Nov 10, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Al Da Tosta - Donamiao's funky Panda

This release from Al Da Tosta is amazing. The spinning, mesmerizing vocals on this track will lure you towards listening to the entire release or my name is not Biotic.

The release is called That Crooner from Nowhere - This is vocaltronica! [MTCAT020].

P.S. Loving the search term "vocaltronica".

Al Da Tosta - Donamiao's funky Panda


Anonymous said...

This is great stuff! I downloaded the whole album but it´s more experimental. Fully recommended.

dizzz said...

I followed the mp3 tags that I found in a Crudo recording and found myself reading about Al Da Tosta. It's funny how similar to Mike Pattons vocalizing Al Da Tosta is..... Totally excellent stuff!