Nov 22, 2007

BSWC Once-in-a-While: Candy Chang - Bravo Futura

Bass attack! This is a release from June, 2005. I came across it while putting Saturday's show together. Thumping electro for your ears. I think it is going into the fourth set.

The release notes describe the sound as a "Fiercely polished electro with rocked-out soul". Oh, and that bass.

The release is called Typography/Gestalt [RAmp313].

Her approach to music is described in the release notes:
"Candy Chang is remarkably able to glance back at Prince and Cybotron, while keeping her designer's eye fixed on a new style and sound all her own. "
Enjoy and best wishes for a nice holiday to all.

Candy Chang - Bravo Futura


Unknown said...

Hi! I have an electronic music project called Vate, I've just released my latest album Volt, a mixture of electro, IDM and some experimental sounds.

You can listen and download it here:

Hope it is useful for your blog!


Anonymous said...

where have you disappeared guys? Come back... find help... keep this site going.

Hope you two are doing alright. Hang in there if you are not.


Anonymous said...

What's up BSWC? We miss you. Hope you're back soon.

- Pablo