Jul 7, 2006

CC Attention in the Print Media (BSWC gets a mention)

WBCR Member and Programmer, Paul Rapp also has a weekly column in Albany's alternative weekly, Metroland and has put together a 2 part series on music from the internet.  The second part appears in this week's edition and has some nice words about Creative Commons licenses and BSWC.  Good on ya', Paul.
There is a growing body of great music available through Creative Commons licenses, where the artist specifically releases the music on the Web for people to download for free. Why would they do that, you ask? So you will listen to it, dummy! These artists have come to the conclusion that they’d rather have folks actually listen to their music than pitch it to a big label on the slight chance that a label would release it and the even slighter chance that the label would properly promote and distribute it, and the miniscule chance that some radio station might actually play it. Post it, baby, and it’s gone.

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