Jun 8, 2008

DURDEN - Broken (DURDEN Version)

So, Creative Commons has put an RFP on the streets offering to sell ccMixter. I heard about it on Friday from Jon Phillips via Tweeter. This morning I looked at what Victor Stone, ccMixter's principal administrator had to say about the prospect.

Essentially, CC is looking to get out of the social networking business, something in which, they acknowledge, they have little expertise. My impression is that the RFP goes to some length to protect the resource. My fingers are crossed.

Meanwhile, I took a gander at the site and, as usual, found some amazing work posted. I was quite taken by this remix by DURDEN. It has a ethereal quality that marries some strong vocals by Amelia June with incredible work by ccMixter regular Trifonic.

Durden’s epic treatment surrounding Amelia June’s sorrowful vocal track from Trifonic’s masterful “Emergence” album is a symphony for the new millennium. Surrounding pained sadness with determined power, gentle strings giving way to powerfully melancholic guitars, soaring and circling above a rhythmic foundation made of pure rock.

If you haven't already delved into the musical treats at ccMixter, then now is the time to visit the site and see for yourself.

DURDEN - Broken (DURDEN Version)


subsystem7 said...

Wow! Just woke up and listened to this track. Nice find, powerful, beautiful! Also wondering about ccmixter's future...

Biotic said...

Yes. One can wonder. Meanwhile there is some absolutely fabulous material and Victor Stone is still tending the store.