Jan 23, 2015

Lee Maddeford - What am I going to do?

How Lee Maddeford is not in the feed before this is a huge mystery. I can remember being aware his huge talent and fine production skills back in the day, but stumbled onto a track posted at Opsound and followed it back to his website.


If you are looking for a true CC music gusher, then drill here. Truly amazing.

There is a Free Music Archive collection curated by Oddio Overplay, as well. The one thing that lacks is a really good biography of this artist. Looking at a translated French Wikipedia page we can see that he was born in 1959, settled in Switzerland in the 80's, spent time in Seattle and logged in Alaska. He was involved in a Randy Newman tribute album called Newman Waits Here.

He was an early adopter of Creative Commons.

The selections on his page are varied in style and substance. You really need to go visit and behold.

Lee Maddeford - What am I going to do?

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