Jun 26, 2006

WM Recordings taking submissions for V/A Compilation

I found this posted at archives.org:

"It's been a while, September 2005, since our theme compilation 'Numerology' was released, and given we in all modesty can safely say it was a modest succes, why not do another one?

The title of the new comp will be 'Mystic Moods', which seemingly is on a New Age theme again. It too will come with a twist, of course it will, we're fairly certain by now you will have learned from our ever growing catalogue that 'different' isn't WM Recordings' trademark for nothing! But actually there's far more to it: religion having a comeback of sorts, the mystical inspired (deadly) action that is hot these days, it really looks like a nerve is touched.

Rules, few rules, though there are some.
Read all info here:

and look around the rest of the website to get an idea of the music we have released so far:

Looking forward to your musical contributions!

best wishes,

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