Aug 28, 2009

The Butcher's Ballroom - Diablo Swing Orchestra

Originally released in 2006, The Butcher's Ballroom was added to Jamendo late this July, and we are all very lucky for it. The artist, Diablo Swing Orchestra (DSO), formed in Sweden in 2003 and is described as avant-garde metal. You will see for yourself whether this is an apt description. There is certainly something for everyone's ears. Multiple languages, voices, and instruments.

The Butcher's Ballroom is very well produced, exciting to listen to, and takes you on an all-too-speedy tonal journey from start to finish. DSO will release another album September 21st, called "Sing Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious" -- I just pre-ordered my copy.

I hope you download and enjoy the whole album, but here is the first track since I could not decide what to post:

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie


Anonymous said...
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criticpapa said...

I wish i could hear this one? can i hear it on youtube?

by the way im william i like and my favorite is
alligator shoes