Feb 28, 2006

Musique-Libre is Back!

The loud whooshing sound you hear is Biotic breathing a huge sigh of relief. Musique-Libre.org is back online after a short hiatus. MLO is an excellent francophone, open-source music source. Apparently they had issues with their provider and presumably have found a new host. This is truly good news. Welcome back, Musique-libre.org

Calling all Copyright Criminals - Your time to "Mash It Up"

The new documentary Copyright Criminals will be prominently featuring re-mixed music submitted by users to ccmixter.org (its like sourceforge for creative commons). Check out the trailer, then submit your own mash up/remix. Showing the big guns in the entertainment industry one more way they're falling by the wayside :-)

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Feb 27, 2006

Non-commercial Radio using the Creative Commons License

Slightly off-topic (but not too far off), WBCR-LP presents "Comet Tales", a weekly program of Creative Commons-licensed science fiction. Comet Tales will air Thursdays at midnight. The program will kick-off with Cory Doctorow reading from his story, "I, Robot". Biotic will be the in-studio host for the program.

Another example of our little, low-power station bridging the tech gap between a good internet connection and the airwaves is our daily airing of "Chinese Podcast", a brief Chinese lesson that is podcast with a CC license. You can hear "Chinese Podcast" each week-day morning at 7:30 at 97.7 fm in the southern Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts.

Feb 26, 2006

February 25, 2006 - Playlist and Audio File

In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the music I've linked the 192kb mp3. I deeply believe in the sonic experience and many of these tracks benefit greatly from higher quality audio. Here is the audio file for Feb 25, 2006.

Jamendo, Comfortstand, WM Recordings, Alpinechic, Starfrosch, CC365, Bird Song, archive.org, and more... Enjoy!

1. Barefoot Girl, Twizzle, Soda Fountain, 2:59
2. Ainsi chantait le poete, Luc B, Lise, 4:44 (CC365 Day 55)
3. Decevant, Thierry Banchard, Superstar a Domicile, 2:46
4. Una Base Extraterrestre Habria en Ganemedes, Lanark, Ovnis a Mogollon, 2:35
1. Un Ultimo Baile, Toumai, E.P. 3:48
2. Black Market Mambo, Martinibomb, 3:47
3. Eyes Open, Toumai, E.P., 2:55
1. Bah!, Okapi, Bah!, 3:33
2. Meatje, D'r Sjaak, En toch wakker, 2:29
3. Sjwaam, D'r Sjaak, En toch wakker, 2:14
1. Assuann, Coma, Assuann, 2:39
2. Cuckoo, Marco Raaphorst, 3:01
3. Morning Light, Centerpole, 4:34
4. Be Brave (Dub/TripHop RMX), A.Raijekov, vocals N.Braun, 4:06
2. The Running Man, The Bilbocks, 5 ways of Taking care of yourself, 3:40
3. Redneck, The Bilbocks, Les Bilbocks se la coulent douce, 2:30
1. Burning Sky, The Uptones, 4:29
2. Marchand de reves, MANBAK, Le reve des marchands, 4:17
3. Whirlwind Pistols Dub, Aleksi Virta, ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge, 3:12
1. Outer Edge Intro, Aleksi Virta, ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge, 2:57
2. B, Ofir, hey you come here, 3:41
3. Am See, Gargamel & Schlumpf, Alpination, 5:54
1. Digital Morning, Ronan Dec., The Acoustic Lavalamp, 8:08
2. Lost in Transition, Phour Trakk, Lost in Transition EP, 3:56
1. Tribal Mix - Realaze, Le Consortium des Artistes Libres, The Urban Tale, 5:36
2. O Tema de Viagem Especial, Aleksi Virta, ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge, 3:38

More download and play options: archive.org/details/BSWC02252006.

Feb 25, 2006

Musique-Libre Server Outage

Just to illustrate that you really can't trust online translators, here is the translated text from a message I received from musique-libre.org:

From: xulops@musique-libre.org Subject: Music-libre.org Dates: February 25, 2006 3:44:37 PM EAST To: biotic@mac.com Reply-To: xulops@musique-libre.org Hello, As you perhaps noted, the site music-libre.org has been in roads for this morning, midnight. This breakdown should last at least the weekend. Our shelterer decontaminated the access to the site following the sixth consecutive month where you largely exaggerated on the number of your visits and remote loadings; -) We had right to 30Go/mois and let us be we with 200Go. Even if this shelterer had announced us the problem a few times ago, inviting us to take an offer more proportioned, we did not have a notice or of setting in residence before the total cut of the services. That thus arrives at the moment when indeed we sought a new shelterer, by holding account of all the evolutions planned for music-libre.org. It is thus even more urgent for us to find a good waiter dedicated at a price gun, considering the very limited resources of our association. We would wish to benefit from it to lodge the pieces deposited on the site. That becomes a need for a long time and would allow those which do not have lodging to be present on the site. But that implies that we would need a powerful waiter and a broad band-width. The price of the waiter should be around 2000 euro. Our team will put the hand at the pocket to try to pay longest possible this lodging. While waiting, we took again a waiter for the minima needs for the next months. For those which could help us to pay this additional load, you can send your gifts by order check of ' music-libre.org' to the following address: music-libre.org 69, street Hortense 33100 Bordeaux this moment, please us warn about it by mall before, so that we can know approximately on what we can count. As soon as we recover the site, you will be able to use the protected module of the gifts in the same way. We are sincerely afflicted, believe it well, of this unavailability. Also afflicted to request your assistance. Perhaps the occasion to forsake your computer, spend a good weekend, by hoping that it is as sunny as share on our premises. With soon on music-libre.org the team of MLO
My lovely wife pointed out that the machine had translated the word "server" as "waiter". Nontheless, the point of the message is clear: Musique-libre.org needs money to keep providing the incredible service that they offer the CC community. MLO, my check is on the way, I'll get it in the mail on Monday.

Feb 23, 2006

Weirdomusic Releases D'r Sjaak - En toch wakker

Stop what you're doing, go to WM Recordings, and listen to "Meatje," track 6 and "Sjwaam" track 11. Then download the album. This is a great release in a long list of excellent WM Releases. Creative Commons licensed.

D'r Sjaak is depressed, yet happy. Drunk, yet sober. Understated, yet danceable. Sleeping, yet awake.
He is all that. And more.

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Podbop - Listen to mp3s of bands coming to your town

Type in a city, get free mp3s, discover a band you like, and go see them.

[Editor note: very nice tech mashup]

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It's not all "Techno"

If you're the type of person who hears any electronic music and says: "I love techno!" This site is for you.

Every electonic dance format has been broken down by sub-genre and timeline. Also, samples of each genre are provided.

[Editor note: very nice primer for decoding tags at archive.org]

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CC 365 continues: Yalta from Jamendo

Day 54 is outstanding with a song from Yalta that can be found on Jamendo.

Thanks to CC365 Guru, Grant Robertson

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Concert Robot Butler!

Some crafty fellow has married last.fm (audioscrobbler) and upcoming.org and the birthed a child called MusiCal. By taking the stuff you listen to in iTunes and mixing it with your event calendar in upcoming.org, you can get a list of bands you like that are coming to your city, and get it in RSS! It's like having a concert loving robot butler!

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Feb 22, 2006

Podex #5: Three Sets from the Missing BSWC

That's right, we have a BSWC mystery: What happened to BSWC 02.11.06? Well, due to technical issues, we decided not to post the broadcast recording like we normally would, instead here is a 46 minute, three set, podcast extra version. Here you will find three sets: Sets 5, 7 and 8 from the missing show. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.

2 percent er by Williamson
pao brazil by superkenel
Pignottimi d'Aprosi! by 0kapi
Funky Trudi by Schaeng Pfui & Maetes B.
counterfeit funk (wired freestyle mix) by jsn
Backside! by trifonic
christina ricci by SPY
Pain of life by Drunksouls
Dernière cigarette by Drunksoul

Rapp on Corporate Collusion with the Techno Assault on the Constitution

Here’s a pleasant thought: The super-spooks of the United States government are following you around, and they have the ability to watch pretty much your every move. And some huge companies that you probably patronize every day have been enthusiastically helping out. A lot of stuff you’ve been doing that you thought was private has not been.

All this is coming from so many directions that it’s staggering, and it’s not like we haven’t been warned. Most of us, myself included, just haven’t been paying attention. And here’s what’s going on: Look here for the complete article...

Paul Rapp is an intellectual property attorney, columnist, WBCR member, programmer and thinker living in Housatonic, Massachusetts.

Creative Commons Music Podcasts

Creative Commons has a wiki page devoted to podcasts and one radio broadcast, Black Sweater, White Cat. These are programs devoted to discovering the latest and greatest music licensed under Creative Commons agreements. Music by the people, for the people, distributed by the people.

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BitTorrent to offer free music and film trailers from South by Southwest 06

BitTorrent inc, announces it will be supporting the Annual South by Southwest Festival by offering the highlights on bittorrent.com.

[Editor note: Probably not Creative Commons, there is nothing here about licensing or digital rights management. The 2.5 GB music torrent includes over 700 mp3's. South by Southwest is a very fun gig.]

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Band Offers Complete Album for Download from Netlabel, Dying Giraffe

A collaboration of 5 musicians from all over the world just released their first full length album and wants you to hear it! It is Creative Commons.

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BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 02.18.06

Here is the audio file and the playlist. It was a fun show that was slightly downtempo with some punch. 100% Creative Commons. Thanks for listening.
  1. Slow Progression by Artemis
  2. Resist And Resolution by Liquid Zen
  3. Part 1 by Four Stones.Net
  4. Part 10 by Four Stones.Net
  5. Part 11 by Four Stones.Net
  6. Part 12 by Four Stones.Net
  7. Part 4 by Four Stones.Net
  8. Red Room by Sibelian
  9. Distant Love by Ammonite
  10. Fat Camel by Mossa
  11. Dubaliscious by Sub Oslo
  12. whirlwind pistols dub by aleksi virta
  13. Sink Or Swim by Liquid Zen
  14. Llorett-De-Mar by LUXUS
  15. Relax by Pol B & Binarymind
  16. verschlossenes lachen by zweieKKenkreis
  17. fab cushion by Martinibomb
  18. Electricity by Chenard Walcker
  19. Eee-Ooo by Lady Bombon
  20. False Embrace by Psilodump
  21. Making Me Nervous (Cezary Ostrowski mix) by Brad Sucks
  22. After Party by Tim & Puma Mimi
  23. Music Is Music by Perky Chap
The audio file link above is of the 64 kbps variety. If you would like a more robust flavor you can visit our host, Internet Archive.

Feb 21, 2006

Copyright office head denounces "big mistake" of extending copyright

The head of the US copyright office has accused Congress of making a mistake by extending the length of copyright in America, calling the term "too long," and saying that Congress made a "big mistake."

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Free Tutorials on Electronic Music Production

BSWC thrives on folks making music for folks. Here is a site that provides helpful information and examples as an introduction to electronic music production. It also references lots of other helpful production links.

When you get something going, post it to archive.org, give it a Creative Commons license and send us the link. We are always looking for fresh material. Can you feel the love?

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Songbird Proof-of-Concept released (finally)

Songbird is an open-source media player that aims to be a powerful and viable replacement for current media players. It is built on the same platform as Firefox, and aims to give users more options in web integration with their music experience.

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Feb 20, 2006

Creative Commons Copyright Criminals Remix Contest

ccmixter.org is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons, where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want.

They are sponsoring a contest for artists to mix audio tracks under 4 minutes which use provided voice samples from Ben Franzen and Kembrew McLeod's forthcoming film, "Copyright Criminals." Samples from the film include voiceovers from De La Soul, DJ Qbert, members of Public Enemy, Matmos, Coldcut, members of Negativland, and others. The best overall winner will be included prominently in the film and the top 11 other entries are to be included on a companion CD. Judging entries along with McLeod and Franzen is Jeff Chang, author of the American Book Award-winning "Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation" and co-founder of the influential label SoleSides (now Quannum Projects), responsible for launching the careers of DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truth Speaker.

UPDATE: As of February 15, 2006 the official end date for the Copyright Criminals Contest is now March 14, 2006. All other rules are the same. Also, new samples from George Clinton (Parliament-Funkadelic) and Chuck D (Public Enemy) are added to the list of possible source material that you may use.

RIAA Targets Kids of the Mom who Stood Up to Them.

The Big Four record labels are escalating their attack on Patti Santangelo, the New York mother who's so far the only person to stand up to them. And get this, they'll be using her own kids against her in the lawsuit.

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Jamendo : Creative Commons Music delivered with Peer To Peer Technology

Recommended: Jamendo.com. On jamendo, artists distribute their music under Creative Commons licenses in BitTorrent or eMule/eDonkey networks. Jamendo hosts now more than 350 complete albums, mainly french speaking, the content grows from 3 to 5 albums per day !

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New Creative Commons song every day for a year

New song via RSS to your podcast client every day. Grant Robertson's fantastic CC365 project. Definitely worth your time! Subscribe today.

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Fight the RIAA back : Creative Commons Music

You've heard about it here before, but here it is again: Musique-libre.org. Thousands of free & legal MP3s available for download under Creative Commons License. Currently the site offers 4177 FREE tracks by 472 bands and 55 labels, all under Creative Commons License.

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The undertaker is measuring the Big Four record labels

The epic death march of the music industry has entered the final valley. Here's why hip startup Tunecore is the sign of the end for the RIAA members.

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Should Beatles album become public domain?

A thought-provoking article about copyright expiration, centering around the expiration of the copyright on the Beatles' first album, as well as recordings by Elvis Presley, in 2013. Record companies want copyright extended because they make so much money from the sales of big-name 1960s recordings even today.

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Feb 13, 2006

BSWC Audio File for 02.04.06: The Fund Drive Edition

Better late than never, here is the fund drive version of Black Sweater, White Cat. Some chat about the radio station, WBCR-LP, Creative Commons and the music. If you care to support our little experiment in the Berkshires, there is a paypal window to the right and down a little.

Thanks for listening.