Dec 21, 2005

BSWC 11.26.2005 - audio & playlist - now available

Yes. It took almost a month to post 11/26. Subsystem7 is learning the ropes with, an excellent and amazing resource. This show has many many great tracks, all CC. Available for download here: 192k mp3. Or you can go to the details page for BSWC 11/26/2005.

Here's the playlist, enjoy!

1. Thierry Blanchard, Quincailler de style, Quincailler de style
2. Gisela, Dorothy's Magic Bag Remix, V.A. Burning Chocolate
3. Martinibomb (Eric & Ryan Killkenny), las delicias, The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb SPLIT! Ep

4. zweieKKenkreis, milchsschaum der musik, politicide
5. Pan, Ophelia's Song, micromusic
6. Tomputer, Dødelig Flein, Dødelig Flein
7. krystoff, Loose in Space, JTR NET02
8. Howard Whiting (Solaris), Destination Lost

9. Nood, Urban Latvian Stomp, Shaped Like A Taco
10. Au Lit les Mômes, (La) fidèle Gastro, Au Lit les Mômes
11. Georgia & August Greenberg, Ring Around The Rosey, Sing Songs For You And Me
12. Philip Jackson, Nature Boy, Two Zombies Later: Strange and Unusual Music from the Exotica Mailing List

13. Geistfrei, dorntec - le electrotheque remix, The Spank - Remix EP
14. Freiraum, Killa India, E-22
15. R. Stevie Moore, You Must Be Out Of My Mind, Tra La La La Phooey!

16. Pol B & Binarymind, Bernard l'Evier le Retour, Thanks for the biscuits
17. Kiff'On, Kung-Fu Funk, Nes Funky
18. LUXUS, Ablativus Absolutus, A Fart in your General Direction

19. Twizzle, Barefoot girl, Soda Fountain
20. Maus, 3 - 0, Recogniser
21. Messer Chups, Contact 1 2 3 4, Numerology

22. Chillheimer&Klangflittchen, eyes wide open, remix
23. dubsy asylum, something for the oldies, lo sono ep
24. Happy Elf, Don't Make Love in Paris, Output from the past
25. Lonah, Artiste, Pieces

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