Sep 26, 2005

Artist Playlist for September 24

Many thanks to Asa for researching and presenting this show. I got to enjoy some time with the family. The mp3 will get posted later this week.

1 Orange skies (image of you) by Effect
2 Manhattan Sapphire (Web Edit) by Ugress
3 (INTERLUDE) french frogs by Oyez
4 intro by Thierry Blanchard
5 tbls by Thierry Blanchard
6 Son of a Hobo by Ashwan
7 (INTERLUDE) french crickets by Oyez
8 Ramadanby Nood
9 Ezanby vanillapudding
10 would you everby itoa //
11 Hi Boys And Girlsby Fortyone
12 dutch train coming 2
13 SEVby Alexandre CHARON
14 The Love God by Martinibomb
15 Csanca by ST
16 (INTERLUDE) french bells
17 Girl by Cezary Ostrowski
18 Love Bird (featuring Lisa Debenedictis ) by callmeyang
19 Quantified by thelaw
20 Swing E Sesso (Remix) by Ugress
21 (INTERLUDE) french night Oyez
22 food story by stud //
23 That JJ Slink
by Thin
24 (INTERLUDE) french dogs
25 Rock n Roll McDonalds by The Shut-Ins - tribute to wesley willis
26 Munster Beat!by
Martinibomb & The Coconut Monkeyrocket
27 Oddio Oddballio by M.Ace
28 Oddio Shellacio by M.Ace
29 (INTERLUDE) SS Kresge Co
30 My Name is Geoff by fourstones
31 Sweet Life by ASHWAN
32 Somebody Lovedby The Weepies
33 (INTERLUDE) french crickets by Oyez
34 Bauhelm Dub by disrupt
35 King George Warmonger - Thunder Dub by Messian Dread
36 Œ(INTERLUDE) french frogs by Oyez
37 ichtio by melodium
39 Kairo by

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