Dec 2, 2006

New Discoveries Abound: Tonight's BSWC Playlist with Links

Here is tonight's playlist. I found a lot of new stuff this week that makes me happy and I'm going to share it tonight.

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Who Am I To Disagree(Minima) (ft. Magda Szukics) by MiNiMaL_aRT
The Vishnu Cycle (Remix) by fourstones
Three Magic Words by Fauve
A Beautiful Shopping Day by Instrumental Quarter
Snail by Earworm
Kill Electro Kill by Neon Black Widow
ok, so the ninjas went to space... (12" mix) by Psilodump
Can't Stand My Radio by Ugartek
Sensi Addict by Mikey Murka
Space machine by René Vis
Arcade Addict by disrupt
My MySpace by Happy Elf
Columbo in Africa by NK
sauda deeep undacova (Dr Dub Remix) by Volfoniq
Velvetman by Ton Rückert
Hard Moon (ft. Alfonso Perez) by Pitx
Eternal Track by Alec Troniq
Who the F is Tyler Durden by NK
Assassination Postcard feat. BJ Cole on steel guit... by Zero Ping
Allnighter by Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet
He Has Unborn Eyes On Long Tinsel Stalks by I'm Being Good

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dan said...

great tracks from volfoniq. this band needs to be listened !