Feb 22, 2006

Podex #5: Three Sets from the Missing BSWC

That's right, we have a BSWC mystery: What happened to BSWC 02.11.06? Well, due to technical issues, we decided not to post the broadcast recording like we normally would, instead here is a 46 minute, three set, podcast extra version. Here you will find three sets: Sets 5, 7 and 8 from the missing show. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.

2 percent er by Williamson
pao brazil by superkenel
Pignottimi d'Aprosi! by 0kapi
Funky Trudi by Schaeng Pfui & Maetes B.
counterfeit funk (wired freestyle mix) by jsn
Backside! by trifonic
christina ricci by SPY
Pain of life by Drunksouls
Dernière cigarette by Drunksoul

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