Jan 26, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Pablie - Trying Jazz

BlocSonic has recently debuted a new series of Compilations that explore the Netlabel Movement. This week they unveiled the first of this series--the release is called NetBloc Vol. 1: The Opening Salvo and is really quite a triumph.

What makes this compilation different from most of the others that are out there is that they went to the trouble of selecting artists from a variety of netlabels, secured permission from the artists and their netlabels and released it with a variety of download options including losslessFLAC and 320 kbps along with unique cover artwork. That is going the extra mile and they should get a lot of credit for their effort.

Fortunately, the selection matches this effort with it's quality. This is a really excellent release and the tunes fit together. I have selected a Pablie tune called Trying Jazz. When I sampled the release, this tune really stood out. Smooth, intelligent and a little bit loungy--BSWC has been trending towards lounge lately and Pablie fits right in...Welcome to the party.

The post that accompanies the release addresses one of my pet peeves--think fingernails on the blackboard--the idea that because it is online and under a CC license the music is always free:
Many of you have probably heard about netlabels before, but think that it's primarily electronic music that's released. Sure, a large quantity of netlabel releases are electronic in nature, but there's a growing number of releases that are not even close to being electronic. Pick any genre, and you can find it online via netlabels. When you discover a new favorite group/artist/netlabel (we know you will) please support them by paying to see them perform, purchasing products or music they have for sale or just making a small donation. These people are gracious enough to supply the music for free, the least we can do as fans is to help them see a return for their efforts.
Amen, brothers and sisters--We couldn't say it any better than that!

Trying Jazz is from a release called Prelude to Anything Exactly Specific. He has played drums since his youth and was in a band before setting off on his own creative journey. I'll let his bio describe the Pablie sound:

Obviously his base is the instrumental hip-hop, over it he built structures with sounds of pop, psychdelic and electronica, allways keeping his mellancolic and emotive sense. Pablie get your mind fly away over images, remembrances, hopefull moments or whatever you feel listening his music...

So, kudos to BlocSonic--great job and we look forward to future developments. Thanks for putting together an excellent compilation and for turning us on to Pablie.

Pablie - Trying Jazz

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