Sep 12, 2006

BSWC Podex #006--Bringing back the podex

It has been some time since we have posted a Podcast Extra. The inspiration for #006 comes directly from Podcamp Boston. This is the unconference that was held last weekend at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. Wonderful meetup of like-minded folks with podcasts on the brain. I began to think that the broadcast to podcast model that I have been following might be a bit stale. So I'm going to spice the feed up with some real, life, down-to-the-bone podcasting. Let me know what you think.

For those of you that subscribe to the feed or those of you who might, what do you think? Shorter, internet-only podcasts, reworked 2-hour broadcasts, or both? Leave a note or send a note to


Here is the playlist for Podex #006

Tic-Tac by Kvaleoun
Gare de l'Est by Arno DOXOUND
Dee Tea by Dee Mond
wearing nothing but attitude by baroquedub
Son Chetverty: Zapah Leta i Apelsinov by Zmeerozy

1 comment:

subsystem7 said...

I'm certainly loving the PODEX. Just got done with #6, nice experience. Like the faster download.