Feb 22, 2006

BSWC Artist Playlist and Audio File for 02.18.06

Here is the audio file and the playlist. It was a fun show that was slightly downtempo with some punch. 100% Creative Commons. Thanks for listening.
  1. Slow Progression by Artemis
  2. Resist And Resolution by Liquid Zen
  3. Part 1 by Four Stones.Net
  4. Part 10 by Four Stones.Net
  5. Part 11 by Four Stones.Net
  6. Part 12 by Four Stones.Net
  7. Part 4 by Four Stones.Net
  8. Red Room by Sibelian
  9. Distant Love by Ammonite
  10. Fat Camel by Mossa
  11. Dubaliscious by Sub Oslo
  12. whirlwind pistols dub by aleksi virta
  13. Sink Or Swim by Liquid Zen
  14. Llorett-De-Mar by LUXUS
  15. Relax by Pol B & Binarymind
  16. verschlossenes lachen by zweieKKenkreis
  17. fab cushion by Martinibomb
  18. Electricity by Chenard Walcker
  19. Eee-Ooo by Lady Bombon
  20. False Embrace by Psilodump
  21. Making Me Nervous (Cezary Ostrowski mix) by Brad Sucks
  22. After Party by Tim & Puma Mimi
  23. Music Is Music by Perky Chap
The audio file link above is of the 64 kbps variety. If you would like a more robust flavor you can visit our host, Internet Archive.

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Angel down. And then there were 23.