Oct 6, 2005

From the Netherlands: SoundTransit

This is a very cool audio site. Imagine you are going on a trip. First thing you do is go online to book an itinerary. SoundTransit is the front end of a database that consists of geo-tagged found sound, audio samples from all over the world. The front-end looks and feels like one of the online flight booking applications. The geo-tagging allows SoundTransit to match ambient recordings from the database to your intinerary. My favorite so far was a trip from Boston to Paris via Tashkent. The sounds began on a Sunday afternoon in Boston's Chinatown, smoothly flowed to the sounds of rain on a tin roof in Tashkent and finished with passengers waiting for a delayed flight in De Gaulle International in Paris. The product is a single, smooth mp3 produced by SoundTransit on-the-fly once you have selected an itinerary. It is a marvelous organizing principle for a sound database that appeals to the imagination. Take a trip soon.

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