Jan 27, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 01.28.06

Here is the playlist and audio file for January 28, 2006.
  1. L'arrivée by Ehma
  2. Artiste by Lonah
  3. check-mate by loobke
  4. Forever by Lizzi
  5. Dance by Over All Brothers
  6. Fond sonore n°6 by solcarlus
  7. Pull Up The Shade by Lisa DeBenedictis
  8. The Cuckoo by Lisa DeBenedictis
  9. In Your Bed (instrumental mix) by Mercy Machine
  10. OrangeDub by Pol B & Binarymind
  11. Disco Z by Siegfried Gautier
  12. Le quotidien by Siegfried Gautier
  13. Think Of Me by Stark Effect
  14. Laserboy meets robotgirl by Lithis
  15. Peacefull Misunderstood E by Kali-Frogz
  16. eisbär by und ich
  17. Orgia of dead 2 by Messer Chups
  18. Psycho Beach Party by Florian Filsinger
  19. Martian Colony by Torley Wong
  20. 101 by ne:o
  21. Completly mysticism by Dr Kuch
  22. Bernard by Eloi Brunelle
  23. Figure it out - remix by Emma's Mini
Thanks to Eloi Brunelle and EpsilonLab for this week's graphic. The audio link above is 64 Kbps, if you would like to download a higher quality file, please visit the mothership, archives.org.


subsystem7 said...

This is a phenominal playlist, very well put together, and great to listen to. I had the pleasure of being in the WBCR-LP studio (the terrestrial home of BSWC) this evening to experience the show in der vollen Kraft. Can't wait for the podcast...

Anonymous said...

Hey you all should check out Richard Cheese's new album... There are hilarious covers of everything from Motely Crue to Snoop Dogg and Nirvana to Beastie Boys. I love the version of "Hot For Teacher" originally by Van Halen. This is one great album! Check Richard Cheese out at myspace.com/surfdog