Apr 21, 2015

Nambavan - Devushka Naprotiv (Po Glazam)

Here is an older, perhaps wiser version of Nambavan.  He has appeared on the BSWC radio program here, here, here, here, and here. He also has a track in the One-a-Day feed that was posted February 20, 2007.  Ok, we really like the guy.

This tune is from a WM Recordings release from May 20, 2011 called Modnay Discoteka.

Nambavan is Linar Bilalov.  He is originally from Kazan, the capital of  Tatarstan (also known as the "Third Capital of Russia"). 

We found his origin story on his website:
...a bright young man with a passion for Rodchenko, Bauhaus and '70s gay disco, thrust into a vortex of small-town degradation. He christened himself Nambavan (a corruption of Number One) and recorded a couple of albums' worth of aggressive minimal techno with crass, no-holds-barred lyrics. "Chechnya on the Dancefloor," "So Many Men, So Little Time," "I Passed Your Girlfriend Around," "Babu Po Ebalu!!!" were all shock value and no hidden message. The music, however, was quite remarkable for something recorded on a home computer with a cheap guitar and a karaoke mike. His ear-scarring barrage of raw hate and stories of abuse spread over the Web like fire through a city dump. A gig in Berlin and a dozen good reviews later, Linar decided that simply singing from the dark corners of a thug's skull was not enough. 
We are glad to get reacquainted.

Nambavan - Devushka Naprotiv (Po Glazam)

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