Jul 4, 2013

Dr. Mindflip - Old

It could be the heat.  It might be a holiday or it could be a shift caused by Google discontinuing Reader, but I'm paying attention to my collection of RSS feeds again.  This release from BlocSonic came into my ears.  I like.  Simple as that.

The description at archive.org goes something like this:

"Today we’ve got a treat for you that goes by the name of Dr. Mindflip. Imagine, if you will, Nick Cave being held hostage by Frank Zappa and the Pixies in deep space… well that comes a little close to what “A Brand New You” sounds like. Sinister, hallucinogenic pop that are at times delivered in unsettlingly-intimate piano melodies."

I don't know that I'm back, but I'm listening

Dr. Mindflip - Old

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