist. Super Magic Hats is a Melbourne-based musician, beatmaker and producer. This Last Week appears on a collection called Slowly that was released February 28 by the Japanese netlabel Tanukineiri.  

They have a wonderful catalog with some intriguing compilations. You can get full release downloads from their website and they also post to both Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

How to describe Super Magic Hats' music?  I'll rely on the artist:
Half-heard/half-imagined vocals sit alongside vintage drum machines, soaring analogue synth lines mix with surf guitar, crisp production punches through recordings of rainy walks through the park.
Enjoy This Last Week.

Apr 17, 2015

Puyo Puyo - Grave Groove

Getting wild...the weekend is nigh...

Thanks to our friends at Netwaves for posting their tribute to Da ! Heard It Records, a netlabel that has catalog going back to 2006.

This track comes from a 2009 release called DiscoPuyo Puyo began his musical career as a New Wave drummer and from there began producing his own sounds and touring the continent and Mexico performing a reportedly wild stage show.

The liner notes describe the sound:
This album is a delicious witches brew of German new-wave, Psychopolka, Turbopop and that little Puyesque je-ne-sais-quoi, iodiosyncratic dissonant melodies, glitch and kitsch licks.
It is not Saturday, yet...

Puyo Puyo - Grave Groove

Apr 16, 2015

Ancient Lasers - Building Peace Through Better Weapons

Here is an awesome track from a 2013 release from the Russian netlabel, Clinical Archives.  The release is called You in the Future.

Ancient Lasers hail from lovely Whatcom County in the northwest corner of Washington State.  

[Full Disclosure: A radio program by the name of Black Sweater, White Cat first aired on radio station KUGS-FM in the county seat of Bellingham, WA during the 80's...mostly soul, R&B, Afropop and early hip hop.]

Ancient Lasers is a project of Daniel Finfer.  Inspired by the writings of Ray Kurzweil, he describes his approach:
...While his lyrics may sound like they are a stereo­typ­i­cal explo­ration of love, romance, and youth­ful bravado, they are actu­ally “a con­ver­sa­tion between my future and present selves, I’m sort of talk­ing back and forth through time.”
We're guessing you will want to listen in to the conversation.

Ancient Lasers - Building Peace Through Better Weapons

Apr 15, 2015

Möbius - Daft Funk

This track comes from a Various Artists compilation released on the Foot side of the wonderful netlabel, Bumpfoot. The release is called Footprints 2 and hit the streets on April 21, 2012.

Möbius is from Germany and first began to develop musical chops during his gaming sessions using an Amiga 500 in his childhood. 

He describes his music on his Facebook page:
My music can be described as a mixture of Amiga MOD-music, pop, chillout, some breaks, hard basses and a lot of atmosphere.
The netlabel Bumpfoot has been on the scene for many years now and features both "bump" releases and "foot" releases.  Both categories have many excellent releases.  Footprints 2 is a good starting point to explore the Bumpfoot universe. 

Möbius - Daft Funk