Dec 3, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 12.03.05

  1. In Your Bed (instrumental mix) by Mercy Machine
  2. Fond sonore n°6 by solcarlus
  3. De la bile de mutants mangeurs de foie g... by Christian DIDELOT
  4. être soi-même by thierry blanchard
  5. sun_shine by Pretty Boy Blue & the Mood
  6. Doctor Poppycock by James Lileks
  7. Giga Lounge by Gigaboy
  8. Off by Bep
  9. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  10. Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups
  11. Shaky girl by Christian DIDELOT
  12. FatBackBeat by Manuzik
  13. SurfSurLaPlage by Manuzik
  14. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Manuzik
  15. Chickenheart Doom Mix by James Lileks
  16. heavy by Space Junk Cowboys
  17. Too_much_soul by Uberfuzz
  18. dreams_fade_edit by Alphastone
  19. Smoky Smoky by Coconut Monkeyrocket
  20. It's Snack Time by Fortyone
  21. Simply Ravenous My Dear by Fortyone
  22. Na Na Na Na by Chenard Walcker
  23. Fuzzy Math by The Bots
  24. Munchausen_Syndrome_Boogie by Uberfuzz
  25. Don-Ki-Not by Antony Raijekov
  26. Lunna tango by Antony Raijekov
  27. everywhere-DU-remix by hari ossa
  28. only by DeutscheUnschuld feat.J.Lang/Nails/G.Wills
  29. thinkin_of_u by Darkside

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