Feb 25, 2006

Musique-Libre Server Outage

Just to illustrate that you really can't trust online translators, here is the translated text from a message I received from musique-libre.org:

From: xulops@musique-libre.org Subject: Music-libre.org Dates: February 25, 2006 3:44:37 PM EAST To: biotic@mac.com Reply-To: xulops@musique-libre.org Hello, As you perhaps noted, the site music-libre.org has been in roads for this morning, midnight. This breakdown should last at least the weekend. Our shelterer decontaminated the access to the site following the sixth consecutive month where you largely exaggerated on the number of your visits and remote loadings; -) We had right to 30Go/mois and let us be we with 200Go. Even if this shelterer had announced us the problem a few times ago, inviting us to take an offer more proportioned, we did not have a notice or of setting in residence before the total cut of the services. That thus arrives at the moment when indeed we sought a new shelterer, by holding account of all the evolutions planned for music-libre.org. It is thus even more urgent for us to find a good waiter dedicated at a price gun, considering the very limited resources of our association. We would wish to benefit from it to lodge the pieces deposited on the site. That becomes a need for a long time and would allow those which do not have lodging to be present on the site. But that implies that we would need a powerful waiter and a broad band-width. The price of the waiter should be around 2000 euro. Our team will put the hand at the pocket to try to pay longest possible this lodging. While waiting, we took again a waiter for the minima needs for the next months. For those which could help us to pay this additional load, you can send your gifts by order check of ' music-libre.org' to the following address: music-libre.org 69, street Hortense 33100 Bordeaux this moment, please us warn about it by mall before, so that we can know approximately on what we can count. As soon as we recover the site, you will be able to use the protected module of the gifts in the same way. We are sincerely afflicted, believe it well, of this unavailability. Also afflicted to request your assistance. Perhaps the occasion to forsake your computer, spend a good weekend, by hoping that it is as sunny as share on our premises. With soon on music-libre.org the team of MLO
My lovely wife pointed out that the machine had translated the word "server" as "waiter". Nontheless, the point of the message is clear: Musique-libre.org needs money to keep providing the incredible service that they offer the CC community. MLO, my check is on the way, I'll get it in the mail on Monday.

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Mike Linksvayer said...

I attempted to contact the @musique-libre.org email address listed in the post. It bounced. Anyway, here's what I said, should someone related read it:

I read about your bandwidth problems (or so I gather) via


200 gigabytes a month is not much bandwidth. A cheap host like
bluehost.com offers 250 gigabytes a month for less than US$10/month.

Maybe bluehost or similar won't work for musique-libre for some reason,
but you ought to be able to get free hosting somewhere. You could
integrate with archive.org to host your sound files. You could ask
ibiblio.org to host the entire site (if you're interested in that I can
send an introduction).

Or you could merely reduce bandwidth by coralizing all of your sound
file links -- see http://coralcdn.org/