Dec 28, 2006

Chenard Walcker Tribute

Sad news from WM Recordings:
Chenard Walcker, a friend of the online music world, is slowly recovering from a diabetic coma. His brother reports that he is not physically suffering. He fell into the coma in September, and is now working on speech development and object differentiation. Chenard is the prolific visual and musical collage artist who operates the Free Sample Zone with 58 releases available for download. Chenard also has two releases available on our label and he has contributed to various compilations. So many of us have benefited from and enjoy Chenard's work. This is our chance to repay our sweet friend and to send him our love with a tribute release on WM Recordings.
Submissions for the tribute should be sent to WM Recordings by January 31, 2007. They have more information on the tribute page.

Over a 1000 Links to CC Music in 15 Months

As 2006 comes to a close, we would like to thank our listeners.  Some of you listen to the radio show over-the-air and others to the podcast.  Over the last 15 months, BSWC has posted over 1000 links to music posted on the internet with a variety of Creative Commons licenses.  As we have mentioned previously on this blog, the variety and depth of CC music available online is simply amazing. 

In the coming years, BSWC will continue to support and promote Creative Commons licensed music and the artists that create it.  Stay tuned for our ccMixter Extravaganza coming soon.  If you have ccMixter favorites that you would like to see included in this special edition of BSWC, please post them in the comments section.

This coming Saturday, we will present an encore broadcast of our Comfort Stand Auld Lang Syne program that included phone interviews with Otis Fodder and Mr. Melvis on the night the final Comfort Stand collection was released (CS 071).

Have a great weekend, be safe, have fun.  Happy New Year.


Dec 24, 2006

It's Christmas: BSWChristmas is here

Here is the audio file of last night's Black Sweater, White Christmas. The playlist is here.

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Black Sweater, White Cat.

Dec 22, 2006

Black Sweater, White Christmas 2006: Christmas Music with a Creative Commons License

Yep, The big day is here. I've been doing a Black Sweater, White Christmas for almost as long as I've been doing radio (about 25 years now). This is the second BSWChristmas since we went with the Creative Commons theme. I have always loved the challenge of putting together a show of holiday music that I could enjoy and feel was relevant. Here it is...tell me what you think.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

Homemade Christmas Mashup via Freesound by Bilwiss, petrasound, troutstrangler, connum
Merry Christmas Darling by Fudge
Santa's Gone Surfing by Danny Morris
No Fly List by Lee Harris and the Good Time Charlies
Egg-White Christmas by Chester The Chicken
Podsafe Christmas Song by Jonathan Coulton
Auld Lang Syne by The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine
Sounds of Christmas at the Tate Modern 22 Dec 2004 by People Like Us
Holiday by gschmidt
Everything's Dead Pretty When it Snows by Pete Green
Bye Bye Snow (Hello Snow Version by DoF) by Bobby Baby
BSWC Promo #1 (short) by Lee Rosevere
Auld Lang Syne by Rene Vis
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bobby Baby
die schildkröte by die weihnachtshasser
Der Weihnachtsmann (BongiBong-Remix) by Die drei Lenöre
jingle bells by hardvoltnine
WXRT - Xmas On The Moon by Gulag Picture Radio
joytotheworldexceptfortheforiegnworkers by nybbl
Never Brought To Mind by Justin M
Auld Lang Syne by Fresh Nelly
Auld Lang Syne (End Is Near Mix) by John Louis Kluck
Auld Lang Syne by Die Dicken Puppen
The Auld Lang Syne Hop by Kaffeinik

Dec 17, 2006

The Almost Christmas Show: BSWC Audio for 12.16.06

Here is the almost Christmas Show. Don't forget, next week is Black Sweater, White Christmas. You can find the playlist for this show in the post below.

This show featured the BSWC debut of Bobby Baby. We had a few Bobby Baby remixes. Also of note on this program was Die Drei Lenore and their excellent Christmas tunes...I really liked the shaving cream song.

Dec 15, 2006

Not Christmas, Yet: Playlist for BSWC 12.16.06

That's right, it's not Christmas, yet, but it's right around the corner. BSWC friend, Lee Rosevere and his colleagues at Happy Puppy Records are getting ready and have released A Happy Puppy Christmas. The first song in tonight's show is from the release. Merry Almost Christmas everyone!

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.

link to iTunes 1-click

Grant Robertson over at CC:365 has a nice little primer on how-to subscribe to podcasts. If you have any questions on using an RSS feed it is very useful.

Shovellin' by Lee Rosevere
Bye Bye Snow (Hello Snow Version by DoF) by Bobby Baby
Mein Mann by Doc
Japanese for Travellers by Nood
Alcoolique (Rock mix) by la Blanche
Der Weihnachtsmann (BongiBong-Remix) by Die drei Lenöre
Bobby Rupert's High Voltage Disco Remix by Bobby Baby
La dana de limmigrant by La Bundu Band
Rude Boots by Burning Babylon
Sensi Addict by Mikey Murka
Smile by Gurdonark
Disconnecting People (Serge Tereshkine Remix) by Uniquetunes
Lads are fun (Drei Farben House "Boy In The Cardig... by Bobby Baby
Christmas Cancelled by Acclivity via Freesound
Arabian Chupito by Manolo Camp
Djinn by Solace
Slow Down (Remix) by Uniquetunes
Rasierschaum by Die drei Lenöre
ophelia´s next goodbye by audiomesh
Orang-U-Tango-[work...] by GOLDEN APPLE CORPS
Hyper Tension by Liquid Zen

Dec 10, 2006

Dec 9, 2006

From South Africa to Norway: Playlist for BSWC 12.09.06

Week after week, I'm completely blown away by the variety and joy that Creative Commons licensed music brings to my life. I'm back with another week of discoveries to share.

This week the sharing continued all week long thanks to Victor Stone (pictured at right) and the Friends of ccMixter News Feed. We are all about sharing at BSWC. Catch the BSWC feed and see what you are missing.

Meanwhile, Enjoy the show.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.
link to iTunes 1-click
Grant Robertson over at CC:365 has a nice little primer on how-to subscribe to podcasts. If you have any questions on using an RSS feed it is very useful.

PnP (Treatment) by fourstones
Tamanquero ft. Marimba by Whispa
Festival Finale!! by Whispa
So_Far_Away by Electric_Seaweed
Her Private Playground by Quallofill
Forbidden love (single version) by The Longing

Sweet Life by ASHWAN
Cuckoo by Lisa DeBenedictis en Marco Raaphorst
Cuckoo (lonely remix) by shockshadow
Revolve by His Boy Elroy
Envie De Rien (Abox J remix) by Abox J
Fourstones Funk Express by teru
We doen het zo by Zwarte Plein Crew
Misfit by Abox J
oddechy by plazmatikon
I want my star (Nebula Gargantua) by San Blas
Accelerated Lifestyle by Revolution Void
For Those of You Making Some Noise by Fort Minor, Fourstones, teru
counterfeit funk ( the open source conspiracy ) by jsn
The Magic Pill by Moïse
Mier by Monokai
Crawl! (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
godseye by Cezary Ostrowski
keepRinging by theBenzos
She's not there (Philz) RmX by Manolo Camp
LovingDreaming by Nood

Dec 7, 2006

It's that Season: A Happy Puppy Christmas

Just posted at, this is a 4 song release produced by BSWC friend, Lee Rosevere. I put the needle down on a couple of the tracks and it sounds great.

Definitely, Black Sweater, White Christmas material.

Thanks, Happy Puppy, you have really contributed to my enjoyment of December.

A Happy Puppy Christmas

Dec 6, 2006

Candy on the Mind or is it Candy Mind?: BSWC Audio File for 11.18.06

Slipped a bunch of material from the netlabel, Candy Mind into this show. Here is the audio file hosted at Here is the playlist.

Dec 4, 2006

What a night! Here is the audio file for BSWC 12.02.06

It was fun, wild, surprising and educational. Now you can enjoy in the privacy of your own world. Here is the audio file. The playlist is here.

Dec 1, 2006

Another CC Remix Site: The World Can't Have Enough of Them

Remix Fight is an open remixing site that I have recently discovered via MC Jack in the Box, who also posts at ccMixter.

The model that Remix Fight uses is implied by their name, that is to say it is competitive. Here is what their FAQ has to say:
Remix Fight! is a remixing community open to everyone. We get people to send us source files for their songs and then make that source available for download. People download that source, make a remix, and then e-mail an mp3 of their mix to us. Then, we post all the mp3s we’ve received and set up a poll so that visitors to the site can listen to the mixes and vote on which one they like the best. After a couple weeks, we close the poll and announce a winner.

Most of the songs that we remix are submitted by members of the community or other artists who are making particular songs available for free. By submitting a mix to Remix Fight! you are agreeing to make it available under the Creative Commons Music Sharing License, which basically says that people can download, distribute and perform (i.e. webcast) your mix without paying you any money. Follow the link for the full description. Basically, we just want to be able to host a copy of your mix so that we can keep a public archive of all the past fights.

The loops/source provided by Remix Fight are licensed under the Creative Commons NonCommercial-Sampling+ License, which gives you permission to make a remix and distribute it, provided you don’t charge people for it. If you want to put your mix on a CD that you plan to sell, it would be a good idea to contact the artist of the original track and ask for permission or work out some sort of arrangement. Communication of this type is not within the scope of the Remix Fight admins. Often, you can find the original artist on the forum and contact them with a private message.

The original song retains its copyright and is not included in the same license as the loops. This may sound silly, but the distinction is this: You may distribute, perform and otherwise make freely available your remix, but if the original song has a copyright that prohibits free distrubution or public performance, the fact that you were allowed to make a remix does not mean that you have the right to freely distribute or publicly perform the original work. For the most part, the songs we remix are freely available anyway, so you can pretty much disregard this paragraph.

Here is MC Jack in the Box's remix of Ajai-Dilruba from Fight #0049:

MC Jack in the Box - The Ballywood Remix