Jun 21, 2006

CC365: Hats Off to Grant Robertson

The reports are true. Biotic and Subsystem have joined the CC365 team. If you are a BSWC listener, then you know we have made multiple references to the CC365 project. Grant Robertson has been blogging one Creative Commons musical piece a day since the beginning of the year. This continued through Day 142 and then the site went on a hiatus. Subsystem and I were talking one day during the hiatus and decided to ask Grant if he would like some help. We are honored that he accepted our offer to begin sharing our CC Music experience with CC365 subscribers. I began this week with Day 168 and will continue until Day 173 which is Friday. Subsystem will pick it up on Saturday.

It has been a lot of fun and very different than compiling a weekly show of 20-24 CC tunes. When you have only one shot you get far more particular. Also, the effort that you put into the post's narrative is much more intense. It takes time and effort. My hat is off to you, Grant Robertson. You put together Day 1 through Day 142. It's a real service to both the artists in the CC community and to all of us that continue to be amazed by the depth of creativity that exists in that community.

Can you feel the love?

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