Dec 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syne from Comfort Stand

They were busy overnight at the factory. The end-of-year compilation is available:
"We decided to celebrate the changing of the year by asking artists from all over the world to take the song most associated in people's minds with New Years Eve (the old Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne'), and to provide their interpretations of the tune. Our new compilation release "Auld Lang Syne' is the result of that invitation!"

We are going to talk with Comfortstanders, Otis Fodder and Mr. Melvis tonight on BSWC. Tonight's show will be entirely devoted to the Comfort Stand netlabel. The program will post to the blog sometime in the next day or two. Thanks for listening.

Dec 28, 2005

The return of Podcast Extra #1

Here is the second coming of podex #1 just because we love Freiraum and it has Comfort Stand artist, Bruce Lenkei. It is a good set. Originally posted in November:

"Biotic is on vacation in the Rockies this week, but with the power of the internet here is a tasty tidbit of a set he put together last night. Great new music from Freiraum out of Switzerland along with Eloi Brunelle from Montreal, a Christian Didelot release from and a BSWC favorite by Bruce Lenkei that was released on the Comfort Stand netlabel compilation, "Comfort Cake"."

In Time for New Year's Eve: Podex #4

Here is some lovely lounge fare from Comfort Stand release 001, Two Zombies Later. We are looking forward to the New Year's release of Auld Lang Syne. Auld Lang Syne will be released on December 31, 2005 at Produced by mr_melvis and featuring a host of artists from current Comfort Stand luminaries to new acts joining their family.

BSWC will feature two hours of Comfort Stand music on New Year's eve from 9-11 pm from our terrestrial location, WBCR-LP 97.7 fm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The program will post to the blog sometime after that...We are hoping to feature music from Auld Lang Syne if it is available by showtime.

In the meantime, enjoy this little tidbit.

  1. Acapulco 2000 by Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction
  2. Bongo Avenger by Eric and Ryan Kilkenny
  3. Shaken Not Stirred by Br. Cleve and His Lush Orchestra
  4. Spy Perfume by Skip Heller's Hot Seven

Introducing: Black Sweater, White Cat logo

Also available as a handsome black t-shirt:

Thanks for listening.


Dec 25, 2005

BSWC 12.24.05 Audio File Available

Here is the program for 12.24.05. Like a Chinese Restaurant to Jewish Folks on Christmas. Thanks for listening.

Dec 24, 2005

Dec 21, 2005

BSWC 11.26.2005 - audio & playlist - now available

Yes. It took almost a month to post 11/26. Subsystem7 is learning the ropes with, an excellent and amazing resource. This show has many many great tracks, all CC. Available for download here: 192k mp3. Or you can go to the details page for BSWC 11/26/2005.

Here's the playlist, enjoy!

1. Thierry Blanchard, Quincailler de style, Quincailler de style
2. Gisela, Dorothy's Magic Bag Remix, V.A. Burning Chocolate
3. Martinibomb (Eric & Ryan Killkenny), las delicias, The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb SPLIT! Ep

4. zweieKKenkreis, milchsschaum der musik, politicide
5. Pan, Ophelia's Song, micromusic
6. Tomputer, Dødelig Flein, Dødelig Flein
7. krystoff, Loose in Space, JTR NET02
8. Howard Whiting (Solaris), Destination Lost

9. Nood, Urban Latvian Stomp, Shaped Like A Taco
10. Au Lit les Mômes, (La) fidèle Gastro, Au Lit les Mômes
11. Georgia & August Greenberg, Ring Around The Rosey, Sing Songs For You And Me
12. Philip Jackson, Nature Boy, Two Zombies Later: Strange and Unusual Music from the Exotica Mailing List

13. Geistfrei, dorntec - le electrotheque remix, The Spank - Remix EP
14. Freiraum, Killa India, E-22
15. R. Stevie Moore, You Must Be Out Of My Mind, Tra La La La Phooey!

16. Pol B & Binarymind, Bernard l'Evier le Retour, Thanks for the biscuits
17. Kiff'On, Kung-Fu Funk, Nes Funky
18. LUXUS, Ablativus Absolutus, A Fart in your General Direction

19. Twizzle, Barefoot girl, Soda Fountain
20. Maus, 3 - 0, Recogniser
21. Messer Chups, Contact 1 2 3 4, Numerology

22. Chillheimer&Klangflittchen, eyes wide open, remix
23. dubsy asylum, something for the oldies, lo sono ep
24. Happy Elf, Don't Make Love in Paris, Output from the past
25. Lonah, Artiste, Pieces

Marzipan snowmen

Marzipan snowmen
Originally uploaded by fanny_the_fairy.
Oh, yeah, Right around the corner...

3 Days Left

I'm being sucked into the Christmas vortex. There is no escape...

Originally uploaded by Rosebud23

Dec 19, 2005

Black Sweater, White Christmas: The Audio File

Here it is for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays from the crew at BSWC.

Thanks to for their cool yule logo.

BSWC 12.03.05: Audio File Now Available

Getting rid of the backlog: Here is the audio file from the December 3 program. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

BSWC 12.10.05: Audio File Now Available

Catching up with our backlog: Here is the audio file from the December 10th program. Enjoy.

Dec 17, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.17.05

  1. easter (radio edit) by iermoc
  2. jingle bells by hardvoltnine
  3. Tidings of Comfort by Comfort Stand Recordings
  4. The Comfort Zone by Lee Rosevere
  5. Your Beautiful Flower by Room
  6. Velvetman by Ton Rückert
  7. We Come From Venus by Gltch Btch
  8. sticky viscous gel by big sugar victorious
  9. ding dong! by protoplasm daddy
  10. "Sliding Cavern" (Deep Green Mix) by lethal
  11. Just One Man (Treatment) by fourstones
  12. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  13. Paranormal_Soundtrack by Lui-Mp3
  14. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bobby Baby
  15. Mackin Clan - Rudolf from Sweet Thunder Found Sound
  16. 4-bit christmas by vim!
  17. Tidings of Comfort by Comfort Stand Recordings
  18. It's Flowers In January by Minus Kelvin
  19. Town Hall - Take One (Eloi Brunelle Remix) by Mossa
  20. Énergy - Eloi Brunelle Remix by Alexandre Bilodeau
  21. Piknic moderne by Eloi Brunelle
  22. wakey wakey wales - it's xmas! by vim!
  23. joytotheworldexceptfortheforiegnworkers by nybbl
  24. ItsChristmasBaby by theHitOnList
  25. Christmas in the Attic by The Hit On List
  26. silent night by nero

Dec 10, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.10.05

  1. Beside U by Artemis
  2. Quelque part by Christian DIDELOT
  3. Cincinmusser by Jerry King Musser
  4. Ramanujan by Cargo Cult
  5. Ramadan by Nood
  6. Honesty Got Lots Of Spies by Rene Vis
  7. Camille's aquarium by De Zwervende Keien
  8. The Only Thing I Want For Christmas by Eddie Cantor
  9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bobby Baby
  10. Crazy Little Country by AlpenDub
  11. Kraeuter Pfluecken by AlpenDub
  12. Blood Ties by Cezary Ostrowski
  13. Crazy by Beth Quist
  14. Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) b y Antony Raijekov
  15. One Loop Below by Cezary Ostrowski
  16. More Than 2 Sides (Treatment) by fourstones
  17. Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit) by Colektro
  18. Problèmes d'amour (the original) by Alexander Robotnick
  19. pulse-(whomadewho mix) by namosh
  20. Summersound by Self
  21. The Space Bandidos by Gorowksi
  22. You're the Murdera by J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science
  23. My Africa - teru remix by P. Mac, teru
  24. I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
  25. Age_Of_Curiousity by Ashwan
  26. One Question (featuring P.Mac) by GaryM

Dec 3, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.03.05

  1. In Your Bed (instrumental mix) by Mercy Machine
  2. Fond sonore n°6 by solcarlus
  3. De la bile de mutants mangeurs de foie g... by Christian DIDELOT
  4. être soi-même by thierry blanchard
  5. sun_shine by Pretty Boy Blue & the Mood
  6. Doctor Poppycock by James Lileks
  7. Giga Lounge by Gigaboy
  8. Off by Bep
  9. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  10. Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups
  11. Shaky girl by Christian DIDELOT
  12. FatBackBeat by Manuzik
  13. SurfSurLaPlage by Manuzik
  14. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Manuzik
  15. Chickenheart Doom Mix by James Lileks
  16. heavy by Space Junk Cowboys
  17. Too_much_soul by Uberfuzz
  18. dreams_fade_edit by Alphastone
  19. Smoky Smoky by Coconut Monkeyrocket
  20. It's Snack Time by Fortyone
  21. Simply Ravenous My Dear by Fortyone
  22. Na Na Na Na by Chenard Walcker
  23. Fuzzy Math by The Bots
  24. Munchausen_Syndrome_Boogie by Uberfuzz
  25. Don-Ki-Not by Antony Raijekov
  26. Lunna tango by Antony Raijekov
  27. everywhere-DU-remix by hari ossa
  28. only by DeutscheUnschuld feat.J.Lang/Nails/G.Wills
  29. thinkin_of_u by Darkside

Nov 28, 2005

BSWC Podex #3: From Mexico City to St. Petersburg

Black Sweater, White Cat Podcast Extra #3 is here. It's a fun set that takes us from Mexico City's Gigaboy to the sounds of Messer Chups from the Russian Federation. Both have releases on The set also has a great tune from Bep that can be found on and more from Freiraum's fantastic new release. It is a wide world of copyleft music and we are loving it!

Giga Lounge by Gigaboy
Off by Bep
Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups

Nov 27, 2005

Rapp has the Skinny on DRM

Our Friend, colleague, WBCR-LP member, programmer, board member and damn good copyright attorney, Paul Rapp, is also a contributing writer to Metroland, "the Alternative Newsweekly of New York's Capital Region". He sent us a link to his latest column dealing with Digital Rights Management and the SONY BMG brou ha ha:

The Biggest Hack

As I mentioned here a few months ago, the big record labels have been trying for years to limit what you can do with the music you buy on a CD. What they are trying to do falls under the broad category of what’s called Digital Rights Management, or DRM. If you haven’t already, you’ll be seeing these initials a lot in the future.

They’ve been vainly trying to sell you “copy-protected” CDs, which means for the illegally inflated prices you pay for a CD, you might be getting music with digital handcuffs attached. With copy-protected CDs, if you try to play your CD on your computer, bad stuff happens. Want to bounce the music from your CD into your iPod? No can do!

The industry has been told for years that this is tilting at windmills; that, try as they might, they aren’t going to bend the will of the consumer, and they aren’t going to outrun the smarts of the hacker community, which will deftly undo any shackles the industry tries to put on digital music. Information wants to be free, fight the power, etc. The DRM dog ain’t gonna hunt, bubba.

A few months ago, SONY BMG, in their infinite wisdom, tried something new. They put a few different self-executing DRM programs on a bunch of their CDs. When you stuck one of these CDs into your computer, the programs installed themselves into your Windows operating system. They didn’t tell you they were doing this; if they did, the disclosure was buried in a click-through user agreement that may or may not have popped up on your computer screen when you stuck the CD into your CD drive. These programs took up a considerable amount of space and slowed down your computer. Even worse, these programs monitored what you listened to, and in some cases reported findings, via the Internet, back to SONY BMG’s “security vendor,” a company pleasantly named SunnComm. These programs have features that hide themselves from detection and are hard to remove when detected, and their presence on your machine makes you vulnerable to attacks from vicious hackers. Well, more attacks, I should say, since you’ve already been attacked by a vicious hacker: SONY...

There is more here...

Nov 26, 2005

BSWC Internet Exlusive: Podex 2 featuring Lisa DeBenedictis

This BSWC Podcast Extra features one of the CC queens of the internet, Lisa DeBenedictis. The set starts with Solcarlus from and finishes with Mercy Machine. Mercy Machine is on along with Lisa DB. It's a great CC set. Music for the people, by the people, distributed by the people. Enjoy.

Fond sonore n°6 by solcarlus
Pull Up The Shade by Lisa DeBenedictis
The Cuckoo by Lisa DeBenedictis
In Your Bed (instrumental mix) by Mercy Machine

Thanks to Subsystem 7 for doing the over-the-air broadcast tonight. His BSWC will be posted within days. Keep a lookout. I'm listening right now and it is great. Thank you Subsystem.

Nov 22, 2005

Black Sweater, White Cat Online Exclusive: BSWC Podcast Extra #1

Biotic is on vacation in the Rockies this week, but with the power of the internet here is a tasty tidbit of a set he put together last night. Great new music from Freiraum out of Switzerland along with Eloi Brunelle from Montreal, a Christian Didelot release from and a BSWC favorite by Bruce Lenkei that was released on the Comfort Stand netlabel compilation, "Comfort Cake".

Nov 20, 2005

BSWC Audio File from 11.19.05 Available

Here is the audio file from Saturday's program. Thanks, as always, to the Internet Archive for providing a home for so much cool stuff, including Black Sweater, White Cat.

Nov 13, 2005

BSWC Audio File from 11.12.05 Available

Here is the audio file from Saturday's program. Thanks, as always, to the Internet Archive for providing a home for so much cool stuff, including Black Sweater, White Cat.

Nov 11, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 11.12.05

  1. L'arrivée by Ehma
  2. pique-nique et jeux dans l'eau by zooey
  3. Le nombril by Au Lit les Mômes
  4. Les petits poissons by Echo lali
  5. y a des jours avec et des jours sans by thierry blanchard
  6. Fanfare de mensonges by Myassa
  7. Autumn Leaves (feat. Martina) by Centerpole
  8. When It Happens It Moves All B by Telefon Tel Aviv
  9. Knock Me Down Girl by Slicker
  10. Small Bird's Got It, Yeah! by LeutOhm
  11. Sword Removed (Anorganik's Oldskool Flava mix...) by DJ Bootsie
  12. Appreciate by Jay Haze
  13. Your sound, my skin by DOC PILOT
  14. the dubbed coil of smoke by aphilas
  15. voyage05192 by Ohrlab
  16. Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit) by Colektro
  17. Problèmes d'amour (the original) by Alexander Robotnick
  18. pulse-(whomadewho mix) by namosh
  19. Summersound by Self
  20. New Seclusion by Paul Keeley
  21. Good Touch (Eloi Brunelle Remix) by Alland Byallo
  22. Portfolio beta by Pol B & Binarymind
  23. I Can't (Stop) by Paul Keeley
  24. Persecution Of My Pinup Girl by Freiraum

Nov 10, 2005

More on Sony-BMG and their sneaky DRM Ploy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a list of CD's from Sony that carry the self-installing rootkit that has created problems for those who purchase and rip music from Sony and many of their label subsidiaries.

From EFF's list:

Trey Anastasio, Shine (Columbia)
Celine Dion, On ne Change Pas (Epic)
Neil Diamond, 12 Songs (Columbia)
Our Lady Peace, Healthy in Paranoid Times (Columbia)
Chris Botti, To Love Again (Columbia)
Van Zant, Get Right with the Man (Columbia)
Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound (Columbia)
The Coral, The Invisible Invasion (Columbia)
Acceptance, Phantoms (Columbia)
Susie Suh, Susie Suh (Epic)
Amerie, Touch (Columbia)
Life of Agony, Broken Valley (Epic)
Horace Silver Quintet, Silver's Blue (Epic Legacy)
Gerry Mulligan, Jeru (Columbia Legacy)
Dexter Gordon, Manhattan Symphonie (Columbia Legacy)
The Bad Plus, Suspicious Activity (Columbia)
The Dead 60s, The Dead 60s (Epic)
Dion, The Essential Dion (Columbia Legacy)
Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten (Epic)

Another disturbing development in this mess is the discovery of a version of Breplibot Trojan that uses the cloaking properties of the Sony Rootkit to evade detection in the users system.

Nov 6, 2005

BSWC Audio File from 11.05.05 Available

Here is the audio file from Saturday's program. Thanks, as always, to the Internet Archive for providing a home for so much cool stuff, including Black Sweater, White Cat.

Nov 5, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 11.05.05

Eiffel Tower lights reflection
Originally uploaded by alpower.

Spent some quality time with the last few nights. The first half hour tonight will have a definite francophone tilt.

  1. Berceuse de Julie by Ehma
  2. Assise sur un banc by Ehma
  3. l'ame soeur by Audrey
  4. Capotes à un Franc by El Manu
  5. en bord de nationale by sam
  6. le petit pas panal by sam
  7. Sarkozy by CaClo
  8. Le temps by El Manu
  9. Cool Fresh Apple Cider by The Bran Flakes
  10. Just My Luck (fourstones mix) by
  11. thieves by
  12. Shaken Not Stirred by Br Cleve & His Lush Orchestra
  13. You & me baby in my motocarro by Alcachofo
  14. Accidental Beatnik by Coconut Monkeyrocket
  15. riptide.mix by Lushy
  16. lifelong fiction by aphilas
  17. Falling by Twizzle
  18. The Shnay Speaks by Cagey House
  19. Yellow_Chaos by Realaze
  20. Bessere Welt by Zirkulardynamik
  21. Arcade - keep on by stereoskill
  22. Moonlight Zombie Dance by Bruce Lenkei
  23. African melo by zestoff
  24. the spank (Florian Filsinger - Salamandroids mix) by geistfrei
  25. Fear by Mr. Zack
  26. Upon Rock City by Books On Tape
  27. Ballad Of A Drunkard by Talking Cure

Nov 2, 2005

Sony BMG is Caught Red-Handed...Bad Sony, Bad Sony

Taking Digital Rights Management to even more dark and evil extremes, Sony BMG has been caught distributing CD's that slip a form of spyware into the user's operating system. Boing, Boing has blogged about it and has a link to the (very) technical explanation. This is a nasty development.

From Boing, Boing:

"A technical dissection by the mighty Mark Russinovich of Sony's rootkit-based DRM. Sony uses genuine black-hat techniques to install a rootkit, even choosing a Windows-sounding name for a service just like your favourite backdoor, and about as easy to detect or remove. Basically, Sony puts the sort of malware on its customers' PCs that the rest of the world spends alot of money fighting."

Oct 30, 2005

BSWC Audio File from 10.29.05 Available

Here is the audio file from Saturday's program. Thanks, as always, to the Internet Archive for providing a home for so much cool stuff, including Black Sweater, White Cat.

Oct 24, 2005

BSWC 10.22.05: Audio File Now Available

Here is the audio file from Saturday's program. Thanks, as always, to the Internet Archive for providing a home for so much cool stuff, including Black Sweater, White Cat.

Oct 22, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 10.22.05

  1. Song Of the Sahara by Beth Quist
  2. Sweet Dissonance by Anup
  3. Untrue by All the living and the dead
  4. Sync or swim by Artemis
  5. Deja Correr by Mutandina
  6. hello, it's time for music by fortyone
  7. A tribute to 365 days by Jan Turkenburg
  8. i want the princess! by fortyone
  9. Spread The Music by Lee Rosevere
  10. Through the Swamp by Bruce Lenkei
  11. superego exchange by Bm RELOCATION PROGRAM
  12. Moonlight Zombie Dance by Bruce Lenkei
  13. three o'clock mother by Bruce Lenkei
  14. The Exorcism by Sounds of Terror!
  15. Intro - Orgies, A Tool Of Witchcraft by Louise Heubner
  16. Jam At The Mortuary by Griz Green
  17. Monsters Crash the Pajama Party from a Movie Trailer
  18. Munster Beat! by Martinibomb & The Coconut Monkeyrocket
  19. Dizzy ke Peeche by Martinibomb
  20. Black Elk Mountain by Twizzle
  21. Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups
  22. The Space Bandidos by Gorowksi
  23. You're the Murdera by J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science
  24. My Africa - teru remix by P. Mac, teru
  25. Danger Rock Science by Menthol
  26. Theme from Chalets by The Chalets
  27. Dom staller fan inte annat an till och krav by Hemstad
  28. Indigena (hijo de la selva) by Guarapita

Oct 16, 2005

BSWC 10.08.05: Audio File Now Available

Here it is. Thanks again to the Internet Archives for providing their services. Incredible organization!

Oct 15, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 10.15.05

  1. Heaven by Larisa Stow
  2. Astronauts In Love (Radio) by Druk
  3. Trailer Park Queen by Teresa Gunn
  4. Medaka No Gakkou (School Of Ricefish) by YU:MI
  5. City Jam by Zengineers
  6. The Revolution by Ate One
  7. Lovely Day by Terror At The Opera
  8. Red & Blue by Druk
  9. Contact 1 2 3 4 by Messer Chups
  10. Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups
  11. Intro Monstro Crescendo by Messer Chups
  12. Blackboard Jungle Dub by Disrupt
  13. stare kwasy by banda tre
  14. skandal na bibie feat. NDK by banda tre
  15. Vision by Ate One
  16. Fine by Lash
  17. Orgia of dead 2 by Messer Chups
  18. the spank (Florian Filsinger - Salamandroids mix) ... by geistfrei
  19. Psycho Beach Party by Florian Filsinger
  20. Funky Trudi by Schaeng Pfui & Maetes B.
  21. Lama Bama Dong Ding by Schaeng Pfui
  22. Halv kapott by Maetes B.
  23. Vtoraya Lubov by NAMBAVAN
  24. Turning around by Happy Elf
  25. Off the Hook by Livesexact
  26. Speed Up by Pureape

Oct 13, 2005

From Berne, Swizterland: Starfrosch

From the capital of Swizterland comes Starfrosch. A self-described "indie net-audio community". A lot of stuff here, but because my Swiss Deutsche is a little rusty, I focus mostly on the music. There are tons of different netlabels and indie net releases on their podcast pages. From Starfrosch:

You're still a sheep. We'll give you one chance. Stop making baa, baa and be a Starfrosch. Come on, you sheep.

I need a podcast that will teach me Swiss Deutsche so I can really join the party.

Oct 11, 2005

Yahoo Introduces Podcast Search and Subscription Tool

Yahoo has unveiled a Podcast tool in beta. I was pleased to see that three different searches for BSWC were successful in the new tool. Yahoo has plans to expand it's interest in podcasting as they progress their new tool to alpha. It is worth a look.

Oct 8, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for October 8, 2005

  1. Tigers by Lisa DeBenedictis
  2. Brilliant Day (fourstones mix) by Lisa DeBenedictis/fourstones
  3. Nothing like you (when you're gone) by Hello Saferide
  4. ChoisisTesPas by LaTumba
  5. thieves by
  6. ladyman.mix by Lushy
  7. en bord de nationale by sam
  8. prison by sam
  9. Debout les bourgeois ! by Talking Cure
  10. Crazy Little Country by AlpenDub
  11. Kraeuter Pfluecken by AlpenDub
  12. Blood Ties by Cezary Ostrowski
  13. Grândola by Gamma Ray Blast
  14. Dirtbag-teru - remix by teru
  15. I Knew It by Raquela
  16. Lies of the World by Animal Liberation Orchestra(live)
  17. Livin' in a Dyin' Day by Animal Liberation Orchestra(live)
  18. Dom staller fan inte annat an till och krav by Hemstad
  19. Indigena (hijo de la selva) by Guarapita
  20. Like Anyone by alaska raving mad

Oct 6, 2005

From the Netherlands: SoundTransit

This is a very cool audio site. Imagine you are going on a trip. First thing you do is go online to book an itinerary. SoundTransit is the front end of a database that consists of geo-tagged found sound, audio samples from all over the world. The front-end looks and feels like one of the online flight booking applications. The geo-tagging allows SoundTransit to match ambient recordings from the database to your intinerary. My favorite so far was a trip from Boston to Paris via Tashkent. The sounds began on a Sunday afternoon in Boston's Chinatown, smoothly flowed to the sounds of rain on a tin roof in Tashkent and finished with passengers waiting for a delayed flight in De Gaulle International in Paris. The product is a single, smooth mp3 produced by SoundTransit on-the-fly once you have selected an itinerary. It is a marvelous organizing principle for a sound database that appeals to the imagination. Take a trip soon.

Oct 5, 2005

Common Content: Catalog of Creative Commons Licensed Content

The creative commoners over at Creative Content sponsor an open catalog for Creative Commons licensed material. It is searchable by category and subcategory. Naturally, there is a music category which should be useful in the fish-eyed browsing that goes into BSWC.

Oct 4, 2005

From France:

From across the length and breadth of France (with some other continental sources thrown in for good measure) comes A tremendous variety of music that is very well organized. Great stuff with Creative Commons licensing. If you are looking for a sense of what is happening musically in France, this is your "E" ticket. Dip your toe--En Bord de Nationale by sam.

Oct 3, 2005

WeirdoMusic Compilation Release: Numerology

I haven't had time to really dig in to this yet, but there is some fun material on this release that was conceived and compiled by Ton Ruckert. Twenty tracks on the release and so far for me the standout is a track by Messer Chups called Contact 1,2,3,4.

WM has this to say about Numerology:

"According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia "modern numerology attaches a series of digits to an inquirer's name and uses these, along with the date of birth, to reveal the person's true nature and prospects (using a method analogous to that of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets in which each letter also represented a number)." It also says that "numerology is based on the assertion by Pythagoras that all things can be expressed in numerical terms, because they are ultimately reducible to numbers." In his mystery school Pythagoras taught his students that nothing could exist without number, he believed that the foundation for almost all of philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, music and creative accomplishment could not exist without the divine organization of progression expressed in numbers. The scientific believe that numerology explains everything runs all the wayto Kepler, when the universal working assumption still was that God left his telephone number (as it were) in the workings of the heavens.

Well, you will probably ask, where does that leave us? Firmly in the past, I suppose, but still, only gather 2, 3, 4 and 5 together, and the mumbo-jumbo artists of the world will construct a theory, a conspiracy, or a piece of magic, that's where this compilation comes in: enjoy!"

Oct 1, 2005

BSWC Audio File from 10.01.05 Available

Here is the mp3 file from tonight's show. Listen to the show in it's entirety. Thanks to the Internet Archive for hosting the BSWC audio content. Enjoy.

BSWC Audio File from 9.17.05 Available

Here is the mp3 file from the September 17 show. It is an excerpt of a little over an hour of the show. Thanks to the Internet Archive for hosting the BSWC audio content. Enjoy.

Sep 27, 2005

From Spain: The Freesound Project

A big shoutout to Asa for finding the Freesound site...absolutely amazing...I have been waiting all of my life for something like this:

Barcelona, May 2005

The Freesound Project, an internet community supporting free exchange of sounds by musicians, sound artists and researchers, has been launched by the Music Technology Group of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain.
"The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples..."

When they say huge, they mean huge. The database is fantastic and the functionality superb. Not only can you play the sounds, but there is some limited overdubbing possible within the collection. I have to believe that I have only scratched the surface of this wonderful contribution to networld.

Sep 26, 2005

Artist Playlist for September 24

Many thanks to Asa for researching and presenting this show. I got to enjoy some time with the family. The mp3 will get posted later this week.

1 Orange skies (image of you) by Effect
2 Manhattan Sapphire (Web Edit) by Ugress
3 (INTERLUDE) french frogs by Oyez
4 intro by Thierry Blanchard
5 tbls by Thierry Blanchard
6 Son of a Hobo by Ashwan
7 (INTERLUDE) french crickets by Oyez
8 Ramadanby Nood
9 Ezanby vanillapudding
10 would you everby itoa //
11 Hi Boys And Girlsby Fortyone
12 dutch train coming 2
13 SEVby Alexandre CHARON
14 The Love God by Martinibomb
15 Csanca by ST
16 (INTERLUDE) french bells
17 Girl by Cezary Ostrowski
18 Love Bird (featuring Lisa Debenedictis ) by callmeyang
19 Quantified by thelaw
20 Swing E Sesso (Remix) by Ugress
21 (INTERLUDE) french night Oyez
22 food story by stud //
23 That JJ Slink
by Thin
24 (INTERLUDE) french dogs
25 Rock n Roll McDonalds by The Shut-Ins - tribute to wesley willis
26 Munster Beat!by
Martinibomb & The Coconut Monkeyrocket
27 Oddio Oddballio by M.Ace
28 Oddio Shellacio by M.Ace
29 (INTERLUDE) SS Kresge Co
30 My Name is Geoff by fourstones
31 Sweet Life by ASHWAN
32 Somebody Lovedby The Weepies
33 (INTERLUDE) french crickets by Oyez
34 Bauhelm Dub by disrupt
35 King George Warmonger - Thunder Dub by Messian Dread
36 Œ(INTERLUDE) french frogs by Oyez
37 ichtio by melodium
39 Kairo by

Lawrence Lessig on the Battle between Google and the Authors Guild

From Lawrence Lessig:
"Google has been sued by the Authors Guild, and a number of individual authors. This follows similar threats hinted at by the American Association of Publishers. The authors and the publishers consider Google’s latest fantastic idea, Google Print — a project to Google-ize 20,000,000 books — to be “massive copyright infringement.” They have asked a federal court to shut Google Print down.

It is 1976 all over again. [Sony Corp v. Universal City Studios] Then, like now, content owners turned to the courts to stop an extraordinary new technology. Then, like now, copyright is the weapon of choice. But then, like now, the content owners of course don’t really want the court to stop the new technology. Then, like now, they simply want to be paid for the innovations of someone else. Then, like now, the content owners ought to lose.

This is the best case to illustrate the story I told at the start of Free Culture. Property law since time immemorial had held that your land reached from the ground to the heavens. Then airplanes were invented — a technology oblivious to this ancient law. A couple of farmers sued to enforce their ancient rights — insisting airplanes can’t fly over land without their permission. And thus the Supreme Court had to decide whether this ancient law — much older than the law of copyright — should prevail over this new technology.

The Supreme Court’s answer was perfectly clear: Absolutely not. “Common sense revolts at the idea,” Justice Douglas wrote. And with that sentence, hundreds of years of property law was gone, and the world was a much wealthier place."

Visit Lessig Blog for the complete post. Oyez has the Oral arguments for the Betamax case available at their site.

Sep 25, 2005

Check out

Ourmedia launched three months ago as a home for grassroots media. The site provides a place where anyone can upload video, music, photos, audio clips and other personal media and store it for free on ourmedia's servers forever. Uploaders have the option of making their works available under a Creative Commons license.

Recently, Ourmedia was nominated as the U.S. finalist for the UN World Summit Awards. The awards are an international competition created in 2003 to highlight the most innovative digital content being created around the world. The awards coincide with the 2005 UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), an international UN summit that will take place in Tunisia this November. Despite having only launching in early 2005, Ourmedia was nominated as a finalist in the e-inclusion category-the UN's term for initiatives that are helping bridge the digital divide, utilizing the Internet to empower the public.

[thanks to Creative Commons]

Sep 20, 2005

BSWC is Now Online!

Thanks to the Internet Archive, Black Sweater, White Cat is now available online. The program from 9.10.05 can be found at the Archive.

Thanks to the Internet Archive for this service and the many others they provide to the Net community.

The program from 9.10.05 is also available for podcast at My Odeo Channel (odeo/3d4fb29fc2d63b94)

Sep 18, 2005

The Skinny behind WBCR-LP 97.7 Great Barrington

Become the Media! Sort of says it all, though there is more at the Berkshire Community Radio Alliance website:

"The Berkshire Community Radio Alliance (BCRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of South Berkshire residents who created and operate a Low-Power FM radio station based in Great Barrington, WBCR-LP. Our station is non-commercial and run entirely by volunteers. It provides the opportunity for all interested community members to create their own programming. We offer a broad and diverse mix of music, news, commentary, and listener participation. Our programming reflects a variety of local, national and international affairs.

We believe that the media should be responsive to the community it covers, and are part of a growing movement of Americans committed to creating an open alternative to the increasingly centralized power of the dominant radio, television and print media conglomerates. We are local, accessible, and passionate about uniting our myriad voices into a frequency unique to our community."

Become the media, become a member...the link is to your right...

Sep 17, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for September 17

This is what is on tap for this evening's show. Should be good. 100% cc licensed Joy!

Hijseenpipo by Nicorola
2 sidecar.mix by Lushy
3 sweatpotato.mix by Lushy
4 Ophelia's Song by Pan
5 05_Min_rosa_drom
6 02_Partydodaren
7 Dizzy ke Peeche by Martinibomb
8 Ride A Wave To Uranus by Full Load Of King
9 Time For a Change by Chenard Walcker
10 BoeseSennerin_FinalMix3_Master by Alpendub
11 Turtle Heaven by Gorowksi
12 Clint in the Eye by Gorowksi
13 The Space Bandidos by Gorowksi
14 Crazy by Beth Quist
15 Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) by Antony Raijekov
16 One Loop Below by Cezary Ostrowski
17 More Than 2 Sides (Treatment) by fourstones
18 La Borracha by Lady Bombon
19 I Give Up by Gigaboy
20 Eee-Ooo by Lady Bombon
21 Hiak Toyaz by Gigaboy
22 counterfeit funk (wired freestyle mix) by jsn
23 Backside! by trifonic
24 I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
25 Bernard by Eloi Brunelle
26 Spread The Music by Lee Rosevere

Sep 15, 2005


Mixter creativity from Poland. Cezary Ostrowski is astounding. I found I Swim (radio edit) on and backtracked to his own website. The man is a poster child for what cc music is all about. In less than 1/4 of an hour I became a monster fan. Ostrowski is highly recommended.

Sep 13, 2005

UbuWeb Returns!

A cornucopia of media files has returned. This site is wonderful and needs to be experienced. If you haven't seen it before check it out and if you have been there, welcome them back to the web.

from UbuWeb

"A Bump in the Road: After a long summer of rebuilding, UbuWeb is back. Thanks to all our viewers who kindly encouraged our return. We'd also like to thank our new partners for making it all possible: WFMU, PennSound, The Center for Literary Computing, and Artmob. With our expanded bandwidth and storage space, you'll find a wealth of new media files, particularly in our Sound and Film sections."

A Little Help!

Say, if you are visiting and know of Creative Commons licensed music that I can link from this blog and, perhaps, feature on the radio program, please leave the link here. I am particularly interested in Copyleft content from Asia, the Sub-continent, Africa and South America. Let's get it out there.

Thanks for listening.

WM Recordings Releases Gorowski

WM Recordings brings you music that is a little "different". They do not specialize in one style, but instead collect and release exciting sounds that you're not likely to find anywhere else. Everything at WM Recordings is free and released under a Creative Commons license.

WM023: Gorowski - Summer 2005

Gorowski (real name J. Gore) has been dabbling in electronic music production for around 5 years, after a long DJing career in the sunny town of Hull, UK. He began DJing and promoting club nights in 1990, and was the first promoter to stage live performances from Fila Brazillia, at the Silhouette Club in Hull (1992/3).

Gorowski maintained contact with the Pork Recordings stable for the next decade and now DJs with the '(in)famous' Porky at the Vibe Bar in London. Gorowski and Porky run a monthly Friday night called 'Larkin Out' which has been voted 'Critics Choice' by London's Time-Out magazine on a number of occasions. The night provides Gorowski with an opportunity to play and test out some of his tuneage.

It is the positive feedback he has had from some of the public that has encouraged him to continue on this musical haunt. He says 'when I'm on that computer, building my tunes, time seems to get swallowed up...suddenly 5 years have gone by...argh!'.

[borrowed from Weirdo Music, WM Recordings]

Sep 12, 2005

New Net Release from Comfort Stand

New music from one of our favorite Netlabels: Comfort Stand

Lady Bombon Vs. Gigaboy !!!

Lady Bombon Vs. Gigaboy - Stereo-Sonico
catalog: csr062 | total time: 39:37

Formed in 2000, Lady Bombon is a boy and a girl from Mexico City who use samplers, rhythm boxes, keyboards and guitars to make a brilliant and strange new rhythm fusion. Chuchelas (the boy) and Hongo (the girl) blend punk, pop, roc, and electro, inspired by the 80s and 90s sounds they both grew up listening to. Originally, the two made music just for fun, as something that relaxed them, but after they recorded their first demo and gave it to friends, they realized it could be something more than just a hobby. The two then began to play in bars and other venues and with different bands. What Lady Bombon proposes is that taking music seriously also means playing for fun, living in the moment and making that moment feel better. Such musical play involves experimentation--developing sounds unlike the other music out there. Fun and games are a part of Lady Bombon's visual look, too--the band performs in wild costumes that rhyme with their wide range of musical influences.

Gigaboy is a project created by Chuchelas (Mexico) and his guest Sebastian Comelli (Uruguay), with headquarters in Mexico City. Its purpose is to experiment in mixing popular music (or folk music) with electronic music. While Gigaboy's influences are wide-ranging, the project draws particularly on 70s folk rock and 90s electronic music. Gigaboy has played with various DJ's in many places and often appears with Lady Bombon. A first EP will be independently released late 2005.

Sep 11, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for September 10

1 By Rocket to the Moon by The Raymond Scott Quintet and the Gene Lowell Chorus
2 Bongo Avenger by Eric & Ryan Kilkenny
3 A Walk Through The Powerhouse by Mr Melvis
4 The Lonely Bull by Scotch & Soda (Max McMillan)
5 Spy Perfume by Skip Heller's Hot Seven
6 Eulogy - Traveling Music by George S. Clinton
7 Electric Bread by Let's Go Bowling
8 01-christina_ricci by SPY
9 SPY said ONE by Yoshimi & Yuka
10 Crossunder by DJ Olive
11 copshop.mix by Lushy
12 Lavender Hip Mob by Lee Rosevere
13 Livet er en drøm by Pop Bisnis
14 ROCKSTEADY by Two Tone Club
15 Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't? by Louis Farrakhan
16 06 some hot lazy day by obadia
17 BoeseSennerin_FinalMix3_Master by Alpendub
18 pthomas_spacepatrol
19 Cool Fresh Apple Cider by The Bran Flakes
20 Bronx Zulu by DJ Zeph
21 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Stretchy-Cover Mix) by Frivolous vs DJG
22 Rank and File by Gooding
23 allThoseLetters by Brokerevue
24 Mission Control by Anitmateria (The real one)

May 6, 2005

Artist Playlist for April 30

Dusty Springfield
Ella Fitzgerald
Joni Mitchell
Marilyn Monroe
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Lester Bowie and his Brass Fantasy
Henry Mancini
Brian Setzer
Eastern Standard Time
Curtis Mayfield
Les Brown and his Band of Renown
Louis Armstrong
Ella Fitzgerald
Nora Jones
Barry White
Macy Gray
Curtis Mayfield
Peggy Lee
Frank Sinatra
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Meredith Monk
Yothu Yindi
Robbie Baier
Fat Boy Slim
The Crystal Method
Thievery Corporation
Dream Syndicate
David Byrne
Grace Jones
Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Macy Gray

Apr 24, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for April 23

Dusty Springfield
Paris Combo
Paris Combo
Cesaria Evora
Rosalia de Souza
Eartha Kitt
Kay Starr
Frank Sinatra
Astor Piazzola
Benny More y Su Orquesta Gigante
Laurie Anderson
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda
Joni Mitchell
Chico O'Farrill
Hunter S. Thompson
Carina Round
Nelly Furtado
Patti Smith
Astrud Gilberto (RJD2 Remix)
Nikka Costa
Roxy Music
Alan Silvestri
Sarah Vaughn (Max Sedgely Remix)
David Holmes
Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys
Fat Boy Slim
Lemon Jelly
The Shamen
The Chemical Brothers
Hugh Masekela (Carl Craig Remix)
The Postal Service

Biotic really got his groove on in that last half hour. This show was the most fun yet. Any show that makes it from Dusty Springfield to the Chemical Brothers...Can you feel the love!

Apr 17, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for April 16

Laverne Baker
Van Morrison
Laverne Baker
Robert Cray
John Lee Hooker
Joe Jackson
Combustible Edison
Ella Fitzgerald
Ibrahim Ferrer
Anita O'Day
Chico O'Farrill
Etta James
Etta James
Etta James
Etta James
Ry Cooder
The Ogyatanaa Show Band
Christy Azuma and Uppers International
Marilyn Monroe
Betty Carter and Ray Charles
Terasse Tranquille
Ima Robot
DO it
Laurie Anderson
Juan Carlos Esquivel
Juan Carlos Esquivel
Martin Denny
Gwen Stephani
Elephant Man
Front 242
Henry Mancini

It was wild and fun. Biotic appreciated hearing from Stockbridge and Housatonic. Tom Waits is promised next week for the folks in Housatonic. Have a great week. Thanks for listening, Bye.

Apr 10, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist from April 9

Screaming Trees
Jonathon Richmond
Con Funk Shun
20th Century
The Coasters
Bernie Worrell
Aretha Franklin
Nina Simone
Pink Floyd
Nina Simone
Rosalia de Souza
Aretha Franklin
Gene Ammons
Delia Gartrell
Macy Gray
Freda Payne
Willie Bobo
Joe Mensah
Ebo Taylor Jr.
Hugh Masekela
Nina Simone
The Bottle
Steel Pulse
Dinah Washington
Eek a Mouse
Ike and Tina Turner
Jerry O.
Tom Jones and Moog Cookbook

There were a few tidbits that I didn't write down...It was a wild, fun show. Biotic had his groove on...The phone calls were great! Thanks for Listening, Bye.

Apr 8, 2005

Scored some great obscure female funk

BSWC is stocked up:

The Apollas
The Explosions
Delia Gartrell
Marilyn Barbarin and the Soul Finders
Mary Jane Hooper

and more.

We will rock, sway and vibrate tomorrow night...guaranteed!

Apr 7, 2005

Night on the town in the City

Biotic is in NYC tonight. I expect to sniff out some music. I'll let you know Saturday night if I find any I feel is worthy of our WBCR listening audience. Right now, I can tell you that Nina Simone will be a featured artist. Please drop a comment if there is something you want to hear...or if you are not in the listening area, let me know what you would want to hear on a saturday night in the beautiful Berkshire hills of Massachusetts.

Apr 3, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist from April 2

Geoffrey Oryema
Nina Simone
Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers
Bobby Hughes Experience
Tom y Joyce
Laurie Anderson
Juan Carlos Esquivel
Los Super Seven
David Byrne
Shirley Horn
Thomas Mapfumo
Brazilian Girls
Tom Jones
Ray Charles and Betty Carter
Lester Bowie
Mingus Big Band
Mose Allison
Slim Harpo
Meredith Monk
Yothu Yindi
Ofra Haza
Ivo Papasov
Holmes Brothers
Lemon Jelly

Like I said, It was a lotta fun! Listeners: leave any requests for next week here and I will do my best. Thanks

There it is...the First Black Sweater White Cat on WBCR 97.7

What a blast! If you listened, hope it was good for you wherever you were...

I should get the playlist up tomorrow.

Thanks for listening, bye.

Apr 1, 2005

Black Sweater, White Cat: The 2005, East Coast Version Debuts Saturday Night

Saturday night from 9 til Midnight---Black Sweater, White Cat debuts on WBCR-LP, 97.7, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Hi, I'm Biotic and host. Black Sweater is a radio program/concept that I have been pursuing in different venues for almost 20 years. This is the first time I've had the pleasure of bringing it to the East. The program was born at a little station known as KUGS in Bellingham, Washington.

The East coast version is launching with a focus on geographical diversity (music from six continents) and musical diversity (a little treble, bass, and drums). Look for music from Bulgaria, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Western Europe and North America...Folk music--all of it. After all, folk music is music made by folks, right???

Each program will have featured artists. Look to your right for links to more information on this week's artists.

Thanks for listening, bye.

Mar 31, 2005

Black Sweater, White Cat Promo Piece

MP3 Audio of the first BSWC promo for WBCR can be found at:

You can also find Cedar Jones Potter's WBCR station ID along with a photo taken at the station antenna raising in Great Barrington.