Mar 6, 2008

Goldmund - Du und Ich

Man, this song has been haunting me all week. I've been at a content management show in Boston all week. Big time corporate types realizing that all this 2.0 stuff has relevance in their world. While riding on the shuttle buses between the convention center and my hotel, I lost myself in a playlist that included some tunes from a Alpinechic release called Kill Alpinechic.

I'm so glad that the release included the song "Du und Ich". I just played it for my partner and she wants it in her workout playlist right away. Perhaps you will feel the same.

Followers of the blog will recognize alpinechic. Artists from the Swiss label that have appeared in this space include Tim and Puma Mimi, Freiraum, Pureape. They have a nice model of online CC releases and physical releases. And, if I was anywhere in Switzerland, you can bet that I would be at their live shows, too.

Du und Ich - Goldmund

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