Jul 15, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 07.15.06

Update: Here is the audio file for this edition.

Jamendo is amazing! I started working my way through my hard drives to put this show together and after a couple of hours I found that the resulting one and a half hours of music were all from Jamendo with only two exceptions. Jamendo is so deep and comprehensive...they cover any mood and there are several moods that are covered in this show. They have really come a long way since Subsystem7 sent me the link about a year ago. I hope you enjoy the show.

If you are in the Net Neighborhood between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EDT, you are welcome to tune into our live streamcast. Thanks for listening.

Le magicien d'Oz by Eva Garcia
Mercader de cometas by LaBarcaDeSua
Cythere by Niconoclaste
Lovely Trip by Niconoclaste

quincailler de style... by thierry blanchard
Superheros by Matthew Tyas
Nada by MC Jack in the Box
Disco trashcan by SILVER666
Ticalon trip by Chelmi
Make me so hot by Poxfil
give a praise by RMX
Stop USA by Dubphil
Soleil noir by Dd le malfrat
grass is green by subatomicglue
Here We Go by Digital Josh
Robot Wars by binar pilot
Estranged Panic by JT Bruce
The blue star by Greg Baumont
Serenity by Lukka
l'angle du mur b y les bas d'anselm
Like you want by littlecaniche

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Eva said...

I Maria from de Boca en Boca Word of mouth,
I like your show.
Is nice to ear diferent music.
I see you around and take a look of my blog.