Mar 10, 2008

Ditto Ditto - Histoire de Rien

Note to Biotic: When in doubt, check the editor's picks at ccMixter...oh, wait, I already have that note...

No duh, the amazing stuff that the ccMixter site brings forward every day is simply incredible. I went to visit today and found this absolute gem.

Ditto Ditto has already been featured on these pages and this little ditty, created in collaboration with Barbarella. It was posted on Sunday:
"This song has had many lifes (remixes), but, recently, Barbarella wanted to sing, wanted to try. So i’ve said..Ok, let’s give to this song another life. Barbarella had never sung before that, it’s the first time for her, to sing in a microphone. I’ve bought a new microphone for this occasion and we have recorded the voices last Friday, in only 2 or 3 hours..and after, i’ve played a new arrangement.
If you are interested, we have uploaded the acappella and the lyrics of Ani Casals on the Barbarella’s page.

Hope you’ll enjoy our first musical collaboration."
Like I said, amazing.

Ditto Ditto - Histoire de Rien

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Gurdonark said...

Ditto Ditto is an amazing artist, and Barbarella's vocals are so delicate and wonderful.