Dec 9, 2006

From South Africa to Norway: Playlist for BSWC 12.09.06

Week after week, I'm completely blown away by the variety and joy that Creative Commons licensed music brings to my life. I'm back with another week of discoveries to share.

This week the sharing continued all week long thanks to Victor Stone (pictured at right) and the Friends of ccMixter News Feed. We are all about sharing at BSWC. Catch the BSWC feed and see what you are missing.

Meanwhile, Enjoy the show.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

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PnP (Treatment) by fourstones
Tamanquero ft. Marimba by Whispa
Festival Finale!! by Whispa
So_Far_Away by Electric_Seaweed
Her Private Playground by Quallofill
Forbidden love (single version) by The Longing

Sweet Life by ASHWAN
Cuckoo by Lisa DeBenedictis en Marco Raaphorst
Cuckoo (lonely remix) by shockshadow
Revolve by His Boy Elroy
Envie De Rien (Abox J remix) by Abox J
Fourstones Funk Express by teru
We doen het zo by Zwarte Plein Crew
Misfit by Abox J
oddechy by plazmatikon
I want my star (Nebula Gargantua) by San Blas
Accelerated Lifestyle by Revolution Void
For Those of You Making Some Noise by Fort Minor, Fourstones, teru
counterfeit funk ( the open source conspiracy ) by jsn
The Magic Pill by Moïse
Mier by Monokai
Crawl! (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
godseye by Cezary Ostrowski
keepRinging by theBenzos
She's not there (Philz) RmX by Manolo Camp
LovingDreaming by Nood

1 comment:

fourstones said...

a billion years ago (1979?) I was sitting with my band mates listening back to rehersal tape so we could make notes. between songs there was a REALLY OBNOXIOUS voice barking at the band. It took me quite a while to figure out who it was.

I had a very similar reaction in Google feed reader when I came across this entry and saw that picture.

Love is a two way street. I get a warm feeling whenever I listen to your podcast. Mainly because of your weather reports ("The low tonight is 2" !!) Keep up the great work.