Jan 7, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 01.07.06

Here is the audio file for this evening's program. It was fun. Enjoy.
  1. Ambre by Trois p'tits points
  2. Taxi de nuit by Boulbar
  3. paradeiser by Ivan der Dreckige
  4. Pink Fish Signs (Take One) by GeeNerve
  5. Lovely Day by Terror At The Opera
  6. Hatikva by Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad
  7. Training by Chenard Walcker And Roy "Chicky" Arad
  8. Hava Nagila & Katioucha by Stealing Orchestra
  9. 18 Roses for 18 years old girl by Roy "Chicky" Arad
  10. After That Night by Limbo
  11. I was a fool by Mihai Popoviciu
  12. Spiegelverkehrte Leuchtkugel by Freiraum
  13. Speed Up by Pureape
  14. reality_asylum_instr._01 by reality asylum
  15. milieubeschimpfung by Märiö f.
  16. verschlossenes lachen by zweieKKenkreis
  17. Frankophiel by Rockformation Diskokugel
  18. I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
  19. They'll Have Apple Juice On The Submarine by Cagey House
  20. Kill Meow by Text Adventure
  21. social silence by trash80
  22. kauniit ihmiset by bad loop
  23. I Think For Myself by Sensual Physics
  24. memories of summer / goodbye August by tatsu
  25. Énergy - Eloi Brunelle Remix by Alexandre Bilodeau


subsystem7 said...

Excellent show, start to finish! Love the Epsilonlab. A new favorite Mihai Popoviciu "I was a fool," chill, dance, cool. And thank you Biotic for a nice dose of Roy "Chicky" Arad!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Love you.