Jan 3, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Grand Opening - Darkness Save Us

I have been enjoying music from the Swedish commons lately.

The Grand Opening is a good example of a band using Creative Commons licensing and the net to increase their exposure. They aren't necessarily about free music, but rather about increasing their profile in the marketplace and protecting their rights while doing it. They are trying to make a living and Creative Commons is one of their creative tools.

This song is from a May 2005 release called Location on the It's a Trap netlabel via archive.org. On their MySpace page the band categorizes themselves as "indie", "ambient" and "pop". It is a great sound and the release has become one of my favorites. Currently, the band is supporting their 2006 release on Tapete Records, This is Nowhere to Be Found. You can find a sampling at MySpace.

The Grand Opening - Darkness Save Us

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