Sep 11, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for September 10

1 By Rocket to the Moon by The Raymond Scott Quintet and the Gene Lowell Chorus
2 Bongo Avenger by Eric & Ryan Kilkenny
3 A Walk Through The Powerhouse by Mr Melvis
4 The Lonely Bull by Scotch & Soda (Max McMillan)
5 Spy Perfume by Skip Heller's Hot Seven
6 Eulogy - Traveling Music by George S. Clinton
7 Electric Bread by Let's Go Bowling
8 01-christina_ricci by SPY
9 SPY said ONE by Yoshimi & Yuka
10 Crossunder by DJ Olive
11 copshop.mix by Lushy
12 Lavender Hip Mob by Lee Rosevere
13 Livet er en drøm by Pop Bisnis
14 ROCKSTEADY by Two Tone Club
15 Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't? by Louis Farrakhan
16 06 some hot lazy day by obadia
17 BoeseSennerin_FinalMix3_Master by Alpendub
18 pthomas_spacepatrol
19 Cool Fresh Apple Cider by The Bran Flakes
20 Bronx Zulu by DJ Zeph
21 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Stretchy-Cover Mix) by Frivolous vs DJG
22 Rank and File by Gooding
23 allThoseLetters by Brokerevue
24 Mission Control by Anitmateria (The real one)

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